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How Many Majors Has Scottie Scheffler Won? (Wins, Earnings, Net Worth)

When it comes to the finest PGA golfers right now, it’s best to look at some of the younger names including the wonderful Scottie Scheffler.

He is an American golfer that has taken the PGA tour by storm with his performances. He is earning critical acclaim and continues to be heralded as a golfer with a bright future.

One of the questions to ask is, how many majors has Scottie Scheffler won?

Scottie Scheffler has won one major tournament. His sole victory came at the Masters in 2022. Scheffler has also finished second in other major tournaments including the PGA Championship, The Open Championship, and The US Open.

He has also won 2 European Tour events illustrating a consistent rise in the world of golf for Scottie Scheffler.

This Scottie Scheffler bio will take a look at who is Scottie Scheffler, Scottie Scheffler’s earnings, Scottie Scheffler’s net worth, and more.

Who Is Scottie Scheffler?

Scottie Scheffler is an American-born golfer out of Ridgewood, New Jersey. His rise has been well-known among golfing enthusiasts including ranking #1 in the world rankings for professional golfers.

Scottie Scheffler has been an avid golfer since the age of three. As a toddler, Scheffler was simply learning the basics of golf with a plastic golf club and then quickly started showing an aptitude for golfing.

His rise was quick as he ended up winning numerous tournaments as a PGA junior. This was a sign of great things to come.

Scottie Scheffler’s college was the University of Texas and he won numerous championships with his college before becoming a professional.

How old is Scottie Scheffler?

Scottie Scheffler is 26 years old (at the time of writing this bio) and was born on June 21st, 1991.

Total Number Of Scottie Scheffler Major Wins

Scottie Scheffler has won one major championship and this victory took place at the Augusta National in 2022. He was the Masters winner.

Scottie Scheffler has also won additional tournaments both in the US and Europe.

He has also done well at various other PGA majors including finishing second at the US Open, The Open Championship, and the PGA Championship.

Scottie Scheffler Career Earnings

YearTotal Earnings (USD)
These are the main Scottie Scheffler earnings. He has done well and is rising with each passing year when it comes to his development as a PGA player.

Scottie Scheffler Net Worth

Scottie Scheffler’s net worth is approximately $60,000,000 USD. This includes Scottie Scheffler’s lifetime earnings along with various contractual agreements associated with endorsement deals.

Scottie Scheffler is among the richest golfers on the tour due to his rise as a professional over the past 3-4 years.

The Scottie Scheffler winnings have added to his net worth making him one of the richest PGA golfers on the tour.

Scottie Scheffler Endorsements

The Scottie Schefeller endorsements include deals with companies such as Titleist, NetJets, and Veritex Bank. These are the main Scottie Scheffler sponsors and there are more that are going to be added to the list in the coming years.

He is one of the brightest names in the world of golf and is appreciated for his presence as a modern-day golfer.

Who Is Scottie Scheffler’s Wife?

Scottie Scheffler’s wife is named Meredith Scudder. She was a former golfer at the college level and is now a renowned golf instructor with years of relevant experience.

How old is Scottie Scheffler’s wife?

Scottie Scheffler’s wife is 25 years old at the time of writing this bio.

Final Thoughts

How many majors has Scottie Scheffler won?

Scottie Scheffler has won one major championship in his career. This championship victory occurred at the 2022 Masters in Augusta. He has also finished 2nd in various major tournaments including The US Open, The Open Championship, and The PGA Championship.

He is one of the more successful golfers right now and will continue to rise with each passing year.

He is noted right alongside his contemporaries such as Rory Mcllroy and Bubba Watson.

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