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11 Best Left-Handed Golfers (With Fun Stories)

When it comes to Southpaw golfers, it’s important to understand it’s not as unique as you think it might be.

The world of golf has seen numerous lefties in golf and some of them are among the greatest golfers of all time.

This is why it’s best to dive deeper into the best left-handed golfers and what they have been all about as pros.

The best left-handed golfers include Phil Mickelson, Mike Weir, Bubba Watson, and Bob Charles to name a few. These are pro golfers that have not only been left-handed but also dominated the sport with numerous majors and pro tournament wins in golf.

These are the best lefty golfers of all time for a reason and they have earned great acclaim over the years for their work in the sport.

There have been numerous left-handed golfers on the PGA tour and more continue to enter the fray as time goes on. Statistics show there is a higher percentage of left-handed golfers now than ever before.

This guide will take a look at the list of left-handed golfers in the PGA, fun stories about them, and how many PGA pros are left-handed right now.

Best Left-Handed Golfers Of All Time

1. Sam Adams

This American golfer was born in Boone, North Carolina, and is heralded as being one of the rare left-handed golfers to win a PGA tour event.

Sam Adams started his career as a pro golfer in 1969 after spending time at the Appalachian State University and was seen as a great, young golfer at the time.

While he did not dominate in the sport, he had a memorable year in 1973, which led to him winning the Quad Cities Open with a great score of -16.

Sam Adams is famous for saying that it is important to know how to explain a golf swing. If you can’t do it easily, you don’t know how to golf.

This is a philosophy he has carried with him since the age of 8 when he started learning how to golf.

2. Nick O’Hern

Known for being one of the greatest Australian golfers of all time, Nick O’Hern is a celebrated name in the world of golf and has earned acclaim for his dedication to the sport as a left-handed golfer.

After becoming a professional in 1994, Nick O’Hern ended up doing well on the European Tour and earned intrigue in the States for his work.

This eventually led Nick O’Hern to win the Australian PGA Championship along with doing well at tournaments such as the US Open and Masters.

One of the cool stories about Nick O’Hern was the way he started marking the golf balls with a kangaroo. It was his way of showing respect for his Australian heritage for a bit of good luck.

3. Eric Axley

When it comes to intriguing names in the world of left-handed golfers, it’s important to have Erix Axley in the mix. This American golfer from Tennessee has earned acclaim for doing well for a long time on the tour.

His only PGA tour win came in 2006 when he did well at the Valero Texas Open. One of the things he is known for is winning both on the Tour and PGA Tour. This is something most left-handed golfers have not been able to muster.

4. Ted Potter Jr.

Known for being a right-handed athlete that has a left-handed golf swing, Ted Potter Jr. is a bright name when it comes to the top left-handed golfers of all time.

This American left-handed golfer was born in Florida and quickly started appreciating playing golf in one of the golf capitals of the world.

His career has had a few ups and downs including one of his best wins coming at the Greenbrier Classic in 2012. He also won various wins with the NGA Hooters Tour and racked up success in other places as a golfer.

5. Steve Flesch

Whether it is the Reno-Tahoe Open in 2007 or the Bank of America Colonial win in 2004, Steve Flesch is indeed one of the greatest left-handed golfers of all time and is appreciated for his work on the tour.

He is also seen as a bright golfing mind and spent time as a TV golf analyst on the tour.

For many, Steve Flesch is a top-grade professional that continues to earn praise to this day.

He is a left-handed golfer that has won more than one PGA event with four wins and that alone puts him near the top of the list.

6. Russ Cochran

Growing up playing golf at Paxton Park Public Golf Course, Russ Cochran was passionate about golfing from a young age. His left-handed golf swing was silky smooth and he wanted to pursue this as a professional right away.

His PGA tour win came at Centel Western Open in 1991 but he has also racked up more event wins including the 2011 Senior Open Championship.

When it comes to having a consistent, illustrious career as a lefty in golf, it’s important to consider Russ Cochran. He has 60 top-10 finishes, which demonstrates how proficient he has been as a golfer.

