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5 Wood Vs 3 Hybrid (How To Choose The Right Club)

When adding a golf club to your bag, it’s important to dive through the pros and cons of each option since you’re limited by space.

You will want to use a golf club that will add value to your game. This is how you are going to improve your golf score and become a better player with time.

A common comparison that is made is between a 5 wood vs 3 hybrid

A 5 wood is often better for those with a seasoned technique as it offers more power but increased shot dispersion. In comparison, a 3 hybrid is good for beginners as it offers more control but less distance due to limited power output.

It’s important to look at your game when comparing a hybrid vs 5 wood. This is going to guide you down the right path as a golfer.

Whether you are using a 5 wood in golf or using a 3 hybrid, it is important to focus on yourself as what works for others might not for you.

This guide is going to look at what each golf club is about, the advantages of these golf clubs, and which one you should be using when comparing a 5 wood vs 3 hybrid.

Key Differences Between A 5 Wood Vs 3 Hybrid

5 Wood3 Hybrid
Distance150 Yards (Average)120 Yards (Average)
Loft18-21 Degrees18-21 Degrees
Shaft Length41″39″
Ball Speed+5 MPH (Average)No Increase
Clubhead SizeOversizedAverage Size
Draw BiasNeutralOffset
Use CasesTees + FairwaysTees + Fairways + Lies

What Is A 5 Wood?

A 5 wood is a fairway wood that’s often compared to the 3-wood golf club. With the 5 wood, it is designed to offer an increased loft, which allows it to be closer to a golf iron in terms of power output.

This is a type of fairway wood that generates ample power but is harder to control making it an intriguing option for those with a fine-tuned golf swing.

What Is A 3 Hybrid?

A 3 hybrid golf club is designed as a continuation or “hybrid of the 3 wood. This has the same advantages as the 3 wood but comes with subtle differences such as a higher loft. This allows it to add more distance to the shot.

Benefits Of A 5 Wood

1. Great For Distance Shots

When looking at the 5 wood and 3 hybrid in the bag, you have to consider what you are looking for from the golf club.

Do you want more distance in your golf shots?

If that is the case, it makes sense to take a deeper look at the 5 wood golf club. 5 wood golf clubs are renowned for offering more distance due to the larger club face. This is key when you want to hit the golf ball a long way.

As you learn how to pick the right club, it’s going to come down to this factor. When you want more power and you feel your golf swing is well-controlled then it becomes nice to add the 5 wood golf club to your bag.

Otherwise, you might want to take a look at the 3 hybrid.

5 wood vs 3 hybrid

2. Ideal For Pros Needing More Power

When comparing a fairway wood vs hybrid golf clubs, you will need to also understand the perspective of a golfer.

A professional golfer is going to want something different from their golf club in comparison to an amateur that is getting their feet wet in the world of golf.

There is a legitimate difference between the two.

A 5 wood golf club is good because it will allow pro golfers to hit the golf ball longer. Since the average professional golfer has refined their swing with time, they want to take advantage of the power they’re going to get from a fairway wood.

Cons Of A 5 Wood

1. Increased Shot Dispersion

When learning more about how a 5 wood golf club plays, you will want to look into the shot dispersion element of this type of golf club.

It is going to not offer as much control as other types of golf clubs.

Yes, you are going to hit the golf ball longer but that does not mean it is going to be in line with what you require as time goes on.

If you can’t control the shot, it will not work for you.

2. Requires Better Technique

When it comes to the negatives of a 5 wood golf club, you do need to have a good technique.

This is a common concern with using a 5 wood on the golf course.

Playing with a 5 wood is not just about using as much power as possible because the golf club can generate it. Yes, you are going to hit the ball with power but it is also going to demand a better technique out of you.

Golfers are recommended to work on their technique before adding this type of golf club to the bag.

5 wood vs 3 hybrid

Advantages Of A 3 Hybrid

1. More Control

One of the benefits of a 3 hybrid would be the amount of control you are going to get from the shot.

It is going to have a much easier time controlling your shot due to the size of the club face. While it won’t generate the same amount of power as the 5 wood, it is going to be easier to manage.

This is key for those who are starting off.

2. Can Get Away With Average Technique

Your technique has to be airtight with the 5 wood but that is not the case when you are using a 3 hybrid.

Playing with a 3 hybrid means you are going to have a more refined golf club that is easier to manage as time goes on.

