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7 PGA Golfers Who Smoke (With Fun Stories)

Pro golfers who smoke have been around for a long time. The sport is often associated with professional behavior including the lack of bad habits but there are PGA smokers out there.

Some PGA golfers that smoke cigarettes are pretty famous for doing so. They have popularized this phenomenon by stating how many cigarettes they smoke per day.

Who are the top PGA golfers who smoke?

Some of the PGA golfers who smoke include Thomas Bjorn, John Daly, Darren Clarke, Marcel Siem, and Shaun Norris. These golfers are known for smoking multiple cigarettes per day while remaining athletes.

Smoking in the PGA has long been happening and that’s why it’s important to dig deeper into this reality.

How common is it to smoke on the PGA tour? How many golfers smoke?

This guide is going to answer all of your questions including shedding light on the top PGA golfers who smoke cigarettes.

Can Players Smoke On The PGA Tour?

Yes, players can smoke on the PGA tour and several golfers are known for doing so. They will often step aside to smoke their cigarette as it is out in the open. It’s important to note, smoking cigarettes is still frowned upon and is not done by every golfer.

However, golfers that smoke do find time on the golf course to light a cigarette. This comes down to making time.

Some golfers are chain smokers. This means they are constantly smoking and that means they want to do it while playing too.

These golfers will often have a cigarette on standby while they are playing on the golf course.

pga golfers who smoke

How Many PGA Golfers Smoke Cigarettes?

When it comes to PGA golfers that smoke cigarettes, it is a handful of golfers. Most are strict athletes that do not drink or smoke. However, there are popular names such as Thomas Bjorn and John Daly that do smoke cigarettes.

It’s important to note this is not a common reality on the golf course.

Golfers that smoke are still rare. This is simply due to the nature of the sport and wanting to be healthy as an athlete.

Golfers who smoke cigarettes are far and few between but they are out there.

PGA Golfers Who Smokes

1. Thomas Bjorn

When it comes to PGA tour smokers, it’s best to start with Thomas Bjorn.

The reason Thomas was noticed as a smoker had to do with a few of his popular photos coming out with a cigarette in hand. It was during the early 2000s when this occurred as Bjorn would only smoke from time to time.

He often did this to clear his mind and that is one of the reasons he didn’t smoke all the time.

Thomas Bjorn smoking is a reality and that is what makes him a name on this list.

pga golfers who smoke

2. John Daly

When it comes to smoking on the PGA tour, this is one name that stands out more than anyone else for this particular habit.

John Daly once did an interview and stated he could smoke throughout the day while also drinking a variety of beverages. The reason he could do this was that he didn’t manage to fall ill despite his bad choices. He is a golfer with a bad diet.

He was a chain smoker and that is one of the reasons it often confused people as to how he managed to play golf and do well.

When it comes to PGA tour smokers, he is right up there at the top of the heap. John Daly smoking is famous for a reason and it is the first name people think about when it comes to smoking golfers.

3. Tim Herron

Tim Herron is a unique one because he was nothing more than a casual smoker. A lot of golf fans never saw Tim light a cigarette but there were a few moments when he did whip out a cigarette.

One of those photos did become popular as he was playing golf at the time with a cigarette in his hand.

When it came to PGA players that smoke, he was one name that did make the rounds at the time.

It is not always common for a golfer to smoke while golfing. This is what made Tim Herron unique at the time.

Tim Herron smoking is not always going to be noticeable but it is something that has been shot a few times.

4. Darren Clarke

When it comes to cigarette smoke on PGA tours, there is one name that can stand with the biggest chain smokers in golf and that would be Darren Clarke.

Darren Clarke has long been known as a golfer that loves smoking a cigarette. There is never a time when he doesn’t want to get hold of a cigarette and this has led him to becoming popular for the action.

Whenever he has a chance on the golf course, he wants to take out a cigarette to smoke for a while.

Darren Clarke smoking is a common sight.

pga golfers who smoke

5. Marcel Siem

When it comes to Marcel Siem smoking, it is more about doing it as a casual habit away from the sport.

Some of the golfers that smoke on this list are those who do it on the golf course. Marcel Siem is not one of those names as he prefers to keep the cigarettes back at home for his days off.

He believes it is better to smoke cigarettes in his downtime rather than do it out in the open while golfing.

6. Jack Nicklaus

Some PGA golfers smoke cigarettes and then there are PGA golfers that smoke cigars.

Jack Nicklaus is a popular pro golfer that smokes cigars.

It is noted he loves taking out an expensive cigar and lighting it when he is celebrating. This is his way of letting loose and taking in whatever he is celebrating. However, it was not common for Jack Nicklaus to do this on the golf course.

7. Shaun Norris

This is not the first name you are going to think of when it comes to a professional golfer smoking on tour.

However, professional golfers often mention Shaun Norris as a serious chain smoker and someone they don’t want to mess with. He has a rugged personality and is someone that is always looking to light a cigarette when allowed to do so.

Shaun Norris smoking is a common sight around the tour. He loves doing it and there is never a time when he doesn’t want to be holding a cigarette in hand.

Female Golfers Who Smoke

1. Jessica Cordo

When it comes to LPGA smokers, Jessica Cordo has to be the first name on the list. She is known for lighting a cigarette from time to time.

It is not known whether or not Jessica is a chain smoker but she is someone that has taken the time to smoke.

2. Danielle Kang

For LPGA players that smoke, it is important to also list Danielle Kang. She is an LPGA pro golfer that smokes and is known for taking the time to smoke on the tour.

The reason for her smoking is a personal one.

It is stated she often carries the cigarettes with her due to her father. It is seen as a way to respect his memory when she is golfing due to his support during her career. Whenever she wants to calm down, she will take out a cigarette and ease up.

3. JoAnne Carner

When looking at female golfers that smoke, JoAnne Carner is a name that is going to come up too.

JoAnne Carner was renowned for her golfing and also her smoking.

At the time, smoking was quite common in all places and that is why she also adored smoking cigarettes. It was normal to walk around and see JoAnne Carner lighting a cigarette on the golf course.

She always had one ready after she had played a shot or two.

Final Thoughts

These are the leading PGA golfers who smoke.

Numerous PGA golfers smoke including John Daly, Marcel Siem, Shaun Norris, and Darren Clarke. While it is not as common as drinking, some golfers smoke cigarettes or cigars from time to time.

Most people follow golf etiquette and prefer fitting in as new golfers. This is great but some golfers love smoking and this is a part of who they are on the golf course.

Some golfers love smoking, some love drinking, and some golfers love tattoos. There are different personalities on the tour and that’s what makes it exciting.