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How Heavy Should Your Putter Be? (Tips & Tricks)

A heavy golf putter is one of the most important elements of being smart with your golf shot.

You will want to consider all relevant elements when deciding how heavy your golf putter should be.

This includes your technique, your swing speed, and how far you want to hit a golf ball on the golf course.

With this in mind, how heavy should your putter be?

A golf putter should be fitted to your technique. The average golf putter weighs approximately 300 grams, while some golfers use putters weighing 400 grams. If a putter is hard to swing or doesn’t offer enough distance, it’s likely too heavy for you.

Just going out and getting heavy golf clubs is not ideal. Heavy golf irons will not get the job done if they are not in sync with your technique.

This guide will take a look at putting weight and whether or not you should be using a heavy putter while golfing.

How Heavy Should Your Putter Be?

A modern putter should be approximately 350-400 grams. Some golfers prefer lighter putters that are closer to 300 grams, while others will range toward 400 grams for added control.

This will depend on how you want to start golfing with a heavy putter. Do you prefer using a lighter golf putter or the heaviest golf putter you can find?

It’s important to keep this in mind when buying a new golf putter. It should be fitted to you as that is how you will enjoy your golf swing on the green.

A heavy putter is only good when you know how to use it and it is in line with your technique. Otherwise, getting the heaviest golf club will be a detriment to your game.

how heavy should your putter be

Benefits Of A Heavy Putter

1. Increased Control

The advantages of a heavy putter start with the added control of your shots.

Since it is a lot harder to swing fast with a heavy golf putter, you are going to feel more in control of where the golf ball is going. This is due to needing to slow down your golf swing and get the ball to go in the right direction.

A lighter golf putter doesn’t allow for this type of control as you are often through your swing too quickly.

Swinging with a heavy putter in golf is always ideal for those who seem to lack control over their shots.

2. Ideal For Shorter Distances

It’s good to use a heavy putter when you are dealing with shorter distances.

Once you get the golf club fitting down for a heavy putter, you will realize it is going to work well over shorter distances. You are going to feel in control when you are working the short game and this is key.

This is due to the weight in place.

It will work wonders when you are putting short distances. The putter weight has to be perfect and a heavier golf putter will do well over a shorter distance.

3. Reduced Shock From The Impact

The heaviest golf clubs are known for reducing the amount of shock you feel.

What does this mean?

As you begin to hit a golf ball, you will notice a slight vibration that goes up to your hands. With a light golf putter, this is going to be quite noticeable and might alter how you hit the golf ball too.

However, when you use a heavy golf club, it is not going to be the same. Heavy golf clubs have more weight to them, which means they are not going to vibrate as much.

Cons Of A Heavy Putter

1. Less Distance On Golf Shots

Are heavier putters better?

Heavier putters are not always better because you are going to see a reduction in the distance with your putting. This is due to heavy putters doing well over short distances but not offering enough power to cover long distances.

Golfers have to be careful when putting using heavy golf clubs because sometimes the weight is too much.

Adding weight to your putter is always going to impact your distance shots. This is why a golfer that already has natural power is going to do better with heavier putters.

Anyone else might feel like they are not getting the golf ball to where it should go.

how heavy should your putter be

2. Reduced Golf Swing Speed

Adding weight to a golf putter means also reducing your golf swing speed.

Over a shorter distance, this is not going to be much of an issue. The golf ball is going to travel smoothly and you are going to feel under control while playing the golf shot.

However, with a putter fitting, you have to understand it’s important to account for your natural golf swing speed and the amount of power you can generate with it.

If you have loads of power, a heavy putter is useful.

Can A Putter By Too Heavy?

Yes, a putter can be too heavy. A putter is too heavy when the golf ball is difficult to hit, the swing speed is drastically reduced, and it becomes impossible to hit the desired target without the ball coming to a stop.

Golfers often get a golf club fitting done to avoid this type of problem.

