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Wilson Irons By Year (All Models)

Wilson Golf Irons By Year

Release YearName Of Wilson Golf Irons Series
Dynapwr Women’s
2022Launch Pad
Staff Dg Forged
Staff Dg Women’s
2021Staff Model Blades
2020Launch Pad
Staff Does 7 Forged
2019Profile SGi Teen
Profile SGi
Profile Platinum
Profile JGi Junior
Staff D7
Staff D350
Staff FG Tour V6
2017Deep Red Tour
Ultra Plus
D 300
D 300 SuperLite
Ultra Plus Women
2016FG Tour F5
Staff C200
2015FG Tour V4
FG Tour 100
2014FG Tour M3
Staff C 100
FG Tour
2013D 100
2012FG Tour V2
2010FG Tour
Ci7 Control
2006Di7 Distance
2005Di5 Distance
Fi5 Forged
Pi5 Performance
2003Deep Red II Tour
Deep Red II
2002Deep Red
Fat Shaft Robert Mandrella
1999FSTi 33cm2 AHA
1998Staff Midsize RM
FS Wilson Staff
FS Wilson Staff Midsize
Staff Ti
1997Staff Oversize
FS Wilson Staff
P.S. Oversize
Ultra System-45
Midsize RM
1990Staff FG-51
1988Staff Goose Neck
1985Staff Tour Blades
1984Wilson Hale Irwin
1978Wilson 1200 LT
Staff Tour Blades
1973Wilson 1200
1969Dynapower Staff
1966Sam Snead Blue Ridge
1960Patty Berg Cup Defender
K-28 Harmonized
Arnold Palmer Shot Maker
1959Dynapower Staff Model
1953Sam Snead Championship
1933Wilson Ogg-mented
1932Wilson Walker Cup
1930Wilson Pinehurst

History Of Wilson Irons

It’s important to understand the history of Wilson golf clubs to figure out how they are made, where they come from, and how well-recognized this brand is on the open market.

Wilson has been synonymous with golf for almost a century.

It all started with the Wilson Pinehurst golf irons all the way back in the 1930s. This was a time when it was difficult to find high-quality golf irons and that is when Wilson entered the market.

It was a small company looking to make a name for itself and that’s what it did. This led to a wide array of slowly released golf irons by Wilson.

When looking at the Wilson golf irons by year, you will notice small gaps between the releases. This was done to make sure anything that was released by Wilson ended up being a market leader at the time.

1. Wilson Staff Dynapower Irons History

When it comes to the Wilson Staff Dynapower irons, these are some of the best golf irons by Wilson right now.

The quality is astounding and right in line with what a golfer requires.

The first Wilson Dynapower staff golf iron was released in 1959. This was an initial run to see how this type of golf iron by Wilson would do and it flourished. It was successful and earned acclaim from golfers in America.

When looking at the history of the Wilson Staff Dynapower golf irons, you will also notice another series was released in 1969 and it did well too.

There was a huge gap and then a new set has been released in 2023.

The Wilson vintage iron golf club sets continue to do well on the open market but the newer releases are also a part of the timeline when looking at Wilson golf irons by year. It’s important to note this with the Wilson Staff iron timeline.

The best vintage Wilson staff irons go hand-in-hand with the newer series of Wilson golf irons.

wilson irons by year

What Are The Best Wilson Irons Ever Made?

The best Wilson irons ever made would be the Wilson CB golf irons. These are sleek, well-designed, and affordable while providing a world-class set of golf clubs for a golfer to play with.

The well-rounded nature of these golf irons is what makes them appealing.

There is a certain amount of charm that comes along with the Wilson golf irons. These golf irons are made with a high level of care and the brand has done well in marketing them to the masses.

Golfers often talk about Wilson golf irons with acclaim. There is a sense of pride with these golf irons and that’s what makes them a good buy among the other options available to golfers.

How To Choose The Best Wilson Golf Irons

1. Compare The Wilson Golf Irons

Whether it is Wilson’s new staff irons or old Wilson irons, it’s essential to compare them in greater detail.

You want to have a comprehensive understanding when it comes to the history of Wilson staff irons along with how they are made and the type of specs you are going to get from a specific Wilson golf irons set.

Only then will you be able to make an informed decision as a golfer.

When you look at the Best Wilson irons or old Wilson staff irons, you will be inundated with a wide array of options and each one will look great.

You will want to have a few stipulations in place.

This will include the weight of the Wilson golf irons, how the Wilson golf irons perform on a golf course, and how you will be golfing with them in hand.

If you are looking at the Wilson staff irons by year, you will want to start with the basics and compare everything.

2. Calculate Your Golf Swing Speed

It is highly recommended to get a read on your golf swing speed.

You can go through our guide on how to calculate your golf swing speed to nail down the exact number you are dealing with. This can shed light on the type of Wilson golf iron you will want to go with and how much it should weigh.

This can often end up making a real difference when it comes to how you swing a golf club and how the golf club feels in your hand.

Always take the time to look into your golf swing speed to make sure it’s on par with what’s required for your game.

3. Check The Shaft’s Flex And Material

A Wilson golf iron is a unique investment but you also want to make sure to take a look at the Wilson iron’s shaft.

What is the golf shaft flex? What is the Wilson golf iron shaft made of?

Is it made of graphite or stainless steel?

These are integral questions you are going to want to ask before buying a Wilson golf iron. When looking at the Wilson golf irons by year, you will realize there are numerous options and each one is unique.

wilson irons by year

4. Set A Budget

It is also recommended to set a budget.

You will want to have a general budget for how much you are willing to spend on new Wilson golf irons.

When looking at Wilson irons by year, you will see how many options are available by the brand. It is almost a century-old brand, which means you are going to have quite a few choices in front of you.

With a budget, you are going to have a clearer path to the right Wilson golf irons.

How Do I Identify My Wilson Irons?

All Wilson irons come with a serial number on or near the clubface. Locate this serial number and then contact Wilson’s customer service department. They will ask about this serial number and then check their database to authenticate the golf clubs and point out their release date.

When looking at the list of Wilson irons by year, you will see there are numerous options and they have varied release dates.

This is common with all of the leading golf iron brands and Wilson is no different.

Just take the time to authenticate the golf clubs and you will be good to go. Do this right away to make sure you have the best golf irons.

How Long Do Wilson Irons Last?

Wilson irons can last for years when taken care of. The most important thing a golfer needs to do is have a maintenance routine for Wilson golf irons. This means keeping them clean and moisture-free while also cleaning the Wilson irons after each day spent at the golf course.

The reason for doing this is to make sure any issues that do arise are noticed immediately.

The longer these issues linger, the worse your Wilson golf irons are going to get.

For the most part, Wilson golf irons are made with care and the history of Wilson golf irons demonstrates how robust they are.

wilson irons by year

When Does Wilson Release New Golf Irons?

Wilson releases new golf irons annually or every two years depending on their product cycle. The brand is committed to offering world-class golf irons that are well-made and this includes putting them through rigorous development standards.

This includes a long list of golf irons by Wilson including 2 irons and 3 irons in golf.

Final Thoughts

These are the main Wilson irons by year.

Wilson golf irons were first released in 1930 and have been a staple in the golf industry for almost a century. This is one of the leading golf equipment brands on the market and it has released numerous golf iron series over the years.

Just like Callaway golf irons and Ping golf irons, these are top-tier options that will add value to your golf bag.

While Wilson does not make the 0 iron golf club any longer, it still offers premier golf irons made of top-grade materials.