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Standard Vs Midsize Golf Grips (How To Choose The Right Golf Grip)

Choosing between standard and midsize golf grips can come down to focusing on your golf swing and how you hold a golf club.

Some golf grips don’t work well even if they are well-made. This is due to how the golf grip is used by a golfer and how it works as soon as it is put to the test.

Two options that are common are standard vs midsize golf grips.

Standard golf grips are measured at 6.6″-7.5″ and slightly smaller than midsize golf grips. These golf grips offer more control and it’s easier to feel the impact. In comparison, midsize golf grips are measured at 7.6″-9″ and work well for those with joint pain needing more control on power shots.

When comparing standard golf grips with midsize golf grips, you will need to analyze your golf swing down to the last detail.

This will include how you feel when you swing a golf club.

Does it jar the hands? Do you grip the golf club too hard?

It is important to ask these questions to learn more about which golf grip is best for you.

This guide will compare standard vs midsize golf grips, the pros and cons of different golf grips, and which golf grip to use.

Golf Grip Size Chart

Type Of Golf GripGrip Size (Inches)
How much bigger is a midsize golf grip than a standard golf grip?

The midsize golf grip is often an inch or two bigger than the standard golf grip. Those wanting a bigger golf grip will often look at midsize golf grips.

For those who want something more basic, it’s common to look at standard golf grips.

This size chart for golf grips should offer insight into the various golf grips on the open market.

What Is A Standard Golf Grip?

A standard golf grip is the most common type of golf grip used by both professional and amateur golfers. It is measured at approximately 6.6″-7.5″ and tends to be the middle point between smaller and larger golf grips.

The standard golf grip size is often manageable for those who want a simple solution that will work well in different scenarios.

Most golfers start using standard golf grips and then adjust over time.

A standard golf grip is designed to offer ample control and still remain easy to manage when it comes to power shots.

What Is A Midsize Golf Grip?

A midsize golf grip is often used by those who deal with joint pain, want additional comfort, and require more padding. This type of golf grip is larger than the standard golf grip. It is measured between 7.6″and 9″.

It’s recommended to use a midsize golf grip when dealing with arthritis or other similar issues that will harm the hands due to added pressure.

The midsize golf grip diameter is larger than the standard golf grip. This gives it the added padding golfers require when applying pressure to the golf grip.

standard vs midsize golf grips

Benefits Of A Standard Golf Grip

1. Good Amount Of Control

When it comes to the pros of a standard golf grip, most golfers will mention they notice added control on their shots.

Why does this happen?

Since the standard golf grip has a smaller diameter, it is often easier to feel the golf club. This makes it ideal for those who want to know how they are impacting the golf ball and then adjusting during the golf swing.

This type of feedback is a must with a quality golf grip.

Using standard golf grips will often come down to the amount of control you are getting on each shot. This is one of those advantages of a standard golf grip that you will want to keep in mind as a golfer.

2. It’s Easier To Feel The Golf Club

With the standard golf grip benefits, you are going to see a change in how the golf ball feels as soon as you make impact with the ball.

This happens because it’s going to provide more feedback during the shot.

When you hold onto a golf club, you will want to retain some of this control and that is not always possible with oversized golf grips such as the midsize golf grip.

Standard golf grip advantages often start with the overall feel of the golf club. You will recognize this as soon as you are holding the golf club in your hands.

3. Ideal For Slicing

What kind of golf shots do you play?

It’s common for a person to want to optimize their golf swing. This means if they are known to slice a golf ball, it’s best to make adjustments on the little things including the type of golf grip you are utilizing.

It is bad to use a golf grip that is going to make it hard to release your hands from the golf club when you want to.

This is a common issue with oversized golf grips. The same does not apply to a standard golf grip.

It is going to make it a lot easier to stop slicing the golf ball.

Cons Of A Standard Golf Grip

1. Not Good For Joint Pain

One of the negatives of a standard golf grip would be the number of issues you tend to deal with due to the added pressure on the hands.

It is a thinner golf grip, which means you are going to receive more feedback from the golf club when you are plying a shot.

This is good for added control but not so much for joint pain.

Your joints are going to feel the rattle of the golf shot when you play a drive on the golf course. This might be fine the first few times, but it can begin to add up as you are on the back nine.

standard vs midsize golf grips

2. Does Not Regulate Powerful Shots Well

Using the wrong size golf grips can often come down to the type of golf shots you are playing on the golf course.

Are you a power player that is known to hit the long ball?

If so, you are not going to do well with the standard golf grips. These golf grips are better for those who want to control the golf ball land and remain accurate.

This does not happen as well with a standard golf grip. Standard grips for golf are simply not ideal or optimized for that type of play.

Benefits Of A Midsize Golf Grip

1. Reduced Grip Pressure

With midsize golf grip benefits, you will want to begin with the reduced grip pressure.

Imagine you are someone that deals with pain in the joints. If that is the case, it is not easy to keep holding the golf club and it is going to put a tremendous amount of pressure on the joints.