This allows you to customize the golf club’s weight and ensure it is right for you. It is similar to looking at the weight of the golf club’s shaft.

When a golf putter is heavy, it can be too much. You have to be selective with what you are using and how you are using it.

How Heavy Is Tiger Woods’ Putter?

Tiger Woods uses a lighter putter that weighs approximately 384 grams. This is specifically fitted to match his golfing technique and allows him to find a nice balance between accuracy and distance while putting.

Due to how experienced Tiger is, he understands the effects of adding weight to a putter head.

This has allowed him to fine-tune the weight of his golf club to ensure it is not too light or too heavy.

How Many Grams Should I Add To My Putter?

It’s best to start by adding 1-2 grams of weight to a putter and then see how it feels. Adding too many grams of weight to a putter can become troublesome as it will be a drastic change that’s hard to adjust to.

Keep things simple and use a 1-2 gram adjustment to see how you do with your golf swing.

A weighted putter is only good when it’s useful. Otherwise, the weighted golf putter is going to take away from your game and will be too heavy.

What Is The Standard Putter Swing Weight?

The standard putter swing weight is listed at around 340 grams. This will depend on the golfer, but this is the average across the board. Some modern golfers prefer going heavier and will lean towards 400 grams but most stay somewhere in this range.

It’s best to make slight adjustments to the putter swing weight based on what works for your game.

Are Heavier Putters Better?

Heavier putters are not always better. This depends on the golfer. The right putter should be accurate, offer enough power, and not lead to an inferior impact feel. Some golfers prefer a lighter putter while others lean towards a heavier golf putter.

The best strategy is to go to a golf club fitter and then see what works for you.

The right option is the one that will deliver results on the golf course.

Heavy Vs Light Putter

1. Distance

When comparing a heavy golf putter vs a light putter, it’s essential to begin with the distance.

Your game is going to be affected by the weight of the golf club. This is hard to deny and that is why you are going to take a look at what it does to your distance putting.

You will realize a heavier golf putter is going to do better with short distances. However, it is not going to do as well with longer distances.

how heavy should your putter be

2. Swing Speed

A heavy golf putter is going to reduce your swing speed. This is problematic for those who already have a slow golf swing and need to add a bit of power to their swing.

Only a lighter golf putter is going to help in that case.

When comparing a heavy vs light putter, you will want to account for swing speed.

3. Control

Another element while comparing a light vs heavy golf putter would be overall control. It is common for a heavier putter to offer more control while the lighter putter provides more power to help with distance shots.

Tips For Buying A Heavy Putter

1. Know The Weight

The advice for buying a heavy golf club is to make sure you are aware of the weight. This includes when you are adding weight to a putter.

Do not start adding weight to a golf putter at a whim.

You will want to be logical about it and calculate the putter weight down to the last gram. This is how you are going to fine-tune the golf club to match your golfing needs.

Most go to a golf fitter due to this reason.

2. Know Your Technique

Are you aware of your technique?

Putting in golf is all about being technically accurate and aware of your game. This is how you are going to control the ball nicely as soon as you hit it.

Adding weight to a putter head is often going to come down to your technique. It has to be refined or the putter weights won’t help.

3. Consider Your Swing Speed

You will also want to account for your swing speed.

Do you have a fast swing or do you seem to have a slow one?

For a faster golf swing, it’s easy to add weight to a putter head. You will have enough power to manage the swing and remain accurate. On the other hand, your swing speed can be altered, if you use a heavy putter with a slower golf swing.

Final Thoughts

How heavy should your putter be?

A putter should be as heavy as a golfer can manage. The average golf putter weighs 340 grams but modern putters will often go up to 400 grams. This depends on what a golfer feels comfortable with including their swing speed, accuracy, and overall power.

Getting the right golf club is essential. This includes knowing the lie angle of a golf club and how the golf club is constructed. You will want to pour through these details to see what will work for your game.