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Callaway Irons By Year (All Models)

Whether it is the Callaway XR Speed irons or the Callaway Big Bertha models, this is a brand that has become synonymous with quality as time has gone on.

Since its first release in 1988, Callaway has turned into a behemoth in the world of golf and is appreciated by numerous golfers including the best professionals too.

Before buying Callaway irons, it’s also essential to look at the different types of Callaway irons to know what they’re all about along with their history.

Choosing a Callaway golf iron can sometimes come down to these details including looking at the Callaway irons by year.

The first Callaway golf iron set was released in 1988 and it started earning critical acclaim with Callaway iron models such as Big Bertha and the X-series line. Over time, Callaway has become an established name in the golfing world.

This guide is going to shed light on the list of Callaway irons by year, Callaway Big Bertha irons by year, and Callaway X irons by year along with how to buy Callaway golf irons the right way.

Callaway Golf Irons By Year

Release YearName of Callaway Golf Iron
1988S2H2 ‘88
1990S2H2 ‘90
1992Bobby Jones Blades
1994Big Bertha ‘94
1996Big Bertha ‘96
1997Big Bertha Gold
1998Big Bertha Ti Tungsten
Big Bertha Gold
Tungsten Titanium
Big Bertha  X-12
2000Steelhead X-14
Hawkeye Ti
2002Big Bertha
Hawkeye VFT Titanium
2003Steelhead X-16
Steelhead X-16 Pro
2004X18 Pro Series
Big Bertha Fusion
Callaway X18 Irons
2006Big Bertha
Fusion Wide Sole
X-20 Tour
X Forged
2008X-22 Tour
Big Bertha
FT i-brid
X-Forged ‘09
2010X Prototype
Diablo Edge
Diablo Forged
X-24 Hot
2011Razr X
Razr XF
Razr X Forged
Razr X Tour
RAZR X Black
Apex Pro
X Forged
X Hot
X Hot Pro
2014X2 Hot Pro
X2 Hot
Big Bertha
XR Pro
Apex Muscleback
Apex CF 16
Apex Pro 16
Apex CF 16 Black
2016Steelhead XR
Apex Black
Big Bertha OS
Steelhead XR Pro
2017GBB Epic Star
GBB Epic Pro
GBB Epic
2018Big Bertha
Rogue X
Rogue Pro
X Forged
2019Apex Pro 19
Apex Smoke 19
Apex 19
Apex Pro Smoke 19
Epic Forged Star
Epic Forged
Epic Star
2020Mavrik Max
Apex MB
Mavrik Pro
Big Bertha B21
X-Forged CB
2021Apex Pro 21
Apex TCB 21
Apex DCB 21
Apex 21
2022Rogue ST Pro
Rogue ST Max OS Lite
Rogue ST Max OS
Epix MAX Star
Rogue ST Max
Paradym X Women’s
Paradym X
These are the Callaway golf iron sets by year along with how to buy them. These are some of the finest golf irons on the market and continue to set the standard for excellence in the golfing community.

These Callaway golf club models by year illustrate how the company has grown as time has gone on.

As you look to buy Callaway golf irons, you will appreciate this breakdown. It helps demonstrate which golf iron models by Callaway are important to the company as they continue to refine its operational setup.

History Of Callaway Irons

It all started in 1988 when Callaway released its S2H2 line. This was a specialized type of golf club technology that was designed to improve speed, accuracy, and overall efficiency for modern golfers at the time.

The S2H2 by Callaway picked up steam right away and was a major success.

Golfers wanted to get their hands on this type of Callaway iron right away and it started selling like hotcakes.

As time went on, Callaway had another major success in the form of the Callaway Big Bertha golf irons. This is a type of Callaway golf iron that is still successful to this day.

They continue to update the Callaway Big Bertha irons every two years as their main series of golf irons.

Whether it is the newer Callaway Big Bertha irons or older Callaway Big Bertha irons, all of them have been successful during their peak. This is what makes Callaway a legitimate winner as a golf equipment brand.

Over time, Callaway started releasing various golf iron lines.

This included the Callaway Rogue golf irons, Callaway Apex golf irons, and now the Callaway Paradym golf irons.

Each one brings something unique to the setup allowing golfers to choose golf irons that work for their game.

callaway irons by year

Callaway Big Bertha Irons By Year

Release YearBig Bertha Series
2020Big Bertha B21
2018Big Bertha
2016Big Bertha OS
2014Big Bertha
2008Big Bertha
2006Big Bertha
2004Big Bertha Fusion
2002Big Bertha
1998Big Bertha Ti Tungsten
Big Bertha Golf
Big Bertha X-12
1997Big Bertha Gold
1996Big Bertha ’96
1996Big Bertha ’94
Whether it’s the old Callaway Big Bertha irons or the new Callaway Big Bertha irons, the brand continues to use this as its foundational series.

Golfers adore the Big Bertha golf irons because they are compact, well-made, and set a high standard for those who want consistent performance.

