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Aldila NV Shaft Review (Is It Worth Buying?)

For those wanting to play with the Aldila NV Shaft, it’s important to understand how it works, whether or not it’s ideal for your game, and where to buy the Aldila NV Shaft.

Golfers often want to find the right golf shaft.

To do this, you need to analyze your golf swing and what you want out of the golf shaft as soon as it is put to use.

This includes going through a detailed Aldila NV Shaft review.

The Aldila NV Shaft is a well-balanced golf shaft that offers refined power, ample control, and ideal weight distribution for all types of golfers. It is known for being easy to control with a minimal spin rate.

If you are looking for one of the best golf shafts then this is right up there with them. You will enjoy playing with the Aldila NV Shaft.

This Aldila NV Shaft review is going to take a look at the benefits of the Aldila NV Shaft, the disadvantages of an Aldila NV Shaft, and whether or not you should buy an Aldila NV Shaft.

Aldila NV Shaft Release Date

The Aldila NV Shaft was released in 2003. This was the original Aldila NV Shaft and it has since been updated. The graphite golf shaft was hyped as one of the best golf shafts on the market in the early 2000s when it came out.

Since then, the company has taken the time to upgrade the aesthetics of this golf shaft, which has made it increasingly popular.

This is a gorgeous design that has appealed to golfers of all ages. The visual green is a joy to behold and does stand out for all the right reasons.

Aldila NV Shaft Specs Chart

Type Of NV ShaftLengthFlexTipWeight (Grams)Tip LengthTorque (Degrees)Kick
NV Pink 55 NXT46″L0.335″55 3″4 Mid/Low
NV Green 55 NXT46″X0.335″ 3″Mid/Low
NV Green 55 NXT46″S0.335″573″3.9Mid/Low
NV Green 55 NXT46″R0.335″563″3.9Mid/Low
NV Green 55 NXT46″A0.335″543″3.9Mid/Low
NV Green 65 NXT46″R0.335″683″3.5Mid/Low
NV Green 65 NXT46″X0.335″673″3.5Mid/Low
NV Green 65 NXT46″S0.335″673″3.5Mid/Low
NV Green 75 NXT46″S0.335″783″2.8Mid/Low
NV Green 75 NXT46″X0.335″783″2.8Mid/Low
NV Green 75 NXT46″R0.335″783″2.8Mid/Low
When looking at the specs of the Aldila NV Shaft, it’s best to understand how it plays and the type of loft you are going to get with it.

For the most part, when looking at the Aldila NV Shaft specs, you will realize it is easy to play with, offers good control, and is going to be weighted properly. This makes it simpler to handle in different conditions.

This chart includes the Aldila NV 55 driver specs, Aldila NV 65 driver specs, and Aldila NV 75 driver specs allowing you to easily compare them against each other.

Key Features Of The Aldila NV Shaft

1. Micro Laminate Technology

As you go through this Aldila NV Green Driver Shaft review, it’s easy to appreciate one of the main features of the Aldila NV Shaft.

This would come in the form of its micro laminate technology.

The premise behind this technology is to help the golf shaft maintain its consistency. Standard golf shafts don’t have this type of construction, which leaves gaps that are difficult to manage when a mistake is made with a shot.

By using this type of material, the company has done a good job of fine-tuning the golf shaft and making it easier to play with.

aldila nv shaft review

2. Aerospace-Grade Prepreg

When going through a review of the Aldila NV Shaft, it’s important to appreciate its aerospace-grade prepreg.

This is designed to help amplify every inch of the golf shaft.

Most golfers are going to be looking at the weight of the golf shaft and want to make sure it’s easy to manage. However, it is also important to ensure there are no gaps in the construction as that leads to unwanted results on the golf course.

With this type of build, you are going to get to enjoy a robust golf shaft that is ideal for all situations.

3. Bright and Colorful Design

When looking at the Aldila NV Green Shaft review, it’s important to focus on the beauty of this design and how appealing it is.

