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What Is A 0 Iron Golf Club? (Pros, Cons, Specs)

0 iron golf clubs seem like a silly fantasy when you hear about them.

Who would ever use a 0 iron golf club in the first place? Even a 1-iron will make high-handicappers chuckle due to how difficult it is to hit the golf ball with them.

However, there is such a thing as a 0 iron golf club.

What is a 0 iron golf club?

A 0-iron golf club was made for John Daly in the 90s as a custom golf club. It had a loft angle of 13 degrees with a lower trajectory due to its design. It was called the Wilson Staff Midsize-RM “Zero Iron”. This golf iron was unsuccessful and difficult to use.

In this day and age, 0 iron golf clubs for sale only come through auctions. It is not easy to find these golf clubs in stores.

This guide will look at golf 0 iron, the benefits of a 0 iron golf club, the disadvantages of a 0 iron golf club, and how to play with a 0 iron golf club if you do buy one.

What Is A 0 Iron Golf Club?

A 0 iron golf club is a specialized type of golf iron that was created for John Daly in the 90s. He wanted a low-trajectory golf iron and decided this was a good option to have in his golf bag. It was called the Wilson Staff Midsize-RM “Zero Iron” and is now a collector’s item.

It’s important to note that golfers do not use zero-iron golf clubs. These golf clubs are difficult to play with and not as useful.

Using a 0 iron golf club is not an option for most golfers, especially beginners.

Specs of A 0 Iron Golf Club

Type Of Golf IronLoftDistance (Yards)
0-Iron13 Degrees100-110
These are the main 0 iron golf club specs to remember when it comes to the type of golf iron.

Most golfers are not going to look at a zero-degree lofted iron because it is unusable for the average golfer. As you can tell, zero-iron golf clubs have a 13-degree loft angle, which is not useful or playable.

The low trajectory might help cut through the wind but that is assuming you hit the golf ball squarely in the first place!

For most, these 0 iron golf club specs illustrate why it is difficult to use and simply a collector’s item at this point.

Pros Of A 0 Iron Golf Club

1. Great Collector’s Golf Club

The Wilson 0 iron for sale is available through online auctions including some auctions on eBay. However, this is all you are going to get from the 0 iron golf club as it has become a noteworthy collector’s item.

This is one of the rare positives of a 0 iron golf club.

The reason this is a benefit has to do with golf collectors that like keeping rare items such as these. You can find the Wilson 0 Iron on eBay and perhaps use it as a way to develop its value as time goes on.

After all, the Wilson Staff Midsize-RM “Zero Iron” was used by John Daly and Vijay Singh.

You will also get to enjoy the Wilson 0 iron distance and Wilson 0 iron loft stats that come with this golf club. It only adds to the mystique of the golf club.

0 iron golf club

2. Lower Trajectory

The 0 iron golf club Wilson made was designed with a 13 degrees loft angle. This was cited by John Daly when he was talking about the golf club.

Look at the different types of golf irons, you will realize this is quite an extreme loft angle.

Due to the loft angle, the low trajectory on each golf shot is guaranteed. This was thought to be an interesting experience and something advantageous when compared to other golf irons.

Of course, this was assuming you hit the golf ball with a 0 iron in the first place.

Cons Of A 0 Iron Golf Club

1. Difficult To Hit

There are numerous negatives of a 0 iron golf club and they have been cited by both amateurs and pro golfers over the years.

One of the main issues has to do with hitting the golf ball using a 0 iron golf club. It’s almost impossible for beginners or those who are intermediates.

In some cases, you might take contact but the golf ball is going to go flying in a random direction due to the smaller sweet spot.

The John Daly 0 iron is nothing more than a collector’s item for average golfers. If you can’t hit the golf ball with it, there is minimal use for buying one or taking it to the golf course.

2. No Forgiveness

John Daly’s zero iron had no forgiveness.

This meant any slight mistake in your golf technique meant the golf ball would either get shanked or go out of control.

As you can imagine, this is not the type of golf iron you want to be using on the golf course. Any advantage it has goes out the window when there is no forgiveness.

