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Ping Irons By Year (All Models)

When it’s time to buy Ping irons, it’s essential to know what Ping golf irons are all about including their rich history.

This is a premier golf club brand that has earned praise for its wide array of golf iron models.

The Ping Iron golf clubs are some of the best in the business. It’s common for people to talk about these golf clubs alongside options such as Callaway, Titleist, and Taylormade.

This is why it’s important to look at Ping golf irons by year.

Ping golf irons were first released onto the market in 1968 with the Karsten line. It quickly started to generate interest among golf enthusiasts due to its refined build quality. As time has gone on, Ping has released a wide array of golf irons including the Ping G irons and Ping i Series irons.

Whether it is the Ping G Iron or the Ping G2 7 iron, the wide array of options is ideal for golfers wanting the perfect fit.

There is something for everyone when looking for new golf irons to add to the golf bag.

With this in mind, it’s best to go through a complete look at the different ping golf irons by year, how to choose the best Ping golf iron, and the Ping iron release dates.

Ping Golf Irons By Year

Release YearPing Golf Iron Series
2023Ping G430
2022Ping i525
2021Ping G425
Ping i59
2020Ping G710
2019Ping Blueprint
Ping G410
2018Ping G700
Ping i500
Ping i210
2017Ping G400
2016Ping G
Ping i Blade
2015Ping G Max
Ping i Series
2014Ping Karsten
Ping i25
2013Ping G30
Ping G25
Ping S55
2012Ping i20
2011Ping G20
Ping Anser
2010 Ping i50
2009Ping G15
2008Ping Rapture V2
2007Ping Rhapsody
2006Ping Rapture
Ping S58
2005Ping G5
Ping i5
2004Ping S 59 Tour
2003Ping G2
Ping i3+ Blade
Ping S 59
2000Ping i3 O Size
Ping i3 Blade
1996Ping ISI Nickel
Ping ISI BeCu
Ping ISI K
Ping ISI
1994Ping Zing 2 BeCu
Ping Zing 2
1991Ping Zing BeCu
Ping Zing
1990Ping Eye2 Dot
Ping Eye2+
1989Ping Eye2 No+
1986Ping Eye2 BeCu
1985Ping Eye2 Square Groove
1984Ping Eye2 EZ Lite
1982Ping Eye2
1979Ping Eye
1969Ping Karsten I
Ping Karsten II
Ping Karsten III
Ping Karsten IV
From the Ping g710 golf clubs to the Ping g4 25 irons, there have been numerous golf iron releases by Ping over the years with each one offering something unique.

When it comes to the best Ping golf irons ever made, there are different options to choose from. The release dates for the Ping golf irons in this chart demonstrate how historic the brand is and how long it’s been around.

The Ping iron release history is vast and it offers a comprehensive insight into how the brand has developed as time has gone on.

ping irons by year

History Of Ping Irons

It all started with the Ping Karsten I, which then begin to flourish into the Ping Karsten II, and a long list of ping golf irons.

Ping irons for golfers now are premium-grade golf clubs.

These are made with a high level of care and the Ping golf irons started in It all started in Phoenix, Arizona, where the founder Karsten decided it was best to build top-grade golf equipment.

From the Ping g400 golf irons to the ping g710 3 iron, the options are out there under this brand that might not have been there in the past. The company is innovative and that is what makes it a trusted option in this day and age.

The Ping irons by year have continued to develop at a fast pace.

It is this innovation that has allowed Ping to survive for 50+ years and continue to thrive at the same time.

Ping G Irons By Year

Release YearPing G Iron Series
2023Ping G430
2021Ping G425
2020Ping G710
2019Ping G410
2018Ping G700
2017Ping G400
2016Ping G
2015Ping G Max
2013Ping G30
Ping G25
2011Ping G20
2009Ping G15
2005Ping G5
2003Ping G2
Whether it’s the Ping G410 irons, Ping G400 irons, Ping G710 irons, or the Ping G2 irons, the options are aplenty when it comes to this specific lineup of golf irons by Ping.

