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Best Heaviest Driver Shaft (Pros, Cons, Examples)

Going with a heavy driver shaft is not just about the weight of the equipment. You also need to understand how it’s going to impact your game as a whole.

Some golfers don’t mind going with a heavy golf shaft while others prefer to stick to a light golf shaft to maximize their swing.

What is the right option for you? Should you go with the heaviest driver shaft on the market?

A heavy driver shaft will be anything that is above 70 grams. It’s common for some driver shafts to be 80 grams. This adds weight to the shaft making it more controlled, accurate, and less likely to ruin your swing.

Golfers with high golf swing speeds will often want to go with a heavy driver shaft in golf. This is due to it helping rein in their swing and making sure it does not cause the ball to veer to one side upon impact.

This guide will teach you more about choosing the heaviest driver shaft, the advantages of a heavy driver shaft, the disadvantages of a heavy driver shaft, and whether or not it will work for your game.

Benefits Of A Heavier Golf Shaft

1. Improved Weight Distribution

Going with heavier driver shafts in golf is often going to come down to the shaft’s construction.

Your golf swing is going to be impacted by the overall weight distribution. If it feels sluggish in the hands, your golf swing is not going to be as fluid as it needs to be to get the ball where you want to hit it.

This is a common concern.

As a result, choosing a heavy golf shaft works because it offers good weight distribution. You can go with a 70-gram golf shaft or an 80-gram golf shaft because both are going to get the job done in this category.

2. Added Control

When you begin to use a heavy driver shaft in golf, you will begin to realize how much more control there is to your golf swing.

The golf club is not going to move side-to-side as much as it would with a lighter golf shaft.

This is why many golfers don’t go with light driver shafts as they just don’t feel right in the hands. You can end up going through your swing too soon.

Here is a look at how it helps add control to your swing.

The benefits can include:

  • Improved Ball Control
  • Reduced Flight

Just being able to tap into this is empowering and something you are going to appreciate as a modern golfer.

heaviest driver shaft

3. Helps Stabilize Your Golf Swing

Just like it is important to find the right golf shaft flex, you also want to think about how stable your golf swing is.

It should not be wayward.

A wayward golf swing is going to feel odd and you are not going to hit the ball properly. This is why one of the benefits of heavier golf shafts is seen in how they stabilize your swing.

The added weight makes it difficult for you to swing too hard.

4. Increased Power

The increased driver shaft weight is something you do want to look at in terms of power generation.

With the golf shaft weight being high, you are going to see an increase in power. This is due to there being more force behind the golf ball as soon as you hit it.

You can get a lot of power out of the shot assuming your golf swing speed is above 100 MPH. A lot of professional golfers like this type of power in their game and the heavy golf shaft helps.

Cons of Heavier Golf Shafts

1. Reduced Swing Speed

Heavy driver shafts are not always a good thing.

You could have a situation where your swing speed is already low and it gets worse with the inclusion of a heavier driver shaft.

You will find it harder to get the golf club to move at the speed you want it to and this is due to a heavy golf shaft that takes longer to swing around.

For the most part, you should be looking at your golf swing speed. Is it already under 90 MPH? This might be a sign you need to go with a lighter driver shaft.

2. Can Be Tiring Over Longer Durations

If the driver shaft is too heavy, you are going to get tired over time.

You need to think about your endurance as an athlete. Do you have the ability to handle multiple golf shots with a heavier driver shaft in your hands?

These are questions that are going to differ based on who you are as a golfer. Take the time to go through these details to see what can be done to help maximize your golf swing.

When the golf driver shaft is too heavy, it does get hard to swing it around. This can lead to issues with consistency. This is why many beginners find it hard to go through longer sessions with the heavier golf shaft.

3. Less Distance On Shots

When looking at heavier graphite shafts, you have to consider the amount of distance you’re going to get on your shots.

The distance is not going to be as great as it needs to be.

The only way you can get past this is by having a good golf swing speed on your shots. Only then are you going to get enough distance on your golf shots.

For the most part, this means having a golf swing speed that is above 100 MPH.

70 Vs 80 Gram Driver Shafts

When comparing 70 vs 80 gram driver shafts, it is going to come down to the 10-gram weight difference.

Does it matter?

Yes, it does.

An 80-gram golf driver shaft is going to be heavier, which means it is going to reduce your golf swing speed but add more control. There is a balancing act between going with a heavy driver shaft and one that is too heavy.

The difference between a 70-gram driver shaft and an 80-gram driver shaft will also involve ball flight. It might be harder to get the type of ball flight you want with the heavier golf shaft.

The best way to choose between a 70-gram driver shaft and an 80-gram driver shaft is to think about your golf swing speed.

If you have a golf swing speed that is way above 100 MPH then you should look at the 80-gram driver shaft. Otherwise, a lighter driver shaft is a better bet.

heaviest driver shaft

Is A 70 Gram Driver Shaft Too Heavy?

A 70-gram driver shaft can be too heavy for the average golfer. It demands a golf swing speed over 90 MPH with most recommending a speed of 100 MPH for satisfactory results. Otherwise, it will not generate enough speed and the control won’t be worth it.

The best way to determine whether or not you should use a 70-gram driver shaft is your golf swing speed.

Only go with this if you are certain you can power through the added weight.

Does A Heavier Shaft Hit The Ball Further?

A heavier shaft does not hit the ball further. However, it can help add control to a golfer’s shot making sure the reduced distance does not take away from the golf shot’s accuracy. For erratic golf swings, this can be useful in getting the ball to where it needs to be.

Is 80 Grams Heavy For A Driver Shaft?

Yes, 80 grams is heavy for a driver shaft. It is one of the heavier golf shafts a person can get. The reason it is heavy comes down to the amount of weight it puts on the golf swing, which reduces how far the ball is hit.

It is usually recommended to go with a lighter golf shaft if your golf swing speed is less than 100 MPH.

Final Thoughts

You need to consider all angles when it comes to going with the heaviest golf shaft on the market.

A heavy golf shaft is beneficial as it adds more control, accuracy, and tends to remove issues with an erratic golf swing. In general, a heavy golf shaft is going to weigh above 70 grams.

It’s best for an individual with a golf swing speed over 90 MPH to start looking at this category of driver shaft weights.

There is a lot to think about when you are choosing a good iron shaft. This includes the golf club’s flex and how you are going to want to hit the golf ball. You also need to choose a good golf club brand to get the right shaft.