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Most Common Ping Dot Color (With Ping Color Chart)

The Ping color code chart is synonymous with the brand.

It’s used by golfers to better understand what a Ping golf club is all about and how it’s going to perform as soon as it is used.

Each golfer has a unique take on how they want to use a Ping golf club, which is why looking at the built-in color code is a must. It’s an easy way to make sure you are choosing the right Ping golf club.

With this in mind, what is the most common Ping dot color?

The most common Ping dot color is black. The Ping black dot stands for the standard lie angle. Since it’s the standard lie angle, the rest of the Ping dot color chart works from this as the starting point.

This is why it’s important to know what the Ping color dots mean in golf. It will make it simpler to find the right golf clubs as soon as you enter the market.

This guide is going to shed light on the most common Ping dot color, the Ping dot color chart, how to choose the best Ping dot, and what effect the Ping dots have in golf.

What Is The Most Common Ping Dot Color?

Ping Dot Color Chart

Ping Dot ColorLie Angle
Blue1 Degree Upright
Green2 Degree Upright
White3 Degree Upright
Silver4 Degree Upright
Maroon5 Degree Upright
Red1 Degree Flat
Orange2 Degree Flat
Brown 3 Degree Flat
Gold4 Degree Flat
Understanding the Ping color chart is a must. Since each Ping color dot represents the lie angle of a golf club, it’s important to focus on this detail to gain a better recognition of what type of Ping golf club you are going to use.

The Ping color code system for golfers is a major plus. It offers good insight into the lie angle and is remarkably accurate too.

The lie angle is key as it helps pinpoint how the golf club is making contact with the ball. This includes if you are hitting too much of the ground or hitting the golf ball squarely. Sometimes, this is the most important detail when comparing golf iron sets.

Ping Color Chart – Old Vs New

1. New Ping Color Chart

2. Old Ping Color Chart

How Do I Choose A Ping Dot?

If it’s time to choose a Ping dot from the color chart, it’s going to require a few steps including understanding your golf swing.

1. Check Your Height

To select a Ping dot, the first point you are going to need to consider will have nothing to do with the club at all.

Instead, you are going to measure your height.

Now, it’s important to note this has to take into account your shoes too. Since you are not going to be golfing bare feet, you do need to take a proper measurement including how tall you will be with the golf shoes on.

Let’s assume you are 6 feet tall, you are now going to look at that metric on the Ping color chart above.

If you have an older Ping iron, you are going to look at the old Ping dot color chart. If you have a new Ping iron, you are going to look at the new Ping dot color chart for the right fit.

2. Measure The Distance Between The Wrist and The Floor

Ping owners also need to consider the distance between their wrists and the floor.

This is key because it’s the starting point of your swing.

You are going to stand upright and then begin measuring from your wrist to the floor. You can get someone to help with this as you need the measurement to be accurate.

This will ensure the lie angle of a golf club is in line with what you require as a modern golfer. It’s important to get this right as you learn how to measure for the Ping dot system.

Let’s assume it is 40 inches. We will use this to continue the example below.

most common ping dot color

3. Find The Intersection Point Between Both Numbers

Now you have two measurements from the previous steps.

  • 6 Feet Tall
  • 40 Inches (Wrist To Floor)

Go to the chart and find these two numbers on the chart. You are now going to intersect these two points on the Ping dot color chart to find out what the right fit is.

For this specific set of measurements, the intersection point would be at standard length or the most common Ping dot color (black).

This will tell you this is the color you want to move towards when it’s time to use a Ping golf club.

4. Fade Vs Draw

It’s also important to note there are specific points in the color chart where you are going to be in between two options.

What do you do then?

Do you choose either option or is there another factor that has to be taken into account? Yes, you will have to look at fade vs draw.

This entails what type of game you play. Do you want to fade more or do you want to draw more?

To stop fading, you will want to go with the more upright option of the two. If not, you will go with the flatter option.

Do Ping Dots Make A Difference?

Yes, Ping dogs do make a difference for golfers. Since these dots represent a specific lie angle for the golf club, this impacts the way a golf club hits the golf ball along with the surface underneath it. If the lie angle is improper, it is going to lead to more fading or drawing of the shot.

Golfers that want to have a better swing will need to take the time to ensure they are focused on the right Ping dots.

This is the only way to make sure you are accounting for the intricacies of your golf swing too.

most common ping dot color

Is The Ping Color Chart Accurate?

The Ping color chart is accurate. It has been tested by thousands of golfers and does come out to be remarkably precise with its measurements and their comparison to the lie angle of a golf club.

It’s common for golfers to adjust their swings with time and that is also going to bring along with it new measurements.

However, as long as you are taking the time to follow the Ping dot system chart for golf clubs, it should lead to the right fit as soon as you want it. The Ping color dot system is ideal for those who want to keep things simple.

Ping Blue Dot Vs Black Dot

The Ping blue dot is 1 degree upright while the black dot is the standard lie angle. If a golfer wishes to reduce their fade (slice) on a shot, it’s common to go for a more upright lie angle. This would mean choosing the blue dot.

Whether you are getting the Ping blue dot iron set or the Ping black dot iron set, both serve a purpose as long as it is in line with your golf technique.

Golfers are recommended to take a look at the dots on Ping irons and then learn how to measure for the Ping dot system before finding the right fit.

Ping Red Dot Vs Black Dot

The Ping red dot is 1 degree flat while the black dot is the standard lie angle. If a golfer wishes to reduce their draw on a shot, it is best to go with the flatter lie angle in comparison to the standard lie angle.

The Ping red dot iron set is good for those who do seem to draw more on their shots. On the other hand, the most common Ping dot color would be the black dot.

Final Thoughts

This is the information you will want to consider with the most common ping dot color.

The most common Ping dot color is the black dot. This represents the standard lie angle. The rest of the Ping dot color chart looks at a variety of lie angles that are either more upright or flatter than the standard lie angle.

The Ping black dot meaning is simple and it’s the standard lie angle for golf clubs.

Take your time with the measurements before buying a new set of Ping golf irons. The lie angle of a golf club will make a difference.