This goes for all of the colorful designs in this gorgeous lineup of golf shafts.

With the Aldila NV Green 55 review or any of the other shaft variations, you will appreciate the aesthetics immediately.

This is a driver shaft that is far more colorful and youthful making it ideal for different ages.

Pros Of The Aldila NV Shaft

1. Stable

With the Aldila NXT GEN NV shaft, it’s important to look at stability.

This is one of the most stable golf shafts on the market and it has been tested aggressively to make sure that is the case.

A lot of golfers struggle with instability. This leads to the golf ball veering to the side due to how the weight distribution is set up with the golf shaft’s construction.

With this particular golf shaft, this is not going to be an issue.

The stability is perfect making it ideal to use. This is a graphite wood shaft that is made with a purpose and that is what matters most.

aldila nv shaft review

2. Accurate

When it comes to the Aldila NXT GEN NV graphite wood shaft, you will want to also take the time to assess its accuracy.

A golf shaft that is inaccurate is not going to be ideal.

There is more forgiveness with this golf shaft and that is ideal over the long term. A golf driver shaft that does not offer this type of accuracy is going to let you down when you need it the most.

The brand has done a good job building a solution that is ideal for the long haul.

3. Good Weight Distribution

As you go through this Aldila NV wood shaft review, you will also appreciate the weight distribution.

To appreciate this more, you will want to hold the golf shaft in your hands for a bit. It is noticeable.

The way it has been constructed, the company has taken the best material and made it as lightweight as possible. This includes how the weight is distributed from the top to the tip.

It makes a legitimate difference in how your golf swing feels as soon as you hit a golf ball. The speed of your golf swing is going to get better with the help of this golf driver shaft.

4. Easy To Play With

Aldila golf shafts are appreciated because they are made with the golfer in mind.

This is seen in how they have improved and overhauled the design to make it more appealing. It is not just the colors of the golf driver shaft that are going to catch your eye but also how the golf shaft feels in your hands.

It is easy to play with.

This means you are going to take it to the golf course and feel in control. For a lot of golfers, this is what makes a real difference and elevates this shaft.

Cons Of The Aldila NV Shaft

1. Doesn’t Elevate As Much As Other Shafts

When you are looking at the loft angle of a golf shaft, you will want to understand this is not designed to elevate the golf ball as much as other shafts.

This includes the Aldila NVS golf shaft.

This is a lower golf shaft that is going to help keep a reduced loft on the golf ball. For some golfers, this is what they want and that is when you are going to appreciate the Aldila NV shaft as soon as it is played with.

aldila nv shaft review

Should You Buy The Aldila NV Shaft?

You should buy the Aldila NV Shaft, if your main goal is to have a robust golf shaft that is going to offer comprehensive control. This means not getting as much elevation or spin, but knowing the golf ball is going to be hit straight.

This is going to come down to what you want as a golfer.

Golfing with the Aldila NV Shaft is a great option and it will work for most golfers.

What Is The Difference Between NV and NVS Shaft?

The NV Shaft has a lower launch and reduced spin rate in comparison to the Aldila NVS shaft. For players that want to keep a more controlled shot, it is better to go with the Aldila NV Shaft. For those who want more flight, it is better to go with the Aldila NV Shaft.

This is key when looking at the distance of a golf shaft.

Where Are Aldila Shafts Made?

The Aldila shafts are made in three different countries. These countries are the United States, China, and Vietnam. It’s also important to note the prepreg is managed in Poway, California.

Final Verdict

These are the elements you will want to look into when it comes to the Aldila NV Shaft review.

The Aldila NV Shaft is a controlled golf shaft with a lower launch angle, a refined design, and a reduced spin rate making it one of the more accurate golf shafts available. It is well-made and a great addition to your golf bag as soon as it is in play.

For those who want the best golf clubs, it is best to look into this golf driver shaft because it will make a noticeable difference in your game.