To avoid this, you will want to take the time to reduce the amount of grip pressure on the golf club.

This is where a midsize golf grip is better.

It will allow golfers to grip the golf club without applying too much pressure and clamping down hard.

2. Helps Manage Your Power

With the midsize grip size, you are going to realize it is slightly bigger than the standard golf grip or other types of golf grips.

The reason this tends to work well and is advantageous starts with the management of power on your golf shots.

You will feel in control of the shots when you play them.

This is where you are going to feel like the golf grip is in good shape and it’s going to help optimize how powerful your shots are.

3. Ideal For Improved Impact With The Golf Club

Midsize grips help because you are going to notice a change in how the golf ball feels upon impact.

It is going to feel more comfortable on your hands and that does matter over time.

Midsize golf grips make it easy to help optimize your shots and get the golf ball to go in the direction you want it to go to.

This is going to help you get the sweet spot with your swing because it is easier to fine-tune your swing with the help of a midsize golf grip.

standard vs midsize golf grips

Cons Of A Midsize Golf Grip

1. Not As Much Feedback

The issues with a midsize golf grip start due to its limited feedback on a golf shot.

What does this mean?

Let’s imagine you walk up to a golf ball to hit it. You are going to want to swing and then feel the impact of the shot to the point where you can guide the golf ball or change if it is sliced.

This is not as easy to do with a midsize grip.

The midsize golf grip makes it harder to know where the golf ball is going to go as it is more cushioned. This means it is going to provide less feedback on the shot.

2. Hard To Let The Golf Club Go

Playing with a midsize golf grip means you are going to want to understand the ability to let a golf grip go is not as easy.

It is not as easy to manage slicing in your golf game.

This happens because it is more cushioned, which means you are not going to have enough feedback to know when the golf ball is sliced.

This is fine for some golfers but not as ideal for those who tend to slice the golf ball a lot on the golf course.

Standard Vs Midsize Golf Grip – Which Golf Grip Is Best For You?

You should use a standard golf grip if you…

  • Prefer More Control On Your Golf Shots
  • Like Feedback From The Golf Club Upon Impact
  • Tend To Slice The Golf Ball A Lot

You should use a midsize golf grip if you…

  • Want To Maximize Your Power
  • Deal With Pain From Added Grip Pressure
  • Want More Cushioning On Your Grip

Choosing between a midsize and standard golf grip comes down to figuring out how you are going to play the shot.

Are you someone that wants more power or control?

This can make it easier to choose between a standard and midsize golf grip.

How Much Bigger Are Midsize Golf Grips?

Midsize golf grips are measured at 7.6″-9″. They tend to be approximately an inch or two bigger than standard golf grips and undersize golf grips. However, there are bigger golf grips such as the jumbo golf grips.

The best option when buying golf grips is to make sure you are aware of how comfortable you want the golf grips to be.

A larger golf grip offers more cushioning but less feedback too.

This is how you are going to know whether or not it’s best to buy midsize golf grips.

Do Any PGA Pros Use Midsize Grips?

Yes, PGA pros do use midsize golf grips. Paul Casey, Tony Finau, and Phil Mickelson are some of the most famous golfers that use midsize golf grips on the tour. These professionals adore the added power and efficiency of the midsize grips.

How Do I Know What Size Golf Grips I Need?

To choose the right golf grips, focus on the type of golf shots you play. For those who require more power, bigger golf grips help. In comparison, for those who slice the golf ball or want more control, it’s better to go with the smaller golf grips.

It will come down to how you want to feel when holding a golf club.

Just like buying golf clubs, this is going to vary based on what you want from the golf grip.

How Many Wraps For Midsize Grip?

For midsize golf grips, it’s recommended to wrap it with 5 pieces of tape. One piece of tape is standard and then add four more pieces of tape to get the midsize golf grip.

You can make adjustments based on the measurements.

Do Midsize Grips Lose Distance?

No, midsize grips don’t lose distance. Instead, midsize golf grips help with power shots but also don’t make it easier to control the accuracy of those specific shots. There is a balancing act between how well a midsize grip works on long-distance golf shots.

The best option is to take the time to control the golf shots using a midsize golf grip.

This will take practice on the driving range and getting the hang of using a midsize golf grip in matches.

This is often important with the right type of golf grips.

Do Bigger Golf Grips Help?

Yes, bigger golf grips can help depending on how a golfer wants to use their grip. A golfer that requires more power will enjoy the bigger golf grips and it will become easier to hit the golf ball further.

Final Thoughts

Look into these details when comparing standard vs midsize golf grips.

Standard golf grips are the most common type of golf grip and tend to measure at 6.6″-7.5″ while midsize golf grips measure at 7.6″-9″. Standard golf grips are good for added control and accuracy, while midsize golf grips are better for power shots and joint pain.

When you are maintaining your golf grips and focusing on the right type of golf glove, it’s best to choose the golf grip that works well for your setup.