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9 Illegal Putters (With Examples)

It’s common for golfers to use specific putters on the golf course.

This is going to include different materials and/or weights. Choosing a good putter in golf is fair game but it’s also important to note that not all putters are legal.

There are illegal putters in golf.

Illegal putters in golf include anything that doesn’t have a striking face, has holes in it, has multiple necks, or uses something like a laser dot feature to assist golfers. These are not allowed on the tour nor in any official golf tournament.

To avoid using illegal golf putters, it’s important for you to go through the rules as soon as possible.

The market is flooded with illegal putters and they should not be used when you are in a situation such as this one.

This guide is going to look at what is an illegal putter, illegal putter examples, and why certain types of putting are banned in golf.

What Is An Illegal Putter?

An illegal putter is any golf putter designed to use an unfair advantage while putting. This includes the implementation of a secondary feature such as a laser dot, multiple necks, no striking face, or a neck with holes in it.

These are illegal putter features that are not permitted at an official golf tournament. The golfer will be penalized for it as soon as it is noticed by an official.

Using an illegal putter in golf is a mistake. It should not be what you are using as it will only lead to bad habits.

You should always avoid playing with an illegal putter as best as you can.

illegal putters

Top Illegal Putters

1. Two Necks

When looking at illegal putters for sale, it’s common to see odd variations that might not be used by the average golfer.

This includes a putter with two necks.

A putter with two necks is illegal and cannot be used officially. This offers an unfair advantage and it is not designed as a proper putter. It is recommended to always use a golf putter that has one neck.

If a golf putter has two necks, this is not going to be permitted on the golf course.

2. No Striking Face

When looking at the craziest illegal putters in golf, you are going to find one that doesn’t have a striking face at all.

Yes, this is odd and it is a specific putter that is designed to have a simplistic design. This means there is no face.

In essence, this type of golf putter would never be used. The reason it would never be used is due to it not working on the golf course as you would not be able to play a shot.

The main issue with this type of golf putter would be the way it is designed. It wouldn’t have the necessary angle that is required for a legal golf putter.

3. Neck With Holes

When looking to see if a putter is legal, you will want to assess the neck.

Some golfers will use illegal golf putters that have holes in them. This could be a single hole or multiple holes depending on the design of the golf putter.

The idea here is to manipulate the amount of air that is going through. This is going to affect how the golf ball is hit and it is illegal.

Golf putter necks cannot have holes on them.

illegal putters

4. Protruding Neck

With golf putters that are not allowed, you are going to want to once again pay attention to the golf club’s neck.

When choosing a brand-new golf club set, you will have to be mindful of the neck on the golf putter. It cannot be protruding as this is going to offer an unfair advantage when a shot is played.

There is a guideline in place for how much a golf putter’s neck can stick out.

This can be measured by an official and if it crosses the set measurement, it is going to be deemed as an illegal golf putter.

5. Laser Dot Feature

A golf putter with a laser dot is an obvious no-no.

This is something you cannot use as it is offering a clear-cut advantage on the golf course. The premise behind the laser dot is to help you accurately hit each shot with the help of the laser.

As you can imagine, this is not permitted as it makes it completely unfair on the golf course.

You cannot use a golf putter that has this type of secondary feature. It needs to be a standard golf putter but this type of modification is illegal.

6. Spiraled Neck

When looking at different golf rules, you are also going to have to assess the placement of the golf club’s neck and how it is shaped.

Does the golf putter have a spiraled neck?

neaA spiraled neck is not allowed and is deemed to be illegal at official tournaments. It’s important to note that this is assuming the neck spirals near the base of the putter. This is where it cannot have this type of shape.

illegal putters

7. Two Striking Faces

Does the golf putter have multiple striking faces?

This is another type of illegal golf putter that you cannot use. The multiple striking faces will not be allowed on the golf course.

The only time it is allowed is if there are two identical striking faces. At this point, it might be allowed depending on the specific rules of the tournament.

8. Golf Face Has Holes

Does the golf club face have holes in it?

Just like the neck of a golf putter cannot have holes in it, the same is going to apply to a situation where your golf club’s face has holes in it.

This is not permitted and has to be avoided.

Any golf putter that is used will need to be free of holes. Illegal golf putters with holes in them are going to be immediately rejected.

9. Extended Feature From The Neck

Is there an extension to the neck of the golf putter?

This can be any type of extension that will help leverage the putter better. If you are using this type of feature, it is not allowed.

Why Is Anchor Putting Banned?

Anchor putting is banned in golf as it goes against the standard golf regulations stating all putting should be done without support. As a result, anchoring entails creating additional leverage, which is deemed to be illegal.

The anchoring ban in golf has been around for a long time.

You cannot use this type of putter as it will be deemed to have an anchor point. The type of anchor point used in golf is going to vary.

What Are the Rules For Conforming Putters?

The rules for conforming putters include having no holes in the neck or club face, avoiding multiple striking faces, minimizing the protruding features, and not using secondary features such as a laser dot to aid in putting.

It’s best to follow these rules for golf putters to make sure you are using the right one. The USGA is strict when it comes to the type of golf putter used in official tournaments.

Is There An Illegal Putter Grip?

Yes, a split grip with a gap less than 1.5″ is deemed to be illegal. This is seen as an illegal putter grip. However, golfers are permitted to use raised rib grips on putters unlike other golf club types.

Golfers are welcome to choose different golf club grips to find what works for them. This makes it easier to grip the golf putter when it’s time to play a shot.

Is It Legal To Putt With An Iron?

Yes, it is legal to putt with an iron on the green. This is up to the golfer and their desired requirements for the putting. If a golfer feels comfortable playing this type of shot with an iron or a wedge, they are welcome to do so.

It is allowed by the USGA and golfers are allowed to play all golf shots with different types of golf clubs as long as the golf clubs are legal.

Are Bullseye Putters Legal?

Yes, bullseye putters are legal. While the rules of golf don’t allow for multiple striking faces, these putters get away with it because both of the striking faces are identical and that’s permitted by the USGA.

It is possible to use bullseye putters in golf if you wish to do so.

If you add legal bullseye putters to your golf bag, you will be able to use them on the golf course.

Is The Stand Alone Putter Legal On The PGA Tour?

Yes, stand alone putters are legal on the PGA tour and have been used by pro golfers. Self-standing putters provide additional support during the shot but it conforms with the golf club regulations set out by the USGA.

This is why golfers have been seen using the bloodline putter.

Bloodline putters are legal and can be used as they have been in the past.

Are Tru-Roll Putters Legal?

No, Tru-Roll putters are not legal. This type of golf putter cannot be used in an official tournament because it does not have a flat striking face. All eligible golf putters need to have at least one flat striking face.

Since a Tru-Roll putter does not have a flat striking face, it does not pass the test.

Final Thoughts

These are the top illegal putters golfers can’t use.

Illegal putters in golf can include any putter that has multiple uneven striking faces, holes in the neck or face, and secondary features such as a laser dot. These are seen as illegal by the USGA and should be avoided at all costs by golfers.

When attempting to find the right golf clubs for your needs, you do have to account for the putter too.