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Are Golf Chippers Legal? (Pros, Cons, Rules)

Using golf chippers is not often seen on the golf course and many golfers believe it’s not an ideal option in the golf bag.

Is this a valid point or is a golf chipper something you should have on you while playing?

Before looking into this, it’s best to ask, are golf chippers legal

Yes, golf chippers are legal and approved by the USGA as a valid option for golfers. It’s important to note the golf chipper cannot be a two-way chipper nor can it include the use of a putter grip. It should also be the same length as the 7-iron.

As long as these golf chipper rules are taken into account, there is nothing wrong with using a golf chipper at a tournament.

It will be seen as an eligible golf club.

This guide will take a look at the best golf chippers, how to use golf chippers, the benefits of golf chippers, and the different qualities of a golf chipper.

What Is A Golf Chipper?

A golf chipper is a type of golf club designed to make chipping easier. It is often used in tricky situations where a golf ball is stuck in the grass. This club has the design elements needed to get under the golf ball to chip it out.

Golf chippers are often used by golfers when they want to maximize their golf swing in such conditions.

As long as you are using USGA legal chippers, the results will be ideal and in line with tournament regulations.

Are Golf Chippers Legal?

Yes, golf chippers are legal according to the USGA rules. The regulations state a golf chipper can be used as long as it is not a two-way chipper or longer than a 7-iron. It must also not include the use of a putter grip.

If all of these stipulations are taken into account, the golf chipper is a legal option and will work well.

Legal golf chippers continue to be an option for modern golfers.

Of course, some golfers will worry about what others think but that should never get in the way of using a USGA legal golf chipper when given the chance to do so.

are golf chippers legal

Pros Of A Golf Chipper

1. Ideal For Tricky Surfaces

Golf chippers are good because they work well on tricky surfaces.

When the golf ball is “stuck” on the greenside, it’s important to have the right golf club to dig it out.

A standard golf club is not going to suffice. It’s not going to get under the ball, which means you are either going to get too much of the surface or the golf ball will veer to one side.

This is assuming you hit enough of the golf ball in the first place!

This is why using a golf chipper is often the right way to go. While two-way golf chippers are illegal, a one-way golf chipper is going to be legal.

Play with a golf chipper and feel good in those tricky situations where the golf ball is trapped a bit.

2. More Control On Chip Shots

Using a golf chipper to play a chip shot is a great idea.

You are going to see a serious change in the amount of control you have on golf chip shots. This is essential when you are looking to improve your score and maximize the distance on your chip shots.

Using other types of golf clubs will not cut it.

You are going to see tremendous improvements in your golf swing with the use of a golf chipper. This alone merits the inclusion of a golf chipper in your golf bag.

3. Easy To Use

Do golf chippers actually work?

Yes, golf chippers work and tend to deliver impressive results on the green. It’s common for golfers to use them to play out of tricky situations where the golf ball is not easy to get out.

Golf chippers are great because of this particular benefit.

As you are looking at the golf chipper benefits, you will appreciate how easy it is to use. This is one of those advantages of a golf chipper that will bring a smile to your face.

Cons Of A Golf Chipper

1. Lots Of Regulations

Golf chippers do have issues including the regulations that are in place.

You will need to abide by the USGA rules on legal golf clubs. If you are looking to buy a golf club, you will want to think about the legalities of the golf chipper.

These standards are rigid and will need to be met for you to use the golf chipper in a match.

Keeping this in mind, the regulations are not impossible to abide by. You just need to be aware of them such as not using two-way golf chippers or long chippers.

These are not allowed in a golf tournament.

are golf chippers legal

2. Commonly Frowned Upon By Golfers

While a golf chipper is legal in golf, this does not mean it is approved by golfers.

Many golfers believe a golf chipper is the easy way out and they feel it gives the golfer an advantage in a situation they should not be getting this type of benefit.

However, this does not stop pro golfers from using golf chippers. The same goes for amateur golfers on the golf course.

If you feel like a golf chipper is beneficial then you should be using it. This is a legal golf club and one that should be included in your golf bag.

How To Use A Golf Chipper Correctly

1. Maintain A Normal Stance

Before buying a golf chipper, it’s important to know how to use a golf chipper.

Using golf chippers is all about technique and understanding how to get more out of your backswing to ensure the golf ball goes where you want it to go.

