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What Does Cadet Mean In Golf Gloves? (Explained)

Using cadet golf gloves has become popular among golfers.

A lot of golfers used to use regular golf gloves compared to cadet golf gloves because they were not readily available or made by the best golf glove brands.

This is not the case any longer as there are good cadet golf gloves for sale on the open market.

Before buying cadet golf gloves, it’s best to understand what cadet means in golf gloves.

A cadet golf glove tends to have shorter fingers and a wider palm compared to a regular golf glove. This is beneficial for those with a larger palm and can offer additional grip while holding a golf club.

Playing with a cadet golf glove might be the right fit for you. It’s important to know more about what a cadet golf glove is before venturing down this path as a golfer.

This guide should help figure out what does cadet mean in golf gloves, cadet golf glove sizes, who should use cadet golf gloves, the pros of cadet golf gloves, and cadet golf gloves vs regular golf gloves.

What Does A Cadet Golf Glove Mean?

A cadet golf glove means the fingers are shorter, while the palms are wider compared to a more traditional golf glove. This bodes well for those who have larger palms and want to ensure the fit is comfortable.

The most important part of buying golf gloves is making sure they fit well.

These types of golf gloves do work well for those who have wider palms. Your hand does not get stuck in the glove and you can retain more control of your golf shots.

This is why many golfers use cadet golf gloves when they are out on the golf course.

Cadet Golf Glove Size Chart

Size Of Cadet GlovePalm (Inches)Fingers (Inches)
Medium Large6-7″5-6″
Extra Large8-9″6-8″
The cadet golf glove sizes are slightly different than regular golf gloves. This is why you have to be prepared for investing in the right golf gloves.

A cadet medium vs medium golf glove is going to be different. It will be by a few inches but it is going to make a difference.

This is why you have to be aware of the measurements as they will be different between brands.

For example, Footjoy cadet golf gloves are different than other brands. Look at the official measurements and then learn how to choose the best cadet golf gloves.

Regular Vs Cadet Golf Glove

When comparing regular vs cadet golf gloves, it’s all about the sizing. A regular golf glove is designed to have standard-length fingers and slimmer palms. In comparison, a cadet golf glove has shorter fingers and wider palms.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between golf gloves. It comes down to what is going to feel comfortable in your hands.

This is a must.

The cadet golf glove vs regular is only useful when you have taken measurements of your hands. This will let you know which type of golf glove is best for your game.

This comparison between cadet golf gloves and regular golf gloves is always about comfort. If you don’t feel comfortable with the golf gloves on, you are going to feel worried on the golf course.

Benefits Of A Cadet Golf Gloves

1. Ideal For Bigger Palms

When it comes to the advantages of cadet golf gloves, you need to appreciate the palms. This is where the most difference is seen and that is what matters the most.

In general, bigger palms are the main feature of a cadet golf glove.

You are going to notice it will be approximately 1-2″ wider than a regular golf glove. This bodes well for those who have larger palms and find regular golf gloves to be restrictive during a golf swing.

what does cadet mean in golf gloves

2. Offers Additional Grip

The grip on a golf club is essential when you are attempting to play golf.

It’s not just about maintaining the golf grip but also making sure you are using the right golf gloves for your hands.

The beauty of cadet golf gloves is that you are going to notice an increase in the amount of grip you have when holding the golf club. This is ideal for those who are particular about how the golf club feels in their hands.

3. It’s Easier To Find A Custom Fit

Let’s assume you have larger hands.

You might have hands that are not going to be an exact fit for any of the regular golf gloves on the open market.

Does this mean you are straight out of luck?

No, you are going to want to take a look at buying cadet golf gloves. These golf gloves are wider from the palm, which might work better for your hand shape. This customization cannot be underestimated for those who want to buy new golf gloves.

Just like anything else in the sport, a custom-fitted golf glove is going to work well and a cadet golf glove will be the closest thing you are going to get.

Cons Of A Cadet Golf Glove

1. Not Good For Longer Fingers

With the negatives of cadet golf gloves, you will want to start with one of the elements that it does not offer due to its design.

These gloves are not good for those with longer fingers.

If you have longer fingers then you will want to take a peek at what you can get with the regular golf gloves as they have longer fingers.

The shorter fingers of a cadet golf glove are simply not going to work. When you size up, the palms will become too big for you.

what does cadet mean in golf gloves

2. Not As Readily Available For Women Golfers

One issue with cadet golf gloves would be the lack of available options.

It’s more of a rare type of golf glove that is becoming increasingly popular among golfers as time has gone on. However, this is often for men golfers and not as readily available for women golfers.

This is why most women golfers end up only using regular golf gloves as they don’t have other options.

The reason this occurs is due to how a business is run. There has to be demand and there is simply not enough in the women’s category since the average women’s hand is smaller.

How Do You Know If You Need a Cadet Glove?

You need a cadet glove if your palms are larger or wider in comparison to your fingers. These gloves are ideally designed for those with wider palms making them a good fit for those with this type of genetic makeup.

When choosing the right golf gloves, always measure your hands.

You can then compare those measurements with the ones in the cadet golf glove sizing chart.

It will let you pinpoint what is the right fit for you.

Do not rush the process and take multiple measurements before buying cadet golf gloves.

Final Thoughts

Look into these details as you pinpoint what does cadet mean in golf gloves.

Cadet golf gloves are designed to have shorter fingers and wider palms in comparison to regular golf gloves. This is beneficial for golfers with wider palms that will want more space within the glove when holding the golf club. It also offers more grip due to how the golf glove is designed.

It’s always recommended to buy the right golf gloves and also make sure you are keeping the golf gloves clean year-round.

This will ensure the golf gloves last a long time when you put them in your golf bag.