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How To Get 120 MPH Swing Speed (Tips & Tricks)

If you want to increase your club head speed in golf, it’s all about implementing the right drills and understanding what your golf swing requires.

Sometimes, simple adjustments will go a long way in increasing your golf swing speed dramatically.

The average golfer has slight issues in their golf swing that makes it wonky. You will want to address these issues to make sure you do increase your golf swing speed instantly.

This includes learning how to get a 120 MPH swing speed in golf.

To get a 120 MPH swing speed in golf, use the right golf club for your technique, take continuous measurements of your speed, focus on maintaining a fluid golf swing, and quicken your downswing to help increase your power.

You will want to run through numerous golf drills to increase your swing speed. This is how you are going to maximize the power in your golf swing.

If you are someone that wants to increase the club head speed by 10 MPH and wants to learn how to get a 120 MPH swing speed, it’s time to read through this guide on how to increase your golf swing speed.

Tips On How To Get 120 MPH Swing Speed

1. Use The Right Golf Club

With the 120 MPH swing speed shaft, you will want to invest in the right golf driver.

You cannot generate enough power if you are not using the best golf driver for increased distance. Otherwise, your golf shots are always going to lack distance regardless of how fluid your swing is.

Using the right golf club is a must.

You will want to focus on all of this before you begin to concentrate on data points associated with a 120 MPH golf swing.

how to get 120 mph swing speed

2. Measure Your Golf Swing Speed

Are you aware of your current golf swing speed?

This is a good starting point.

You need to know where you are starting to figure out how you are going to meet your goals.

This is also going to make it easier to adjust parts of your golf swing as you learn more about the 120 MPH club head speed ball speed or the 120 MPH club head speed distance.

You need to take these measurements and record them in a journal.

After this, you can see how the progress is as time goes on.

3. Focus On A Fluid Golf Swing

To learn how to get a 100 MPH club head speed or above, you will want to always concentrate on maintaining a fluid golf swing.

This means from the moment you lift the golf club to when it hits the ball on the downswing, it has to be one fluid motion. It should not be wonky.

To get this right, take the time to take a few practice swings before hitting the golf ball. This is going to help you create a consistent, repetitive golf swing.

You are never going to maximize your power with a wonky golf swing.

4. Quicken Your Downswing

When you are going through a 120 MPH golf club speed swing lesson, you will always be told to focus on the downswing.

Why is this important to hitting a golf ball further?

It is due to the amount of power that is generated with the added weight distribution on the downswing.

This is where you are going to transfer the power being generated into the ball as soon as it is hit. This is how you are going to increase the clubhead speed in golf.

Focus on bringing the golf club down faster. This transfer of power is going to send the ball flying further.

5. Implement Golf Swing Speed Drills Into Your Routine

When looking for easy ways to add speed to your golf swing, you will also want to think about adding drills to increase club head speed into your routine.

These routines will vary and will also include workout sessions.

You need to lift weights to increase your golf swing speed. Work on the core and make sure you are getting stronger throughout your body as that is going to help generate more power in your base.

For increasing golf swing speed with drills, you will want to focus on distance hitting.

In the end, you need to practice hitting the golf ball far. This is a must. Get to the driving range and begin hitting the golf ball as far as you can while implementing the changes in this guide.

how to get 120 mph swing speed

6. Begin Strength Training

While increasing your club head speed in golf, it’s also important to think about how strong you are as a golfer.

Are you taking the time to go to the gym?

You will want to get stronger. This is not only good for your health as an athlete but it’s also going to help improve your golf swing.

Benefits Of A Faster Golf Swing Speed

1. Increased Power

With the pros of a faster golf swing speed, you are going to see a sudden uptick in power through your golf shots.

The more speed you generate, the more force you are going to put through the golf ball as soon as it is hit.

It is this increased power that is going to allow the golf ball to go further.

This is why you will want to look for the fastest way to add speed to your golf swing. The head speed in golf is all about increased power.

This is going to open up new opportunities on the golf course as you will begin to take more risks and optimize how you play a golf hole.

how to get 120 mph swing speed

2. Improved Range

When learning how to increase club head speed, you will need to also consider how far you are hitting the golf ball.

After all, this is the point of increasing your golf swing speed.

You will want to hit the ball as far as you can.

This is often a requirement for those who are teeing off in golf and want to make sure that the first shot is a good one.

Good golf ball speed is often going to come with this increase. You will notice it right away with the increased distance.

3. Better Scores

While working on golf drills to increase swing speed, you will appreciate the improvement in your scores.

As you are looking through your golf scorecard, you are going to see far better results and that’s a must for those who want to learn how to become a better golfer.

Swing speed and driver distance will always lead to better scores. This is why you are going to want to work on this part of your swing.

Do not underestimate the difference it’s going to make as time goes on.

Drills To Increase Golf Swing Speed

1. Distance Hitting Drill

With driver swing speed and distance, it’s important to always focus on one key component in all of this and that is going to be distance hitting.

When you concentrate on hitting the golf ball far at the driving range, you are automatically going to learn how to do this better.

You will be training your body to swing hard.

This is a must.

What exercises increase swing speed in golf?

The right exercises to increase swing speed in golf will include distance hitting. This includes going to a driving range in golf and hitting the ball far multiple times. Aim to go as far as possible and then record the distance.

This is how you are going to begin to see improvements as you make tweaks to your golf swing.

2. Rotations

When it comes to golf speed drills, you will need to look at rotations.

What is this drill going to entail?

The idea here is to only focus on the rotation of your hips. You are going to stand without a golf ball and simply swing through your hips. This includes making sure you are getting enough torque on the hip swing.

This is where the power is going to transfer through on the downswing.

It should be fluid and repeatable. This will take practice while improving your golf swing speed to 120 MPH but it can be done with hard work.

How do I increase my swing speed driver?

You can increase your swing speed driver by working on rotating the hips on the downswing and making sure to get stronger. This is going to help transfer power through to the golf ball when hitting it further.

3. Heavy And Light

When it is time to increase club head speed with drills, you are going to want to use heavy and light golf clubs.

What doe this mean?

You will want to have one heavy golf club and one light golf club.

You are now going to hit ten golf balls with the heavier golf club and then switch to the light golf club. This is going to teach you about timing and making sure you are hitting the ball with a quicker downswing.

How Fast Is Rory McIlroy’s Swing Speed?

Rory Mcllroy has a swing speed of approximately 120 MPH. This allows him to maintain a consistent driver distance that is among the best in the world. He is well-regarded for hitting golf balls far and continues to set records on various golf courses around the world.

How Do I Guess My Swing Speed?

There are a few ways to measure your swing speed. One way is to invest in a monitor or a golf simulator to record swing speed. Another option is to measure the average distance on your shots, subtract 5% and divide by 1.75.

How Can Seniors Increase Clubhead Speed?

Seniors can increase clubhead speed by getting stronger, working on speeding up their downswing and using a lighter golf club. This will help generate more power through the downswing and make sure the ball is hit with force.

What Is A Fast Golf Swing Speed?

A fast golf swing speed is anything above 90 MPH. This is regarded as a professional golf swing with most pro golfers being over 100 MPH. For amateurs, a 90 MPH golf swing is quite good.

Final Thoughts

This guide will have helped you learn how to get a 120 MPH swing speed.

To get a 120 MPH swing speed in golf, start by getting stronger in the gym, focus on distance-hitting drills, and look at investing in a good golf club suited to your technique. It is also recommended to quicken the downswing to generate more force.

When using a golf iron to hit a golf ball far, it is important to make sure it is the right one. This will make a difference in how you hit a golf ball.