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Why Are Some Golfers Fat? (List Of Top Fat Golfers)

Out-of-shape pro golfers are a sight you would not expect to see.

Most people expect golfers to be in shape and the average golfer does tend to be athletic. This is due to the nature of practicing and being active to optimize their golfing technique as a professional.

However, this does not mean all golfers are fit. There are overweight golfers on the tour and they have been some of the more famous golfers known to the world.

Why are some golfers fat?

Some golfers are fat due to having a bad diet, not getting enough exercise, and/or believing in maintaining a heavyweight build to maximize power output with their golf shots.

Each fat golfer has a unique theory as to why they are in their current shape. Some have always been overweight while others have recently put on weight.

It’s important to understand the reason for fat golfers and why it is disadvantageous to be overweight as a golfer.

This article is going to shed light on these reasons and also highlight why being fat is not good for a golfer.

Reasons For Fat Golfers

1. Increased Emphasis On Technical Prowess

Heavyweight golfers on the PGA tour have been common for a long time.

Whether it is Vijay Singh, John Daly, or even Phil Mickelson.

With their successes, a lot of golf enthusiasts have wondered whether or not being fit is all that important as a golfer.

The reason these golfers can get away with carrying more weight comes down to the importance of technical prowess in golf. This includes how you swing a golf club and your overall weight distribution when hitting a golf ball.

The best in the business can optimize their golf swing to the point where their weight does not become a major negative.

 fat golfers

2. Experience Matters

Whether it is finding a good golf club or practicing using unique golf drills, there is a lot to learn as a golfer.

New golfers often struggle due to the lessons they learn on the tour. This is not always the case for professionals who have been on the tour for a long time.

Even overweight pro golfers do well because they have a good understanding of different regions of the world along with how the golf courses play. This is vital expertise that is learned through real-life experiences.

This can help a fat golfer stand out despite not being as fit as the newer golfers.

3. Performance Dictates The Leaders

Fat pro golfers are present because it all comes down to performance at the end of the day.

Golf is based on results.

If you can get a better score at the end of the day, you are the one that is going to receive praise and earn the victory. The rest does not matter and it is quite common for unfit pro golfers to win.

This is why fat pro golfers continue to be on the tour. Their performances are there for everyone to see and this does demonstrate why they stand out.

4. Lower Fitness Standard Than Other Sports

Overweight pro golfers can get by because they are not held to the same fitness standards as other athletes around the world.

This is not due to a lack of competition.

The golfing world is full of competition and has some of the greatest athletes on the planet. Instead, it is simply down to the amount of fitness required to still be a good golfer.

It is not the same as a swimmer in the Olympics.

List Of The Fattest Golfers

Here is a look at some of the fattest golfers on the PGA tour:

  1. Kevin Stadler – 250 lbs
  2. Mark Calcavecchia – 225 lbs
  3. Duffy Waldorf – 225 lbs
  4. John Daly – 220 lbs
  5. Kenny Perry – 220 lbs
  6. Tim Herron – 210 lbs
  7. Ernie Els – 210 lbs
  8. Anegl Cabrera – 210 lbs
  9. Vijay Singh – 208 lbs
  10. Lee Westwood – 205 lbs
  11. Phil Mickelson – 200 lbs
  12. Jim Gallagher, Jr. – 200 lbs
  13. J.B Holmes – 190 lbs

Disadvantages Of Being A Fat Golfer

1. Reduced Mobility

When looking at fat famous golfers, most people will state those golfers are still winning.

Yes, those golfers are the cream of the crop and the outliers. They have been dominating the sport for a long time and were good when they were fitter as well.

Their technical prowess is the reason they stand out even as they have gained weight.

Being fat in golf is not a good thing. It is a disadvantage and the one issue that immediately stands out is the lack of mobility on the golf course. Your body begins to tighten up faster and this is a real concern when playing multiple rounds.

2. Quicker Onset of Fatigue

When it comes to the heaviest golfers on tour, it is common to start seeing a breakdown in their game as the rounds go by.

This is due to the build-up of fatigue.

It is not as easy for fat golfers to recover when going through a day of golfing. This makes it a lot harder to win and it does become a hurdle that has to be overcome by the fat golfer.

3. Harder To Perform In Hot Conditions

When it is hot outside, you are not going to want to be an overweight golfer.

The heat tends to put additional pressure on the body and it can lead to severe cramping. A person that is overweight is going to find it much harder to recover in time and that can lead to serious issues with results.

Due to golf being played in the warmer months, the heat does play a role. Having to deal with fat as a golfer is not ideal when it is hot outside.

4. Reduces Overall Balance

Your balance is going to get worse when you are fat as a golfer.

Losing weight as a golfer is key.

It is one of the better ways to gain more control of your body whether it is during a golf swing or when you are walking around between rounds.

Balance matters and you are going to see improvements when you lose weight as a golfer.

When your balance is not as good as it needs to be, you are going to develop technical issues too. This can include blocking drives as a golfer or simply not hitting the ball where you want to.

Who Is the Fat Golfer Who Smokes Cigars?

The fat golfer who smokes cigars is named Miguel Angel Jimenez. He was popular for smoking multiple cigars during the day and owned hundreds of the highest-quality cigars on the planet.

Final Thoughts

These are the heaviest golfers on tour.

When it comes to fat golfers, it’s a fascinating sight to see as some of them are the leading performers on the tour.

Fat golfers are common on the tour because the game is built on the shoulders of technical prowess, experience, and a good understanding of golfing conditions. This is why some of the best golfers have been overweight.

While golfing is not just about sitting in a golf cart, it is about technique. This is why the best golfers are those who refine their technical game and then get fit.

Even if you are just heading out to Topgolf, you will want to be fit. It is a positive and something you do want to think about as a golfer.