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Do YouTube Golf Channels Harm Golf? (Pros, Cons, Best Golf YouTube Channels)

Golf channels on YouTube have become all the rage in recent times.

There has been a sudden exposure on the video streaming platform that has allowed golfers from around the world to watch golf content. Golf YouTubers have started incorporating this unique blend of sports and entertainment into one admirable package.

With this in mind, it is still important to understand the impact of golf YouTube channels. Do YouTube golf channels harm golf?

No, YouTube golf channels do not harm golf. These channels allow golf to be exposed to a younger audience that watches YouTube content and this added exposure is free marketing for the sport. It is also an ideal platform for beginners to learn more about golf and its technique.

Best looking at the best golf YouTube channels, there are numerous names out there that are becoming quite popular with time.

This has made golf far more exciting for a younger audience and this is ideal for the future of golf.

This article is going to look at the benefits of YouTube golf channels, the negatives of YouTube golf channels, and what are the best golf channels on YouTube right now.

Do YouTube Golf Channels Harm Golf?

No, YouTube golf channels do not harm golf. These golf channels on YouTube are ideal for bringing in a younger audience and helping beginners learn more about the sport’s finer details. It’s also wonderful as a marketing tool for the sport as a whole.

A lot of people look for the best YouTube channels for golf lessons and appreciate what they get to learn.

Everything is broken down visually making it easier to learn as a beginner. This has to be appreciated by those who want to learn how to golf on YouTube.

do youtube golf channels harm golf

Pros Of Youtube Golf Channels

1. Increased Exposure

When looking at the top golf YouTube channels, it’s important to start with one of the basic advantages of YouTube golf channels.

It is going to come in the form of simple exposure.

A lot of sports fans are exposed to other sports whether it is basketball, soccer, or football. While this is great for those sports, golf tends to be seen as an older sport that is played by specific demographics.

This has to change and YouTube golf channels help with this.

They get in front of a new segment of the market that might not be as aware of how fun golf can be.

2. Great For Bringing In A Younger Audience

What is the best way to grow the sport of golf?

It is by getting out in front of the younger crowd and showing golf is entertaining. It is not a sport that is played by specific people or those who are older.

Instead, it can be fun for those who are younger too.

This is where golf channels on YouTube make a difference. These channels are easy to access and make it ideal for those who want to get a gist of what makes golf fun without having to go to the golf course or spend money.

do youtube golf channels harm golf

3. Ideal For Beginners

When looking at the best golf YouTube channels for beginners, they all offer tremendous insight into what works and what should be avoided as a new golfer.

A lot of new golfers don’t know where to start.

This makes it difficult to make appropriate adjustments or create a strong foundation with your newly learned skills. As a result, a lot of mistakes are made that can be avoided with the best golf instruction YouTube channels.

The amount of information you get through these YouTube golf channels cannot be underestimated as a beginner.

Cons Of Youtube Golf Channels

1. Can Lead To Poor Product Recommendations

One of the negatives of YouTube golf channels will come from the business side of things. After all, these golf Youtubers will need to make money.

Unfortunately, this can lead them down the wrong path.

This includes endorsing golf products that are not reasonable and should not be purchased by beginners. Since a lot of their target audience is younger or unaware, it leads to situations where the wrong products are being marketed to them.

This is a problem seen with a variety of niches on YouTube. It is not exclusive to golf but it is a con.

This is why it’s important to only follow good YouTube golf channels rather than trusting those who are in it to make a quick buck.

2. Can Lead To Improper Advice From Amateur Golfers

It is possible for improper golf advice to be given to amateur golfers through YouTube.

For example, a golfer might want to improve their swing or look to find the right golf iron but that does not mean all advice is reasonable.

Sometimes, Youtubers will end up giving advice that is incorrect as they are also learning as they grow older.

Not all YouTubers are professionals and that does lead to a situation where you have to be careful about who you are trusting. This is similar to the previous point where you need to vet the YouTube channels and go with those that are legit.

Best Golf YouTube Channels

1. Top Speed Golf

When it comes to the best YouTube channels for golf instructional videos, you are going to want to start with Top Speed Golf.

The attention to detail, compactness, and overall quality of their golf videos cannot be stressed enough.

This is a substantial golf YouTube channel that is cherished by both amateur and seasoned golfers due to its intricate advice. It’s the type of information you are not going to get through other sources and that’s what makes it exciting.

2. Chris Ryan Golf

Chris Ryan Golf is another high-quality YoToube channel that is appreciated for breaking down the intricacies of golf.

Many golfers make simple mistakes that can go unnoticed on the golf course. These mistakes will compile and that is where Chris Ryan comes into the equation with exceptional advice.

These are tips and tricks that are useful for those who want to learn more about their golf swing and how to approach golfing in this day and age.

3. GM Golf

When it comes to entertainment, a fresh approach to golf, and simply illustrating the beauty of golfing, it’s best to see what GM Golf on YouTube is all about.

This is noted for being one of the best funny golf Youtube channels while remaining entertaining at the same time.

It is also one of the most popular YouTube golf channels right now.

This is a great golf channel on YouTube that offers a little bit of everything.

The best part about this is uniquely seeing golf. There is a team behind this YouTube channel including friends and family that are also involved from time to time.

It is appealing to those who want to enjoy golf differently than just getting golf tips on YouTube.

4. My TPI

Golfing on YouTube is not just about learning how to swing a golf club. The golf advice on YouTube is fresh and a lot of fun but it’s also important to analyze the game in a way that includes key fitness requirements.

A lot of golf YouTubers don’t do this.

However, My TPI does look into this and illustrates the physical elements of golfing. It is these details that showcase what it means to be a great athlete as a golfer. This is just as important as any other part of being a good golfer.

My TPI is a great YouTube channel and a lot of fun for those who want to become a great golfing athletes.

5. No Laying Up  

One of the most intriguing parts of golf would be the professional tours. This is where the finest golfers turn up and it’s important for someone to keep track of these events and who will do well at them.

This is where No Laying Up shows up as one of the better golf analyst YouTube channels out there.

They offer picks associated with different golf tournaments and shed light on the latest happenings in the golfing world.

This has led to a large following for them both on their YouTube channel and through their podcast.

Can You Watch LIV Golf Free On YouTube?

No, you cannot watch LIV golf for free on YouTube now. LIV Golf has signed a deal with The CW for telecasting their tournaments and that is where all live matches can be seen from this point forward.

For tournament highlights, these may show up on YouTube.

Can You Watch PGA On YouTube?

Yes, you can watch the PGA on YouTube through PGA TOUR LIVE. This is a paid service through YouTube TV and will provide access to key PGA tournaments.

Final Thoughts

Do YouTube golf channels harm golf?

No, YouTube golf channels do not harm golf. The benefits of these golf YouTube channels include added exposure, the ability to attract younger audiences, and can help to provide great instructional tips for new golfers.

Whether you are learning about golf wedges or using a 3 wood in golf, there is ample information out there on YouTube.

This is what makes it a great resource for new and pro golfers. It is also a wonderful way to endorse golf products for the latest golf brands.