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Can Golfers Get Tattoos On The Course? (+ 10 Golfers With Tattoos)

Golfers with tattoos are a rare sight.

It’s not something you are going to see as readily as you would in other sports. This can make golf enthusiasts wonder about the rules of golf for tattoos.

Can golfers get tattoos on the course?

Yes, golfers can get tattoos on the course. While rare, it has been seen with golfers such as Bubba Watson, Mei Reid, and Seve Ballesteros. Some golf courses have rules against visible tattoos but the PGA allows tattoos.

It’s recommended to read through the golf club regulations when assessing what is allowed and what is not as a golfer.

Most golf courses will also have rules for golf attire and it’s also best to read into this too.

This article will take a look at whether or not golfers can get tattoos and which pro golfers have tattoos.

Can Golfers Get Tattoos On The Course?

Yes, golfers can get tattoos on the course and it has been seen with golfers such as Mei Reid, Thomas Bjorn, and Seve Ballesteros to name a few.

In some cases, golf clubs have rules for tattoos.

These rules can stipulate them not being visible. As a result, golfers have to cover their tattoos to be allowed to play the golf course.

It is best to read through the golf club regulations to learn more about what is permitted on-site.

Golfers tend to wear full-sleeve shirts when participating at these golf clubs or they don’t go to them. This will vary depending on what you wish to do.

Follow these rules and you can golf with tattoos too.

Professional Golfers With Tattoos

1. Mei Reid

Mei Reid took a more subtle approach when it comes to getting tattoos on her body. The Mei Reid tattoos are on her forearm.

These tattoos are designed to highlight the birthdays of her parents. She is close to her parents and wants to keep them close to her with these tattoos.

While each Mei Reid tattoo is visible when she is wearing a t-shirt, they are also not as visible as other tattoos. This makes them unnoticeable in most situations when she is playing golf.

2. Seve Ballesteros

Seve Ballesteros is one of the more entertaining names on this list. The Seve Ballesteros tattoo is famous because it was of himself. Yes, he had a tattoo of himself on his forearm and this was done in the 1980s.

What was the reason for Seve Ballesteros getting a tattoo?

He wanted to showcase his way of celebrating his victory at a golf tournament. This is when he decided it was best to get a tattoo of himself on his body to show self-love.

At the time, it was rare for golfers to get tattoos and that is what made him stand out. For some, this might be one of the best tats on tour that has ever come out.

3. Thomas Bjorn

When it comes to funny stories about golf tattoos, it’s essential to cite Thomas Bjorn’s name. As a modern golfer, Thomas Bjorn is known for being eccentric and also willing to stick to his word.

This came to a head when he was given a bet with Mcllroy. The idea was that the losing team would get a tattoo and this is when the Thomas Bjorn tattoo came into the picture after his loss.

Where is Thomas Bjorn’s tattoo?

His tattoo is located on his glute. Yes, it is on his glute and it was an image of the Ryder Cup along with his final score.

4. Rickie Fowler

When it comes to the Rickie Fowler tattoos, it’s best to start by understanding why Rickie Fowler got the tattoos.

Rickie decided early in his life that it was great to have tattoos on his body. This led to several different tattoos including his most precious one, which is of the Olympics. He decided to get the Olympics rings put on his body.

Why this tattoo for Rickie Fowler?

This Rickie Fowler tattoo occurred because he had gone to the Olympics as a golfer for the USA.

5. Matt Every

Some tattoos are not planned out too well. Matt Every is an example of someone getting a tattoo based on the feel of the moment and just going along with it as time has gone on.

This Matt Every tattoo is a simple saying “Live Forever” and it is seen on his bicep.

It is speculated this might have been done in jest but it is also a wonderful way to show passion for life and is a big part of how Matt Every lives.

It is quite common to see this Matt Every tattoo when he is golfing due to its location.

6. Lydia Ko

Modern pro golfers with tattoos will often take the time to display their passion in different ways and that is where the name Lydia Ko pops up. She got a tattoo saying “27 April 2014” on her body.

Why this tattoo for Lydia Ko?

The Lydia Ko tattoo is a date that is precious to her as it is one of her key career dates. She won a championship on 27 April 2014 (The Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic).

It is a simple tattoo but one that is close to her heart and she is seen being proud of it.

7. Andrew Johnston

Some nicknames stick with you for the rest of your life. These are nicknames that some like and others don’t. Well, Andrew Johnston is one of those golfers that do live their high school nickname.

The Andrew Johnston tattoo says “Beef Head” and this was a nickname that was given by students at his local high school. It has carried with him since and he decided to make it official by getting the tattoo on his shoulder blade.

This is a tattoo that is quite intriguing and is easy to hide as it is on his shoulder blade.

can golfers get tattoos on the course

8. Bubba Watson

When it comes to showing love, Bubba Watson took things to another level with a tasteful tattoo on his finger. What was this Bubba Watson tattoo all about? It was his wife’s name on his finger in calligraphy.

He felt this was a great way to show how much he loved his wife and it was quite discreet too on his finger.

With Bubba Watson being one of the bigger names in golf, the tattoo has been spoken of over time.

While most golfers would not go down this route, Bubba Watson is a great personality and this is just another example of it.

9. Danny Willett

Some tattoos are quite personal and most golfers do not take the time to mention them. Since the Danny Willet tattoo is on his arm under his sleeve, it is easier for him to hide.

What is the Danny Willett tattoo all about?

The tattoo is an infinity symbol with numerals around it. The date must have a meaning that is important to Danny Willett and that is why he got the tattoo of it on his body.

10. Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas is a popular golfer and one that has made quite a name for himself in the world of golf.

This is why everything Justin Thomas does is going to be seen with a keen eye. This includes looking at the Justin Thomas tattoo that is visible when he is golfing.

What is the Justin Thomas tattoo all about?

Justin Thomas has a tattoo of three Roman numerals. These numerals come together to create his family name and it was done for his grandfather. His grandfather passed away in 2019 and he got the tattoo after this point.

can golfers get tattoos on the course

How Long After A Tattoo Can I Play Golf?

It is recommended to wait at least 48-72 hours after getting a tattoo to play golf. The reason is due to the increased inflammation and the chance of feeling discomfort while golfing.

Waiting at least 2-3 days will make it easier to heal and is also going to ensure the tattoo turns out as required.

This is why professional golfers with tattoos often get them during their breaks. Whether it is golf tattoos for guys or golf tattoos for women, it is best to go through this waiting period before playing.

Can Golfers Have Tattoos In The PGA?

Yes, golfers can have tattoos in the PGA. There are no specific rules against tattoos for pro golfers and it’s common to see them on the tour. This includes tattooed golfers such as Justin Thomas, Bubba Watson, and Danny Willett.

Final Thoughts

Can golfers get tattoos on the course?

Yes, golfers can get tattoos on the course. There are no regulations against having tattoos for golfers including professional tattooed golfers. This includes names such as Justin Thomas, Bubba Watson, and Lydia Ko.

Many people will also remember the Rickie Fowler Olympics tattoo signifying his participation in the Olympics for America. There are different reasons for each pro golfer with tattoos but that is what makes it intriguing.

Whether you are golfing on your own or going with a group, it is good to be aware of the rules.