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Does Jake Owen Golf? (What Is His Golf Handicap?)

Jake Owen is a heralded country singer with worldwide acclaim for songs such as Alone With You, The One That Got Away, and Eight Second Ride.

While his vocal cords are heavenly, it’s always important to look at some of the other passions this renowned country singer has.

One of those passions would have to be golf.

Does Jake Owners golf?

Yes, Jake Owners does golf and was passionate about becoming a pro golfer when he was younger. This was before his career path took a turn and he became an acclaimed country singer.

To this day, Jake Owners plays golf when he gets the chance to head to Florida or other parts of the States with gorgeous golf courses.

This article is going to look at whether or not Jake Owen plays golf along with seeing if Jake Owens was a pro golfer and what his golf handicap is.

Does Jake Owen Golf?

Yes, Jake Owen loves golfing and spends quite a bit of time on the golf course around Florid and other parts of the US. At a young age, Jake Owen wanted to be a professional golfer but then he decided to become a country singer.

The passion inside Jake Owen continues to be there and it is common to see him hang out with friends for a few golf rounds.

A lot of people compare Jake Owen’s passion for golfing with Kevin Costner’s golfing.

Was Jake Owen A Pro Golfer?

No, Jake Owen was not a pro golfer despite wanting to become one. However, he has spent time participating in the Pan-Am tournament in Pebble Beach and has been noticed for his gorgeous swing.

Jake Owen might not have been a professional golfer but there was a time when he wanted to become one.

This is seen through the way he golfs and how much he admires the sport for all that it has to offer.

One of the more memorable moments is when Jake Owen hit a Happy Gilmore tee shot at the tournament.

There are indeed numerous admirers of the movie Happy Gilmore and its various characters including Jake Owen.

What Is Jake Owen’s Golf Handicap?

Jake Owen has a handicap of 2-3 and is often recognized for being a good golfer. Those who have watched him golf at the Pan-Am tournament believe he is quite good in comparison to other amateurs that play golf.

While it might not be the same as a pro golfer golfing, it is still impressive to see the amount of work that Jake Owen has put into his golf swing.

The passion for the sport shines through whenever Jake Owen golfs. He is a celebrity golfer that does things the right way.

Where Did Jake Owen Play Golf?

Jake Owen has been seen golfing at the famous AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am and has also participated in the Tour’s Nashville Golf Open.

He has a passion for golfing and often seeks out these opportunities as a celebrity golfer to get a match in.

When he is not golfing in front of the public, he also takes the time to golf privately with his buddies.

Who Taught Jake Owen To Play Golf?

Jake Owen learned how to golf with the help of coaching as a teenager. He was quite good at his age and won golf tournaments when he was 15 indicating a strong chance he could become a professional in the sport.

As time went on, Jake Owen decided to pursue country singing as that was another passion of his and one he felt he was better at.

Regardless, Jake Owen is a remarkable celebrity golfer that has a handicap of 2-3.

Final Thoughts

Does Jake Owen golf?

Yes, Jake Owen does golf and has been seen at various tournaments as a celebrity golfer including the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am and the Tour’s Nashville Golf Open.

While his dreams of becoming a professional golfer might not have happened, Jake Owen is still well-regarded by people for his golfing prowess.