3. Taxing On The Forearms

When comparing different golf irons, you will often look at the loft angle of a golf club or perhaps how far you can hit the golf ball.

Yes, those metrics are essential but you also want to think about how taxing it is on the body.

Playing with a 0 iron golf club means you are going to put a lot of pressure on the forearms.

It is not a good feeling at all.

It does not matter what material the golf iron is made of.

0 iron golf club

4. Hard To Find

Let’s assume you decide to buy a Wilson 0 iron for sale.

If you have made up your mind, it’s not going to be as easy as you think it will be. The reason has to do with Wilson not making the 0 iron golf clubs any longer.

This means any golf club that you do find is going to be through auctions. This makes them hard to find and quite rare.

For most golfers, it is not easy to get their hands on the iron and that is one of the biggest issues golfers face. If you can’t find it, you will not want to give it a shot.

How To Use A 0 Iron Golf Club

1. Perfect Your Golf Swing First

What is it like playing with 0 iron golf clubs?

In general, you will need to make sure your golf swing is airtight. This means any weight distribution issues with your golf swing are going to come through with the 0 iron golf club. It will be noticeable immediately.

You have to make sure to play with different golf irons to get the hang of things. This includes fine-tuning your golf swing.

It’s the only way you can play well with the zero-iron golf clubs.

2. Start With Shorter Distances

0-degree lofted golf irons only work across shorter distances.

The reason this happens is due to the amount of effort it takes to hit the ball squarely. The average golfer cannot hit with the 0 iron golf club, which means they won’t attempt to hit it hard.

Even a slight bit of contact is more than enough to make you smile.

This is a sign the golf club is not usable in a match nor should it be brought to the golf course.

For those who do want to play with one, it is best to practice just making contact. See how far you can hit it by doing this and maintain some control on the golf shot.

3. Work With The 1-Iron and 2-Iron

A transitional phase is good.

This means going through a golf iron set to test different types of golf irons. You will want to see how you do with easier golf irons such as the 2-iron or the 1-iron.

Yes, the 1-iron is also noted for being hard to hit but it is still easier than the 0-iron golf club.

This can be a good way to practice working with the unique loft angle.

Who Should Use A 0 Iron Golf Club?

No one should use a 0 iron golf club. Even professional golfers avoid using 0-iron golf clubs because they are difficult to hit and control. The only pros that attempted to use this type of golf club were John Daly, Vijay Singh, and Nick Faldo.

Should a beginner use a 0 iron golf club?

No. It is going to be impossible to hit for a beginner golfer and a complete waste of time. It’s best to stick to other types of golf irons as you learn the sport.

Why Did The 0 Iron Golf Club Fail?

The 0 iron golf club failed because it was impossible to hit for the average golfer. It was never going to do well on the open market. Golfers were not going to spend hundreds of dollars on a golf iron that was hard on the forearms and almost impossible to middle.

As a result, the Wilson 0 iron golf club failed almost immediately.

Do Pros Use 0 Iron Golf Clubs?

No, pros do not use 0 iron golf clubs because they don’t offer enough control and/or distance required to be useful in a professional setting. They prefer going with other types of golf irons for added distance.

Why Did John Daly Have A 0 Iron Golf Club?

John Daly had a customized 0 iron golf club designed for his tournament. He wanted to try using a lower-trajectory golf iron to see if it would help. It was called the Wilson Staff Midsize-RM “Zero Iron”.

John Daly’s 0 iron golf clubs were unsuccessful when they hit the market because they were impossible to hit for the average golfer.

John Daly himself did not use the 0 iron golf club a lot. It was difficult for him to master and he was a seasoned professional with ample proven experience at the time.

Final Thoughts

What is a 0 iron golf club?

A 0 iron golf club was a type of golf iron made for John Daly. He wanted a specialized, low-trajectory golf iron that would help cut through the wind. It had a loft angle of 13 degrees and was remarkably difficult to middle. As a result, it was only used by three pros before getting cut – John Daly, Nick Faldo, and Vijay Singh.

When looking at the finest golf clubs on the market, you are not going to hear too many golfers talk about this one.