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Transfusion Drink – The Ultimate Golf Cocktail Recipe (Simple)

The best transfusion drinks golf enthusiasts adore is the one they consume after a long day on the golf course.

It’s a refreshing beverage as you settle in and want to soak in the moment. There is a certain charm of drinking a transfusion cocktail in golf that is going to bring a smile to your face.

To get it right, you need to learn how to make a transfusion drink in golf.

To make a transfusion drink, fill a tall glass with ice cubes halfway up. Next, pour 3 oz of vodka, add 1 oz of cranberry juice, and then fill the rest of the glass with ginger ale or Sprite based on preference.

To enjoy a transfusion drink recipe, it’s best to be willing to personalize it. This is how you are going to get to enjoy the beauty of the recipe and all of its invigorating qualities.

This article is going to showcase how to make a transfusion drink, the best ingredients for a transfusion drink, and advice on how to make a transfusion drink correctly.

What Is A Transfusion Drink In Golf?

The transfusion drink origin is uncovered. It was often a favorite for well-known individuals including Eisenhower during his time on the golf course. A transfusion drink is designed as a mix of juice, pop, and vodka leading to the ultimate beverage in the eyes of golfers.

As time has gone on, the transfusion drink has become a part of golfing history.

It is something golfers enjoy drinking when they head to the golf course. It lightens the mood and is a great way to enjoy a bit of a buzz.

The transfusion alcohol drink remains a favorite around the world, especially in the United States.

Some have started selling Transfusion cocktails in a can due to the demand that is out there. This alone indicates the benefits of the transfusion cocktail drink.

Transfusion Drink Ingredients

The ingredients for the transfusion drink include:

  • Ice Cubes
  • Vodka
  • Spirte/Ginger Ale
  • Cranberry Juice/ Grape Juice

These are the ingredients you require for the golf club cocktail. This complete transfusion drink guide should shed light on how to make the cocktail but it is important to get the necessary ingredients first.

Transfusion cocktails are unique because there is room for personalization as seen with the ingredients.

Don’t be afraid to test the different ingredients to see which combination you find to be the best.

transfusion drink golf

How To Make A Transfusion Drink

1. Use A Tall Glass

When working on the transfusion drink recipe, you will want to be prepared.

You are going to have two options here.

The first option is to get a cocktail shaker such as the one shown above. This is going to let you pour the ingredients into the shaker and then properly mix the ingredients to get the desired taste.

Otherwise, you should look to get a tall glass to move forward with the transfusion golf drink recipe.

This will be fine too.

2. Fill The Glass Halfway With Ice Cubes

The classic transfusion cocktail recipe is going to begin with a simple tall glass where you are going to pour ice cubes halfway up.

Some will want to go further and fill the glass more but this is a personal preference.

In general, you will want to start by filling the glass up to 50% with ice cubes. This hangover cure for golfers is great, so you don’t want to overdo the ice cubes as you won’t get enough of the liquid in.

3. Pour 3 Oz of Vodka

When it comes to working on the transfusion drink mix, you are now going to need a little bit of alcohol.

You are going to pour 3 oz of vodka.

This will make it easier for you to get the desired results as you are going to want a little bit of kick with the drink and the vodka is going to help.

When it comes to popular golf drinks, this is one of them and the reason starts with the vodka.

This is what will make it one of the better golf alcohol drinks that you end up having.

transfusion drink golf

4. Pour Ginger Ale Or Sprite To Fill The Cup

When it comes to golf drink names, you are going to understand this is a transfusion, so you are going to get a nice blend of ingredients for the transfusion golf drink.

In this case, you are going to want to choose between two options.

You can either pour ginger ale into the glass or Sprite. Both tend to work and it comes down to your taste preferences at the end of the day more than anything else.

It is never a bad idea to give both a try and see how things play out. This might make it easier to get a better read on how the transfusion golf drink tastes.

5. Add 1 Oz of Cranberry Juice Or Grape Juice

To focus on the best transfusion recipe, it’s important to also pour the right amount of juice into the glass.

This is going to be the finishing touch to one of the best golf cocktails you ever have.

For the transfusion cocktail golf lovers enjoy, it is time to take out the juice. You are going to want to choose between cranberry juice or grape juice.

Look to find the best grape juice for transfusion drinks because it will be the most important finishing touch if you go in this direction. The same goes for cranberry juice in transfusion drinks.

Tips For Transfusion Drink Golf Recipe

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Customize The Golf Cocktail

With golf course cocktails, you need to understand this is not about following a cookie-cutter recipe.

Yes, it is great to look at different transfusion cocktail recipes and ingredients but it comes down to customization more than anything else.

Some will like Sprite in the transfusion drink while others are going to want ginger ale. There is no wrong answer when it comes to how you personalize the golf cocktail at the end of the day.

If you don’t take the time to personalize the golf cocktail, you might not enjoy it as much as you otherwise could.

transfusion drink golf

2. Always Use A Taller Glass

When it comes to the best mixed drinks for the golf course, you do want to take a look at the type of glass you are using for a golf cocktail.

In general, you should be using a shaker to get started and then pouring it into a tall glass.

If you don’t have a shaker for the golf cocktail, it’s best to use a tall glass as that is going to make it easier to mix the ingredients and get the ice cubes in.

Getting the right glass will make a difference and ensure it is more enjoyable.

3. You Can Use A Shaker For A Better Mix

You don’t need to get a canned transfusion drink to enjoy one at home.

You can get the best shaker for a transfusion drink and then mix the ingredients as required.

This is how you are going to get the desired taste that will make you smile from ear to ear. At the end of the day, this is what matters as the transfusion drink should taste good.

Transfusion cocktails are a must for those who want a hangover remedy and they also taste great too. It is a win-win.

Why Do Golfers Drink Transfusion?

Golfers drink transfusion cocktails because they are refreshing, help after a long day, and have a history in the world of golf throughout the world. It is common for golfers to customize their transfusion cocktails.

The transfusion drink origin country is the United States and it was quite popular both in Florida and California during Eisenhower’s time.

While the transfusion drink origin ingredients and the transfusion drink origin recipe was slightly different due to how it was tailored for Eisenhower, it is still popular to this day.

The transfusion alcohol drink is still a winner for most golfers.

It has the right kick needed to make it a joy to drink in the hot weather.

How Many Calories Are In A Transfusion Drink?

The average transfusion drink has 100 calories in it. This can vary depending on the ingredients used in the transfusion drink. Some prefer adding cranberry juice, while others will use grape juice. This can add or take away a few calories.

A rough estimate remains around 100 calories for the glass of transfusion drink in golf.

When it comes to the best drinks for the golf course, a transfusion golf drink is not the worst idea in the world. It offers good value to those who want something tasty that is not going to bother them too much.

What Are The Ingredients In Barstool Transfusion?

The ingredients in the Barstool transfusion are vegetable juice, citric acid, pure cane sugar, carbonated water, and grape juice. The transfusion drink Barstool has made popular includes these ingredients to give it a real kick.

The Barstool Sports transfusion mix is the real deal and it’s a great set of ingredients to consider for your next drink.

Final Thoughts

Follow these steps on how to make a transfusion drink golf players love.

To make a transfusion drink golf players love, start by filling a tall glass halfway using ice cubes. Now, pour 3 oz of vodka and 1 oz of cranberry or grape juice. Once done, fill the rest of the glass with Sprite or ginger ale.

This is the best way to make sure you enjoy the transfusion drink and it ends up tasting the way you want it to.

Whether you live around a golf course or not, this is a drink you want to try. It’s common for golfers to smoke and drink around the course.