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Calcutta Golf Balls (Pros, Cons, Best Golf Balls)

When it comes to using different types of golf balls, you will come across a wide array of golf ball brands.

Some golf balls are going to be well-known and others are going to be new to the market. It’s important to choose the best golf balls to avoid making mistakes that will hamper your performance.

One option that is on the market would be the Calcutta golf balls.

Calcutta golf balls are made by a company named Swingbits. These golf balls are designed to offer an affordable, stable golf ball that can be used at a driving range or on the golf course.

Based on Calcutta golf ball reviews, there are varying opinions about whether or not Calcutta golf balls are good.

This Calcutta golf balls review is going to look at the benefits of Calcutta golf balls, the disadvantages of Calcutta golf balls, and if you should buy Calcutta golf balls.

What Is A Calcutta Golf Ball?

A Calcutta golf ball is a type of golf ball made by Swingbits. This company has become popular for offering a free sleeve of Calcutta golf balls to customers. This has led golfers to become intrigued by this golf ball, which is promised as a good golf ball for driving ranges and golf courses.

For those who are looking at buying golf balls, you will be interested in this option.

However, it’s important to note there are details to think about before buying Calcutta golf balls from the market.

These issues are going to be illustrated in this guide.

Who Makes Calcutta Golf Balls?

Calcutta golf balls are made by Swingbits. This company is new to the market and has not been around for a long time. It is known for offering a free sleeve of golf balls that are aimed at improving a golfer’s distance on shots, accuracy, and overall control.

These golf balls are heavily marketed for offering great value to golfers that use them.

For most golfers, the Calcutta golf balls free sleeve offer is what attracts them. This is an offer that has been made through social media, which causes people to come looking at different Calcutta golf ball reviews.

calcutta golf balls

Pros Of Calcutta Golf Balls

1. Affordable

It’s important to start with the basics when it comes to these golf balls.

Most people are going to be worried about the free Calcutta golf ball scam. Yes, this is a legitimate worry and that is something you will want to be aware of.

The free sleeve offer is not legit. You are going to have to pay an additional $49.99 for the shipping and that is where they will make their funds.

However, when it comes to the golf balls themselves, they are affordable but there are other options on the market that are even better.

2. Good Balance

Let’s take a look at the Calcutta golf ball.

If you do get your hands on this type of golf ball, how is it going to perform?

For the most part, it has good balance and that might be ideal for those who are running through a few golf drills from time to time.

You are not going to want to use them on the golf course as they are not going to perform as well as you want. However, they can be fine for practice rounds and for a lot of golfers that is what matters.

calcutta golf balls

3. Safe For Practice Drills

Using a Calcutta golf ball is all about playing with it in the right place.

You are not going to be allowed to take it to an official tournament. This means you are going to want to use it in other situations.

A good example of this would be golfing at the driving range with Calcutta golf balls. It is also safe for practice golf drills.

The idea is to play with Calcutta golf balls in places where they are not going to hinder your game and will add value to your practice sessions. If that is the strategy you take then you will like these Calcutta golf balls.

Please note, there are better options on the market, so you are not bound to use these golf balls over others.

Cons Of Calcutta Golf Balls

1. Not As Good As Comparable Golf Balls

With Calcutta DFS golf balls, it is important to look at how they compare to other golf balls.

In general, these do not hold up as well as other golf ball alternatives.

If that is the case, what is the point of using these types of golf balls in the first place? You are not going to be happy with the results and they are not going to turn out as required.

If you are looking at good golf balls, you will want to keep things simple. This is where Calcutta golf balls don’t do as well.

They are not of the highest quality and you can find better options on the open market.

2. Does Not Stand Out

When you are swinging a golf club, you are going to want to use a prominent golf ball that will add value to your golf swing.

There is no purpose behind a golf swing that is not clean or is going to be hindered by the type of golf ball you are using on the course.

This is a real issue with the Calcutta golf ball by Swingbits.

It does not hold up and it is not going to provide a boost to your performance. For most golfers, this is why they don’t want to start golfing with Calcutta golf balls.

calcutta golf balls

3. Does Not Have Good Reviews

As you go through various Calcutta golf ball reviews, you will quickly see it is not highly rated compared to other golf balls.

When you read a Calcutta golf balls review, you will start to see the light.

The reviews are not good.

People associate this with the free golf sleeve scam that is being run through social media and other sources. This is a scam with Calcutta golf balls where a free sleeve of golf balls is offered to customers.

As soon as the customer sign up, there is an additional fee tacked on.

As you can imagine, this is not a good sign and it indicates issues with the way the product is marketed.

Who Should Use Calcutta Golf Balls?

Calcutta golf balls should be used by those who are looking for a simple set of golf balls that can be used at the driving range or during a practice session.

Calcutta golf balls cannot be used at an official tournament, which means there are limited use cases.

You will want to look at only using these golf balls when you get the chance to put them to the test in a practice session.

Are Calcutta Golf Balls Legal?

No, Calcutta golf balls are not legal. Calcutta golf balls are illegal because they are not approved by the USGA as a legitimate golf ball. This means they cannot be used during an officially sanctioned golf tournament.

As a result, most golfers will not use Calcutta golf balls.

It simply comes down to not wanting to use golf balls that are illegal as that is going to make it harder to practice for real-match situations.

Are Calcutta Golf Balls A Scam?

Calcutta golf balls are not a scam. However, their marketing offer is improper. This entails an offer where a free sleeve of golf balls is promoted to unsuspecting golfers. Once they sign up, there is a shipping fee of $49.99 tacked on.

It is simply improper advertising on the part of Swingbits.

It’s recommended to take the time to understand what you are getting into. Swingbits does offer customers a way out of this offer, which is why it’s not an outright scam.

Is Calcutta A Good Golf Ball?

Calcutta is not a good golf ball. It’s an average golf ball that will be useful in specific use cases including going to the driving range or looking to work through a few indoor golf drills.

Most golfers have a specialized set of golf balls they prefer to use.

If you are one of those then you might not want to use these golf balls. This is going to come down to what you prefer.

How To Cancel Swingbits?

To cancel Swingbits, go to the associate dashboard by logging in at Next, click “Cancel Membership” and then provide the reason for cancelling.

This should cancel the Swingbits membership.

Final Thoughts

This Calcutta golf ball review should have provided more insight into what Calcutta golf balls are all about and whether or not they are good for your setup.

A Calcutta golf ball is a type of golf ball sold by Swingbits. This company advertises the golf ball as offer greater distance, more control, and complete accuracy. The golf ball has become synonymous with the free sleeve golf ball offer, which customers state is inaccurate advertising.

For those wanting the finest golf balls on the market, it’s recommended to look at other brands.

This includes looking at some of the market leaders when it comes to buying golf balls. This includes the golf balls used by Topgolf and major tournaments.

Just like buying a good golf shaft, you also need to find great golf balls. Some Youtube golf channels have also stated how Calcutta golf balls are not as good as others.