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Arm Lock Putting (Pros, Cons, Technique)

Before looking at arm lock putters for sale, you will want to better understand what arm lock putting in golf is all about and whether or not it is useful for your game.

Some golfers swear by arm lock putting and believe it offers an advantage that is game-changing on the golf course.

At a professional level, these slight changes can make all the difference in the world. This is wh they begin working on their arm lock putting technique as soon as they can.

Before doing this and getting a new golf putter, it’s essential to learn more about arm lock putting.

Arm lock putting refers to holding the putter with it locked against the leading forearm (left for a right-handed golfer). This secures the putter during the swing allowing the right hand to guide the shot.

This putting technique is often considered a magic bullet for golfers that struggle with inconsistency in their swing.

This guide on arm lock putting will take a look at the benefits of arm lock putting, the negatives of arm lock putting, and how to use an arm lock putter.

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What Is Arm Lock Putting?

Arm lock putting is a technique used by golfers where the putter is locked against the leading forearm (left forearm for right-handed golfers). This ensures the putter doesn’t move during the swing while the right hand guides the shot.

It’s a common technique that is used across the world by golfers. Although, there is some contention about putting an arm lock putting ban due to it not being fair to those who don’t lock their forearm.

Pros Of Arm Lock Putting

1. Complete Control Of A Shot

When it comes to the advantages of arm lock putting in golf, it’s always going to start with the basics.

The golfer’s putting needs will start with accuracy and wanting complete control of a shot. This is what makes putting difficult as a slight mishap can cause the golf ball to head off to the side.

Using an arm lock putter is seen as a way to get rid of this disadvantage.

Golfers can use arm lock putting as a way to manage their shot and get more out of it. This includes not only the amount of power that’s being used to guide the golf ball but also ensuring it heads in the right direction as soon as the shot is played.

arm lock putting

2. Consistent Golf Swing

Whether you are using a cheap arm lock putter or a new arm lock putter, it’s important to focus on your golf swing.

This is where you begin to see the positives of arm lock putting as a golfer.

Your swing is going to be easier to time and the golf ball is going to go in the direction you want it to.

It’s common for golfers to fret about their putting technique being off. It can be with a regular putter but it is not as much of a concern when you are golfing with an arm lock putter.

3. Increased Accuracy

When looking at the arm lock method in golf, you have to also think about the increased accuracy.

It is easy to see a noticeable change in your game with the arm lock putting grip in place. Your forearm locks the arm lock putter, which ensures the top of the golf club does not sway to the side during your swing.

This alone makes it simpler to play the shot in a straight line as required.

Putting in golf requires precision and you will want to use the right technique to see results.

Cons Of Arm Lock Putting

1. Can Be Considered Poor Sportsmanship

In comparison to standard putting in golf, it’s common for golfers to suggest arm lock putting is bad.

Why is that the case?

It is seen as a way to divert what is seen as being fair. You are locking the putter against your forearm, which means it simplifies the shot and takes out some of the hard work that comes with playing the golf shot.

It also makes it harder for those who are not using an arm lock putter.

For those who might want to stick to a more traditional setup, you will have to be aware of this as soon as you begin playing with an arm lock putter.

arm lock putting

2. Requires Practice

With arm anchor putting, you will require a bit of practice.

This is not going to happen overnight.

Yes, it is easier when you are using the arm lock putting style but there is going to be a bit of hard work involved in how you use the putter to your advantage.

You will learn how to grip an arm lock putter along with how to leverage it for maximum power. With distance shots, you will want to account for this and make sure you are arm lock putting properly.

How To Use An Arm Lock Putter

1. Set Up Your Stance

With golf arm lock putters, you first need to set up your stance.

This is going to be slightly different to your stance with standard putters. Why is this the case?

The reason starts with taking the time to lock the putter against the forearm. You are going to need to slightly bend and make sure the lock remains in place during the golf swing.

After all, this is the reason you are playing with an arm lock putter in the first place!

To maintain the lock in arm lock putting, you are going to set up your stance and create a stable base with your feet.

2. Hold Putter Firmly With The Left Hand

Now, it’s time to focus on the arm lock putter technique.

With the golf arm lock putter, you are going to take the putter and hold it firmly with your left hand. Right now, your only focus is going to be on the left hand and where it is set up on the grip.

In general, you will want to hold it firm along the top to make sure you can then press it against the left forearm. This is assuming you are a right-handed golfer.

It would be the opposite hand and forearm for a left-handed golfer.

3. Secure The Putter’s Grip Against The Left Forearm

You will now take the putter’s grip and press it against the left forearm since you are already holding it tightly with the left hand.

This is going to help press it against the forearm and make sure it stays in place.

Now, when you attempt to move the putter side to side, it’s not going to budge as easily because it’s locked against your forearm. This means you are holding it properly and can look at the next step in the technique for arm lock putting.

Always make sure it feels balanced in your hand while doing this.

4. Set Your Right Hand Lower To Guide The Ball

The last step is going to involve your right hand.

This is your guiding hand.

The left hand and forearm will lock the golf club into place. This means you are going to require the right hand to help initiate the shot and make sure there is enough power behind it based on the distance you are putting.

You can put this hand slightly lower than the left to make sure it’s comfortable for you.

To get it right, you will want to play around with how the right hand is set up on the grip.

Should You Lock Your Arms When Putting?

Yes, you should lock your arms when putting to gain an advantage. This advantage happens by removing some of the “yips” a player might deal with causing their golf club to swing to the side. To avoid this, it’s best to consider arm-locking a putter.

How Many Pros Use The Arm Lock Putter?

Multiple professionals use the arm lock putter in golf. This includes names such as Bubba Watson, Matt Kuchar, Bryson DeChambeau, and Xander Schauffele.

These pro golfers continue to take advantage of the arm lock putter because it helps elevate their putting immediately.

Is Arm Lock Putting Legal?

Arm lock putting is legal. It is used by golfers on the PGA tour. There are certain tournaments and/or settings where arm lock putting is frowned upon. For professional tours, there are golfers that use arm lock putting to their advantage.

Arm lock putting is not illegal.

It is used by golfers and it can be used by you too.

How Long Should An Arm Lock Putter Be?

The average arm lock putter should be around 42 inches in length. This allows for the “locking” mechanism to take place against the leading forearm. It’s recommended to adjust this based on a person’s height.

Final Thoughts

What is arm lock putting?

Arm lock putting refers to putting by locking the top of the putter against the leading forearm (left for a right-handed golfer). The right hand is used as the guiding hand while playing the shot.

When putting in golf, it’s recommended to try the arm lock method. It works well and is as efficient as you want it to be.

Just like using a plumbers neck putter or golfing with a broomstick putter, you will also want to put arm lock putting to the test.