The Ping G Series irons history is exceptional and full of innovative developments.

The release date for Ping G irons has been spread throughout the 21st century. After 2003, the company began focusing on these golf irons and realized there was a demand for them.

As time has gone on, more of these Ping G Series golf irons have hit the market.

What Are The Best Ping Irons Ever Made?

The best Ping golf irons ever made would be the Ping i3 golf irons. This is due to their innovative design, overall balance, and quality. These are golf irons that have earned critical acclaim for how well they were made at the time of release.

It’s important to note that Ping has made a long list of high-grade golf irons.

Its newest releases have done a good job of hitting the market and impressing golfers around the world.

For those who are looking at the best golf irons right now, it is important to also consider Ping golf irons due to their rich history of innovation.

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How To Choose The Best Ping Golf Irons

1. Consider The Material

Before looking at the list of Ping irons by year, it’s best to focus on what you require as a modern golfer.

What type of golf iron is a must?

The best option is to see the materials being used for the Ping iron. This is going to include both graphite and stainless steel depending on the weight of the Ping iron and how you are going to use a Ping golf iron.

Those who want something with more power might take a look at a steel Ping iron while others might want to go with a graphite Ping golf iron.

It is also best to look at the Ping golf iron shaft to see how it works and what value it will add to your experience.

ping irons by year

2. Assess Your Golf Swing

You will also want to look at your golf swing.

What is your golf swing speed?

This is an important metric to keep in the back of your mind before you buy new golf irons. You have to make sure the golf iron is not going to reduce your golf swing speed or make it harder to hit for distance.

It’s best to assess your golf swing and make sure things are progressing as you want them to.

3. Consider The Distance + Loft Of The Ping Golf Iron

You will also want to look at the specs for Ping golf irons.

If you look at the different types of Ping irons, you will realize there are specific specs associated with each one.

This is going to include the Ping iron distance and the Ping iron loft.

Look into these metrics to see how they are going to impact your game as soon as you start to use the Ping golf iron.

Sometimes, it is these metrics that will get in the way of your performance. Look into them and then invest in new Ping golf irons.

How Do I Identify My Ping Irons?

To identify Ping irons, it’s best to look for the serial number on the clubface. This serial number is authenticated by Ping’s database and will ensure the Ping iron’s model and when it was made. Reach out to Ping’s customer service department via phone or email with this serial number in hand.

Verifying your Ping golf irons is a good idea and ensures you are getting an authentic option that will last a long time.

You will also learn about the Ping golf iron’s release date and that is good information to have.

How Long Do PING Irons Last?

Ping golf irons can last for decades if they are well-maintained. This includes going through a comprehensive maintenance routine after each round of golf and also repairing them if required.

For the most part, Ping irons are well-made and can last for a long time.

If you are using a golf bag for the Ping golf irons, this is only going to make it easier to keep the irons safe.

If you are thinking about making the most of the new golf irons then you will want to have a maintenance routine in place from day one. This is how you are going to get them to last a long time.

When Does Ping Release New Golf Irons?

Ping releases new golf irons annually or every two years depending on its product cycle. Its aim is to always release fresh, innovative golf irons that are well-made and add value to a golfer’s setup.

This is why it’s common for golfers to buy Ping irons because they are simply among the best on the market right now.

When looking at the different types of Ping golf clubs, you will realize each one has something unique about it that will shine through.

Look into this and then buy your golf irons.

Final Thoughts

These are the Ping irons by year for those who want to know more about this company’s illustrious history and how it has put everything together.

Ping golf irons were first released onto the market in the 1960s with the Karsten I. This golf iron was named after the founder and earned acclaim for how good it was. Over the years, Ping has come out with a wide array of premium golf irons and is now a heralded name in the industry.

Whether it is Callaway golf irons over the years or Ping golf irons, it is important to look out for your requirements. Go with the right type of golf irons to make sure you see appropriate results.

Look into the materials of the golf iron and the golf iron’s flex too.

You should also learn more about the Ping dot system for golf clubs.