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Costco Golf Gloves Review (Is Kirkland Signature Worth Buying?)

Kirkland golf gloves in Costco have been around for a while and it’s often intriguing as a golfer to pick up a few for your next trip to the golf course.

The affordability of the Kirkland Signature golf gloves at Costco can be appealing. While all of this is true, are Kirkland golf gloves good?

Yes, Kirkland golf gloves are good and are known as being the best Costco golf gloves on the market. They are durable, made of refined leather, and provide a cozy fit that’s ideal when playing different shots on the golf course.

Wearing Kirkland golf gloves is a good option and one you are going to appreciate as time goes on.

This Kirkland Costco golf gloves review is going to provide insight into the benefits of the Costco golf gloves, the disadvantages of Costco golf gloves, and specific features of the Costco golf gloves to keep in mind.

Kirkland Signature Golf Gloves Release Date

The Kirkland Signature golf gloves were first released in the spring of 2019. The premise was to provide refined leather golf gloves that were well-made, efficient, and would be affordable for all golfers.

Kirkland has been a staple brand in a wide array of niches over the year and it also wanted to enter the world of golf too.

This is when the Kirkland golf gloves at Costco came to fruition. The Kirkland golf gloves Costco has to offer are appealing, unique, and do offer a good fit for most golfers.

Costco Golf Gloves Specs Chart

Spec TypeSpec
ClosureTab (Wrist Closure)
MaterialCabretta Leather
The specs for Costco golf gloves are straightforward and illustrate the simplicity of these golf gloves at Costco.

These premium golf gloves are well-priced and made of high-grade leather. You are going to enjoy a snappy wrist closure that feels snug and is going to allow you an appropriate range of motion on all golf shots.

Go through these Kirkland Signature golf glove specs and pinpoint what is right for your needs as a golfer.

Kirkland Signature Golf Glove Size Chart

Golf Glove Size Measurement (Inches)
Extra Small6.89
Extra Large8.36

These are the different Costco golf glove sizes to consider when finding the right fit. It’s important to make sure your golf gloves fit well or it can begin to impact other parts of your game.

It’s important to note that Costco has no specific women’s golf gloves. Instead, you will want to size down as a woman to get the right Kirkland Signature golf gloves for women.

This Kirkland golf glove size chart should provide a good estimate of what is available and how it will fit your hand when it’s time to buy Kirkland golf gloves.

Key Features Of The Costco Golf Gloves

1. Premium Cabretta Leather

When it comes to Costco men’s golf gloves, it’s best to start with the material that’s used to make them.

These golf gloves from Costco are made from Cabretta leather.

This type of leather is common in premium golf gloves and you are going to enjoy seeing it at such an affordable price point. Most people assume leather golf gloves are pricey and they can be when you look at some of the other golf glove brands on the open market.

Kirkland Signature golf gloves are not like this.

They offer a good, refined leather that is easy to enjoy when you put it on and it feels comfortable too.

costco golf gloves review

2. Moisture Resistance

Whether you are getting the Kirkland golf gloves 3 pack or the Kirkland golf gloves 4 pack, you will enjoy the moisture resistance.

Why is this a key feature of the Costco golf gloves?

It starts with knowing additional moisture from sweating is not going to soak into the gloves making it uncomfortable for the golfer. This makes a real difference in your game and how you swing a golf club.

Too much moisture can also impact a golfer’s grip and how you hold onto a golf club throughout the day.

3. One-Piece Design

With Kirkland gloves golf lovers will often mention the one-piece design as a prominent feature that helps the golf gloves hold their shape.

If there are multiple pieces to a golf glove, this can make it wonky to wear.

You will not want to wear golf gloves that don’t have a one-piece design. It seems disjointed and that’s what you are going to want to avoid at all costs.

The better option is to enjoy the benefits of the Kirkland golf gloves because they have the necessary one-piece design you are on the hunt for as a golfer.

4. Closure Tab

When going through this Kirkland golf gloves review, it’s pertinent to understand how the closure works.

It has a wrist closure.

This means the tab tends to close at the wrist, which makes it simple and comfortable. Most golfers hesitate with any other type of closure because it’s uncomfortable and unnatural compared to the best golf gloves on the market.