You will feel more confident in how you are playing and how you are managing to hit the golf ball.

Cons Of A 3 Hybrid

1. Less Distance

One of the issues with using a 3 hybrid comes in the form of not getting enough power out of the golf club.

If you are looking to step up and hit the golf ball far then you are not going to get as much value out of the 3 hybrid.

It is simply not designed to hit the golf ball a long way.

Although, you will get an increased loft degree out of the 3 hybrid in comparison to a 3 wood.

5 wood vs 3 hybrid

2. Requires More Golf Swing Speed

You will need to have more speed with your golf swing.

This is a real concern for amateurs.

If you don’t have enough speed, you are not going to hit the ball far. This is a real concern because your golf score is going to be impacted by this reality.

The best way to get past this is to fine-tune your swing. This includes learning to swing faster on the downswing as a golfer.

5 Wood Vs 3 Hybrid – Which Club Is Best For You?

The 5 wood is good for you if…

  • You Are A Seasoned Golfer
  • You Want To Hit The Golf Ball As Far As Possible
  • Your Golf Swing Is Fluid

The 3 hybrid is good for you if…

  • You Are New To Golf
  • Your Golf Swing Is Still Average
  • You Want More Control With Your Golf Shots

In the end, when you are choosing between a 5 wood and a 3 hybrid, it’s important to be realistic about your game.

It is not always about the power of a 5 wood. You will also want control if you are a beginner.

This makes the difference as you choose between a 3 hybrid and a 5 wood.

5 Wood Or 3 Hybrid For High Handicapper?

It is recommended for high handicappers to use a 3 hybrid. This allows for more control, which is imperative when looking to minimize mistakes and still get the golf ball to go where it needs to.

Yes, it is not going to have the same distance as the 5 wood but that is not ideal for a high handicapper anyway.

You will want to work on your golf swing and that will take time.

For now, it is best to use the 3 hybrid as a high handicapper.

Distance – 5 Wood Vs 3 Hybrid

When it comes to distance, the 5 wood is going to hit the golf ball longer. The amount can vary depending on the size of the golf clubs and the overall loft. However, due to the club head of the 5 wood being larger, it will generate more distance.

For those who want to hit the golf ball a long distance, it is best to go with the 5 wood.

It will generate a good amount of power as soon as it is put to use.

When looking at the 5 wood distance, the average golfer will hit the golf ball 150 yards. In comparison, the 3 hybrid distance is 120 yards.

As you can see, it tends to be a 20-30 yard difference between the two assuming everything else is equal.

Is It Easier To Hit A 5 Wood Or 3 Hybrid?

It is easier to hit a 3 hybrid and that’s why it is recommended to beginners or those with an unrefined golf swing. The reason a 3 hybrid is better than a 5 wood for beginners is due to it having more forgiveness allowing for mistakes.

On the other hand, a 5 wood is going to offer more power.

This is only useful to those who have a good golf swing and are simply looking to add power to their shots now.

Can A 3 Hybrid Replace A 5 Wood?

Yes, a 3 hybrid can replace a 5 wood. It is common for golfers to do this. The 3 hybrid has an increased loft degree and offers more control than a 5 wood. The only time a 5 wood is useful is for those who want increased distance on their shots as it will offer more power due to the larger club head.

Will A 5 Wood Go Further Than A 3 Hybrid?

Yes, a 5 wood will go further than a 3 hybrid. It is measured to be around a 30-yard difference between the two if all things are equal. This means if a golfer hits a golf ball 150 yards with a 5 wood, they will hit it 120 yards with a 3 hybrid.

Are Hybrids Easier To Hit Than Fairway Woods?

Yes, hybrids are easier to hit than fairway woods. This is due to them having a larger sweet spot, which allows for more forgiveness on golf shots. This is ideal for those who are beginners or are still working on their technique.

The hybrids are easier to hit, which allows for mistakes to happen.

Final Thoughts

Go through this guide when choosing between a 5 wood vs 3 hybrid golf club.

The 5 wood offers a larger club head, which allows for increased power and distance. However, the 5 wood also leads to increased shot dispersion. In comparison, a 3 hybrid offers more control and reduced distance.

It’s common for pro golfers to use a 5 wood as they have refined golf swings and can take advantage of the golf swing speed increase.

Getting more distance on a golf drive is useful but it’s still important to choose the right golf club for your game.

You should also consider using a rescue golf club depending on your technique.