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When Did Nike Stop Making Golf Clubs? (And Why?)

The Nike Vapor Fly golf club set was heralded as being a premium option for modern golfers at the time.

It was being listed as one of the best golf club sets on the market and golfers felt Nike would address potential issues they might have with golf club sets.

Unfortunately, it did not work out as planned for the company.

It’s best to start by asking, when did Nike stop making golf clubs

Nike stopped making golf clubs in 2016. It was seen as not being a lucrative niche for them to be in and they had gone through several unsuccessful runs causing them to become apprehensive in the golfing market.

Nike remained in the golfing niche from 2002 to 2016 before calling it quits.

The 2016 Nike golf clubs were the last set to be listed by the company before it moved on with the other departments in its business.

This article will look at when Nike stopped making golf clubs, why Nike stopped making golf clubs, and why Nike Golf failed.

When Did Nike Stop Making Golf Clubs?

Nike stopped making golf clubs in 2016. This was when the last line of Nike golf clubs was released to the market before the company shut down its department for golf equipment.

Nike started its golf club line in 2002 and continued to release new golf iron sets under its brand name until 2016.

It was at this point when they realized it was not a lucrative option any longer and move to other sports where it was already doing well such as basketball.

when did nike stop making golf clubs

Why Did Nike Stop Making Golf Clubs?

The reason Nike stopped making golf clubs had to do with lower profit margins and not being able to garner support on the open market. Other golf brands had more sway in the golfing community and were doing far better than Nike when selling at the same price point.

This made it harder for Nike to compete and it was becoming a losing setup for them closer to 2016.

This is why Nike exited from the golf equipment business.

Not only did Nike stop making golf clubs but Nike also stopped making golf balls at the same time.

They made a clean cut from the golfing business.

The company then decided to take a new approach when it came to investing in golf equipment with the help of buying Taylormade. This was a well-designed golf equipment company that was already doing well in the community.

They swooped in and made the purchase.

Who Made Nike Golf Clubs?

An engineer named Tom Stites designed the first set of Nike golf clubs for the Nike Golf department in the company. He helped design what went on to be called the “The Pro Combo Set” with forged irons.

It was also around this time when Tiger Woods joined hands with Nike.

Are Nike Golf Clubs Good?

When looking at the last Nike irons made, yes, Nike golf clubs were good. These golf clubs were made with a lot of care, used premium materials, and tended to be in line with modern golfing requirements.

The real issue had to do with a lack of interest in the brand in the golfing community.

The other golf club brands were already holding sway in the community and Nike was unable to make a crack in the market.

This led to a lot of money being spent by the Nike Golf division that could have been spent on other items.

This is why the Nike golf clubs were discontinued. The Nike discontinued golf clubs were simply not selling and didn’t provide the profits Nike was on the hunt for.

Does Nike Own Taylormade?

Yes, Nike owns Taylormade and this purchase was completed for $1.5 billion. This was a major step for Nike as it was looking to enter the golf equipment market again but this time focusing on using existing performance in the form of Taylormade.

When Did Nike Start Making Golf Clubs?

Nike started making golf clubs in 2002. The timeline started with Nike signing Tiger Woods to a $40 million (5 years) deal. This led to him wearing the signature red shit with the Nike logo. Within 5 years, Nike released its first set of golf clubs.

At the time, Nike’s goal was to make sure the market had different types of Nike golf equipment to choose from.

In 1998, Nike golf balls hit the market and then a few years later they added the Nike golf clubs too.

The premise was to use the greatest golfer of all time Tiger Woods as an endorsement that Nike was the real deal in golf equipment.

Last Nike Golf Clubs Made

The last Nike golf clubs made were the Vapor Fly and these were released in 2014 by Nike. The golf set continued to be sold up to 2016 before Nike decided it was time to move away from both golf clubs and golf balls.

This was the last year Nike made golf clubs.

In the same year, additional golf club sets were made including the Vapor Pro, VR-S Forged Pro Combo, and VR-S Covert 2.0.

They tried everything to make it work but Nike golf clubs did not do as well as they should have according to the company.

Are Nike golf clubs still made?

No, Nike golf clubs are not made by the company. Instead, it has invested in one of the biggest golf club companies named Taylormade and allows them to run their golf club sets in the market while running the business in the background.

Nike felt this was the best arrangement as it did not want to be the front face of a golf equipment business after it failed the first time around.

Did Tiger Woods Use Nike Golf Clubs?

Yes, Tiger Woods did use Nike golf clubs on the PGA tour during the early 2000s. He had a customized The Victory Red Tour driver along with a set of Nike golf wedges that were being used within his golf club set.

Who Bought Out Nike Golf?

Nike Golf was dismantled and its patents were then sold to a company named Karsten Manufacturing Corporation in Arizona.

Final Thoughts

When did Nike stop making golf clubs?

Nike stopped making golf clubs in 2016. The last golf clubs were designed and released in 2014 and then a few years later Nike decided to shut down its Nike Golf division while selling off the patents.

After a few years, Nike then decided to join hands with Taylormade and bought the golf equipment company along with its patents for $1.5 billion.

The company now has access to a long list of golf club types including golf chippers, golf irons, golf shafts, and more.