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About Us

Our Team

James Harper (Founder & Amateur Golfer)

James is a 35-year-old founder based out of Florida with a deep love for golfing. He earned his degree from the University of Florida and became an established name in the world of business. His passion for everything to do with the intricacies of golfing led to the development of Seeking Golf.

Credentials: Bachelor of Sociology (University of Florida)

Hobbies: Camping, Golfing, Volleyball

Bob McAdoo (CMO)

Bob is a top-tier chief marketing officer with experience handling the biggest brands. She has spent time in a wide array of countries and has a serious passion for golfing. It is this love for golfing that has made him join the team at Seeking Golf as a CMO.

Credentials: Bachelor of Business Administration (University of Indiana)

Hobbies: Golfing, Fishing, Reading