With these Kirkland Signature gloves, you are going to enjoy the wrist closure and it will work well when you are on the golf course.

Pros Of The Kirkland Signature Golf Gloves

1. Refined Leather Finish

With the benefits of the Costco golf gloves, it’s important to start with the Cabretta leather as it is the first thing you are going to pinpoint about them as a golfer.

You will enjoy holding these golf gloves in your hands for the first time.

There is a sense of premium finishing to them that is impossible to beat. Most golfers want this type of finish when it comes to how their golf gloves feel over time.

You are going to realize this is one of the main advantages of the Costco golf gloves and you will enjoy putting them on as soon as you get your hands on them.

Not only are the golf gloves from Costco made of Cabretta leather but they also feel good to the touch. The finishing is exceptional and that is what helps the leather stand out and feel great.

costco golf gloves review

2. Lightweight Design

With the Kirkland Costco golf gloves, it’s important to also look at their weight.

These golf gloves feel lightweight on the hands and it is almost like you are not wearing golf gloves at all!

This is a major positive for those who want to make sure the golf gloves are not getting in the way or weighing their hands down. Every gram matters when it comes to optimizing your golf swing and getting the hands to come down smoothly on the downswing.

There is no need to worry about this when it comes to the golf gloves from Costco.

3. Robust

These golf gloves are as robust as they come.

This can be a surprise to most golfers because you would naturally assume Costco is going to make average golf gloves that are difficult to put on.

Is that the case with these golf gloves?

No, they feel quite robust as soon as you put them on. You will know they are going to do well in different conditions due to the moisture-resistant leather.

This is essential when it comes to wearing the right type of leather golf gloves and knowing they are not going to let you down.

4. Comfortable To Wear

As you read through this Kirkland Signature golf gloves review, you will also want to take the time to focus on comfort.

There is nothing more important than comfort with your new golf gloves.

This is going to impact your golf swing and how you grip a golf club. Any issues with the comfort are going to get in the way of your swing.

While these are not the best golf gloves on the market, they do a sufficient job of being snug and comfortable on the hands.

Cons Of The Kirkland Signature Golf Gloves

1. Can Get Dry Quickly

As you go through the negatives of Kirkland Signature golf gloves, the one issue you are going to notice will be how dry they can get.

This is often the case if you leave the Costco golf gloves outside for a few hours in the baking sun.

This is not a god sign.

You will have to keep these golf gloves inside the bag to make sure they don’t dry quickly. Since they are moisture-resistant, they are not going to get wet and this is an issue only when you leave them in the sun for too long.

If you care for the Costco golf gloves, they will be fine.

costco golf gloves review

Should You Buy The Kirkland Signature Golf Gloves?

You should buy the Kirkland Signature golf gloves if you are looking for an affordable pair of leather golf gloves that are efficient, provide good grip, and are not going to break down over time.

Yes, they are not the finest golf gloves on the market.

There are other options that are quite good but they are still passable. This makes them a good set of budget-friendly golf gloves from Costco that are a good investment into your game.

If you are a beginner needing golf gloves then it is best to get a few of these Costco golf gloves.

As long as you care for the golf gloves, they will remain in good shape. The golf gloves can last for a long time.

Where Are The Kirkland Signature Golf Gloves Made?

Kirkland Signature golf gloves are made by a wide array of manufacturers under the Costco umbrella. This brand is certified by Costco and they use different manufacturers around the world to produce these golf gloves.

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Gloves?

Kirkland golf gloves are made by specialized manufacturers that have signed deals with Costco. The company has these types of deals with a wide array of manufacturers for all of their Kirkland products including golf gloves.

Final Verdict

This Costco golf gloves review should provide more insight into whether or not you should be buying Kirkland Signature golf gloves from Costco.

The Kirkland Signature golf gloves are well-designed with premium Cabretta leather and provide a comfortable fit with their moisture-resistant fabric. When it comes to these Costco golf gloves, they are a good option for all types of golfers.

Whether you are holding onto a rescue golf club or looking at different types of golf grips, the right golf gloves are a must.