Let’s begin with your stance when using a golf chipper.

The right stance is going to be the same one you would use for other golf shots. Do not change things up as the golf chipper is where you are going to see the change, not your stance.

2. Aim To Hit The Golf Ball Softly

Look to hit the golf ball gently when playing with a golf chipper.

Golf chippers are designed to get under the ball but it is important to control the power of your golf swing.

This is how you are going to make sure the golf ball does not get shanked during the process. It is common for this to happen with other types of golf clubs due to the tricky surface the ball is stuck in.

This is why aiming to hit the golf ball lightly is the way to go.

3. Focus On Getting Under The Golf Ball

You can chip with a golf chipper but it’s important to get under the ball.

This is where mistakes are made.

Just having a golf chipper is not enough. You also need to take the time to get under the golf ball to make sure the ball travels out of the tricky surface without getting in the way.

This is a real mistake that is made by golfers and it can do quite a bit of damage to your golf score.

You want to keep things simple and make sure you are chipping the golf ball out as cleanly as possible.

Who Should Use A Golf Chipper?

Golf chippers can be used by any level of golf player. It’s sometimes seen being used by professional golfers too. However, the most common use for a golf chipper is seen with those who are mid or high-handicappers.

Once again, it is not mandatory for a golf chipper to be used by a high handicapper. It can be used by anyone and should not be looked down upon since it’s a legal golf club.

You should consider buying a golf chipper if that is something you want to take advantage of.

Are Chippers Legal On The PGA Tour?

Yes, golf chippers are legal on the PGA tour. The regulations state a legal golf chipper is allowed as long as it is not a two-way chipper or a long chipper. If it is the same size as a 7-iron and does not have a putter grip, it is a legal golf chipper.

PGA golfers do use golf chippers from time to time. Yes, it is not as common as you would think but it is possible to see a golf chipper being used.

Why Are Chippers Frowned Upon?

Golf chippers are frowned upon by golfers because they are seen as the easy way out. Golfers believe this is not a traditional type of golf club and should not be included in the match as it provides an unfair advantage.

Why don’t more people use chippers?

Most people don’t use chippers because they feel it is frowned upon. It is also important to note golfers also realize golf chippers are helpful and do improve your score.

Since the golf chippers are legal, it’s best to use them if you want to better your score.

Are Double-SIded Chippers Legal In Golf?

No, double-sided chippers are not legal in golf. These are seen as illegal golf chippers that break the rules and provide an unfair advantage.

The USGA rules on golf clubs are strict when it comes to double-sided chippers.

You will not want to play with a double-sided golf chipper because it will not be permitted.

What Is The Difference Between A Chipper and A Pitching Wedge?

A golf chipper has a more noticeable design profile, which includes both a leading edge and a wider sole. In comparison, the pitching wedge is more narrow and does not have a noticeable leading edge.

These subtle differences can dictate how a golf chipper is used on the golf course.

When comparing a pitching wedge to a golf chipper, the leading edge and sole will be the first things you are going to notice.

Can You Take A Full Swing With A Chipper?

Yes, you can take a full swing with a chipper. However, it’s best to hit the golf ball softly to generate an accurate, controlled shot out of a tricky situation. This is when the golf chipper delivers valuable results.

Can You Use A Chipper On The Green?

Yes, you can use a chipper on the green. It is legal to use a chipper on the green and play a chip shot with the golf club.

As you learn how to chip on the green, you will want to take out the golf chipper. It will make it ten times easier to scoop the ball out and get it to where you want it to go.

How Far Can You Hit A Golf Chipper?

You can hit a golf chipper 30-40 yards depending on variables such as the type of golf chipper being used, the conditions, and the golf swing. All of these variables play a role in how far a golf chipper hits the golf ball.

The best thing a golfer can do is work on their golf swing.

This includes looking at testing the golf clubs and figuring out how to get the most out of a golf chipper.

Final Thoughts

Are golf chippers legal?

Yes, golf chippers are deemed to be legal by the USGA. It has a set of rules for legal golf chippers including no use of two-way chippers or long chippers. Instead, golfers are required to use chippers that are the same length as a 7-iron without putter grips.

As long as these rules on chippers are followed, you will be good to go.

Take out a transfusion golf drink and begin working on your chipping game. The USGA has several rules for legal golf equipment including golf balls and illegal golf putters.