Whenever people mention Callaway, it is the Big Bertha golf irons that are going to be the main subject due to how good they are.

Many golfers wait for the Callaway Big Bertha golf iron release date and then get the newer models based on their needs.

Callaway X Irons By Year

Release YearCallaway X Irons Series
2020X-Forged CB
2016XR OS
XR Pro
2014X2 Hot Pro
X2 Hot
2013X Forged
X Hot
X Hot Pro
2010X-24 Hot
X Prototype
X-Forged ‘09
X-22 Tour
With the Callaway X series irons by year, you have to understand this is a quality set of golf irons that has been released since 2008.

Callaway wanted something that was efficient and a good addition to their set of golf irons.

This is when the Callaway X golf irons hit the market and were a success.

Whether it is the Callaway X forged irons by year or the Callaway X golf irons by year, you will know this is the real deal as an option for modern golfers. It’s never a bad idea to look at buying the Callaway X golf irons if that is the direction you wish to go in.

callaway irons by year

Callaway Apex Irons By Year

Release YearCallaway Apex Irons Series
2021Apex Pro 21
Apex TCB 21
Apex DCB 21
Apex 21
2020Apex MB
2019Apex Pro 19
Apex Smoke 19
Apex 19
Apex Pro Smoke 19
2016Apex Black
2015Apex Muscleback
Apex CF 16
Apex Pro 16
Apex CF 16 Black
Apex Pro
When looking at the Callaway Apex specs, it’s important to note these are well-made golf irons that are easy to use and offer a compatible option for new-age golfers.

From older Callaway Apex golf irons to newer Callaway Apex golf irons, there are numerous options to choose from.

Most people look at the Callaway Big Bertha irons as the best fit but the Apex golf irons are also well-designed. They offer a long list of benefits at a good price point for those who want premium golf irons.

How To Choose The Best Callaway Golf Irons

1. Know Your Game

Before you buy Callaway golf irons, it’s essential to breakdown what you are going to be investing in and how it’s going to impact your overall game.

For example, are you a beginner?

What about pro golfers that want to use Callaway golf irons? You will want to take a look at these details to learn more about what is going to work for you on the golf course.

Buying new golf irons is not just about what sounds the best. You need to look at the loft, distance, and how you are going to use the Callaway golf irons on the golf course based on your golf swing.

2. Focus On Distance And Loft

Let’s take a look at the Callaway golf iron specs.

There are a few details that you will want to think about during the research phase.

The first detail is going to be the Callaway golf irons distance and then the Callaway golf irons loft. These are details that are released by the company and can shed light on how it is going to influence your game.

Take the time to read through these specs including the weight of the Callaway golf irons.

Do this for all of the models to ensure you buy the best Callaway golf irons on the market.

3. Consider The Shaft Flex

When looking at a Callaway golf club set, you also want to pinpoint the shaft flex of a golf iron to make sure it’s balanced.

You might want to go with a stiffer golf shaft while another person is going to want something that is more flexible.

These are details that can impact which golf iron you go with.

Take the time to dig through the various shaft flex details to see how a Callaway golf iron is going to add value to your setup.

4. Don’t Ignore The Weight Of The Golf Irons

Have you taken the time to look at the weight of the Callaway golf irons?

The Callaway golf iron weight is going to matter because it will impact how you hold the golf iron and how it performs on the golf course.

You can’t have a situation where the golf iron is too heavy.

This makes it difficult to generate enough speed as you begin to hit a golf shot.

Most golfers have a unique golf swing that is going to be fine-tuned based on their build. This has to be taken into account as you look at the various golf clubs on the open market.

How Do I Identify My Callaway Irons?

To identify your Callaway irons, it’s best to find the serial number near the clubface. This serial number authenticates the Callaway golf irons with the company’s database. Their in-house database will help verify the golf irons.

To do this, reach out to the customer service department with the serial number in hand.

The Callaway golf iron serial number is going to ensure you can verify what type of golf iron is in your possession along with whether or not it’s legitimate.

callaway irons by year

What Year Are Callaway Big Bertha Irons?

The Callaway Big Bertha irons have been released in several different years starting from 1994. It’s common for Callaway to release a new set of Big Bertha golf irons every two years to freshen up the lineup.

When Does Callaway Release New Golf Irons?

Callaway releases new golf irons every 1-2 years. They maintain this schedule to ensure any new set of golf irons entering the market is fresh, unique, and offers something the previous set of golf irons doesn’t.

Final Thoughts

Going through the Callaway irons by year can be a wonderful way to understand how the company has progressed as time has gone on.

Callaway golf irons were first released in 1988 and took the market by storm leading to immediate growth. As time went on, Callaway released several golf iron lines including its famous Big Bertha golf irons.

Now, Callaway is one of the premier golf club brands on the market.

When you are looking at different types of golf irons, It’s best to also look at the way a golf iron is made. You should take the time to compare Callaway golf irons with other companies such as Taylormade too.