7. Brian Harman

When it comes to ambidextrous golfers, Brian Harman’s name tends to come up as a prominent golfer that can play with both hands.

This American golfer from Georgia has earned praise from a young age. It all started at the University of Georgia when he became a three-time 2nd Team All-American. His PGA tour wins came at the John Deer Classic in 2014 and Wells Fargo Championship in 2017.

An interesting tidbit about Brian Harman as a golfer would be that he was also noted for being a smart student in school with a high GPA.

When it comes to left-handed golf players, he might be the smartest of them all. He is one of those left-handed golfers on the PGA tour that has earned acclaim for various reasons including his golf IQ.

8. Mike Weir

When it comes to the best lefty golfers of all time, it’s best to put this heralded Canadian golfer from Sarnia near the top of the list.

His golf swing is cherished by millions of golfers and at his peak, he was one of the more dominant forces whether you are talking about right or left-handed golfers. This is what makes it one of the most famous left-handed golfers of all time.

What about his golfing exploits?

He won the 2003 Masters and 2004 Nissan Open to go along with an additional six PGA tour wins.

Not only is he the greatest Canadian golfer of all time, he is also among the best golfers of all time in general.

9. Bob Charles

Sir Bob Charles is one of New Zealand’s greatest golfers and is appreciated for all of the work he has done in the golfing community since his debut as a pro.

Along with his illustrious track record, Bob Charles was noted for being the first left-handed golfer to win a major championship at the time.

He has been an inspiration for numerous lefty golfers over the years and continues to be talked about in great regard to this day.

Among his greatest wins would be the Open Championship in 1963 and the Greater Greensboro Open in 1974.

10. Bubba Watson

When it comes to new-age left-handed golfers that are among the best in the business, you are going to want to put Bubba Watson on the list right away. His narrow stance and long drivers are acclaimed across the planet.

There is nothing that can’t be said about his golfing genius. He is among the best in the business for both righties and lefties.

This starts with his Masters wins in 2012 and 2014.

He has also racked up an additional four major wins including separate event wins such as the CVS Charity Classic in 2008.

After Phil Mickelson, he has the most major wins from a left-handed golfer.

11. Phil Mickelson

Now, it’s time to look at the greatest left-handed golfer of all time.

When it comes to a gorgeous left-handed golf swing, Phil Mickelson is the first name on the list and he is indeed a golfing legend.

He has racked up an incredible 42 major wins including the 2004, 2006, and 2010 Masters. He has also won the 2013 British Open, and of course the PGA Championship in 2006.

The list of wins is long and incredible with Phil Mickelson.

This is not even close when it comes to ranking the greatest left-handed golfer of all time. He is ahead by quite a distance.

How Many PGA Pros Are Left-Handed?

There are approximately 5% of PGA pros are left-handed. When looking at the percentage of left-handed golfers on the tour, this is a rising number and some of them are ambidextrous golfers too.

Some of the PGA pros that are left-handed include Bubba Watson, Phil Mickelson, and Russ Cochran.

How Many Left-Handers Have Won A Golf Major?

Four left-handers have won a golf major over the years. This includes Sir Bob Charles, Mike Weir, Bubba Watson, and Phil Mickelson. Bob Charles was the first left-handed golfer to win a major on the PGA tour.

Why Are There So Many Left-Handed Golfers in Canada?

According to golf experts, there are a lot of left-handed golfers in Canada due to the natural transition from ice hockey to golf. This allows left-handed hockey players to naturally want to maintain the same motion with their golf swing.

In other parts of the world, the first club a golfer swings is the golf club. This is not always the case in Canada where the hockey stick is in the hand from a young age.

What Do You Call A Left-Handed Golfer?

A left-handed golfer is called a Southpaw. Additional nicknames that are given to left-handed golfers would be lefty or Mollydooker.

Final Thoughts

Who are the best left-handed golfers of all time?

The best left-handed golfers are Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson, Mike Weir, and Sir Bob Charles. They are the four left-handed golfers that have major championships under their wins.

It’s fascinating to learn about the rich history of left-handed golfers on the tour. There are numerous golfers that are left-handed including some of the greatest golfers of all time.

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