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How To Make Golf Grips Tacky (Tips & Tricks)

Using good golf grips is just a part of the equation as a modern golfer.

Yes, your grips will need to be good but it’s also important to maintain your golf grips over time. Otherwise, you are going to remain a step behind and the results will not come as well as you want them to.

One issue golfers report is when their golf grips are slippery. The golf club starts slipping out of their hands during a swing.

With this in mind, it’s time to learn how to make golf grips tacky.

To make golf grips tacky, wipe them with a clean cloth. Next, mix detergent with warm water and then soak the grips in this mixture. Scrub the grips to remove excess residue, rinse them, and then let the grips dry until they are ready for use.

At this point, your golf grips will be tackier. This is a must because making golf grips tackier is the purpose of this process.

This guide will show you how to make golf grips tacky and what to use in this process along with why it’s beneficial.

What Is A Tacky Golf Grip?

A tacky golf grip refers to golf grips that have more traction. This makes them easier to hold onto during a golf swing. The opposite of this would be slippery golf grips, which make it feel like the golf club is moving in your hands as a golfer.

It becomes important to make golf grips stickier with the right strategy. Sticky golf grips will make all the difference and improve your golf swing too.

Many golfers look at buying new golf clubs or investing in golf balls but it’s also important to make sure you are focusing on the golf grips.

If the golf grips are slippery, the rest won’t matter.

Steps To Make Golf Grips Tacky

1. Wipe The Golf Grips

When cleaning golf grips, it’s important to start with a simple wipe-down.

The goal here is to clean the golf grips with the help of a cloth. There is sweat and additional residue that is going to be easy to remove as it will be sitting as the top layer on the golf grips.

Just a quick wipe with a clean cloth is going to get the job done for the top layer.

This will then reveal the underlying layer of debris and residue that has to be cleaned using a cleaning solution.

2. Mix Water + Detergent

There are a few options here.

For this guide, the best approach is to mix warm water with detergent. This can be a 1:1 ratio as it will be enough to clean a potent cleaning solution for the golf grips.

Make sure to mix these two ingredients thoroughly before soaking the golf grips in it.

What other options can you consider?

You can start cleaning golf grips with vinegar or use Windex on golf grips. These are potential options but they are not always as effective as mixing warm water with detergent.

golf grips tacky

3. Soak Grip With The Mixture

To make golf grips more tacky, you will need to now soak the golf grips in the cleaning solution that was created.

How much should you soak the goal grips in this solution?

It does not have to be for long.

Just a few seconds in the cleaning solution should be enough as long as you make sure to get every inch of the golf grips. If you miss a spot, this is going to be harder to clean later on.

Get it right the first time and make sure to drench the golf grips with the help of the cleaning solution that you have put together.

This is a key part of cleansing golf grips to make them stickier.

4. Remove The Residue With A Scrub

At this point, it’s time to make old golf grips feel new.

You are going to take a scrub and begin scrubbing the layer of debris and residue that is visible due to the cleaning solution.

You do not have to wipe the cleaning solution right now. Just begin scrubbing and look to be vigorous as that is going to help get rid of the muck that is sitting on top.

The better you do this, the better your results are going to be.

5. Rinse The Golf Grips

At this point, you are going to rinse the golf grips.

The goal is to make sure you are rinsing the golf grips with clean water. It can be done with tap water if that is all you have available to you.

Otherwise, take out your garden hose and use its pressure to clean the golf grips at home. This is going to make sure the cleaning solution rinses off as cleanly as you want it to.

To remove dirt from golf grips, you do need to take your time with this step. The hose will provide good water pressure, which will help make sure the golf grips are as clean as you want them to be.

6. Let The Golf Grips Dry

When maintaining golf grips, you have to also give them time to settle.

You will want to focus on letting the golf grips dry a bit. This is going to be essential as you don’t want to start using the golf grips until you have given them a bit of time to dry.

How should you dry golf grips?

The best way to dry golf grips is to let them sit out in the open air. This will make sure the golf grips dry quickly and properly.

Benefits Of Tacky Golf Grips

1. Improved Control

The advantages of tacky golf grips begin with improved control of your golf swing.

When the golf club feels slippery, it is going to become difficult to get your aim right. It will feel like you are battling against your golf club and that is a battle you are not going to win as it will slip out of your hand or off to the side.

This is why most golfers prefer to have sticky golf grips.

This helps make it easier to swing with purpose and know it is going to go where you want it to.

golf grips tacky

2. Better Impact Feel

Using tacky golf grips is also about impact feel.

Yes, the most important component of impact protection is going to be the golf club itself. However, you will be surprised how much the golf grip impacts something like this in your golf swing.

A slippery golf grip is going to make it feel ten times worse.

You are going to hate the way the golf club feels as soon as you hit a golf ball.

3. Smoother Golf Swing

One of the pros of a tacky golf grip is going to come in the form of a smoother golf swing.

The well-maintained golf grips are going to make it easier for you to have a refined golf swing that feels as good as it should.

You are going to enjoy the swing and how freely it moves from start to finish. This alone is ideal for those who either want to increase their golf swing speed or hit the ball accurately by refining their golf swing.

4. Less Tiring

When making golf grips tackier, you also have to think about how tiring it can be to deal with a slippery golf club.

It will feel like the golf club is always slipping out of your hands.

This is a tough battle to deal with.

To avoid this, you need to start maintaining your golf grips and making sure things are done with a purpose. This includes using a tacky spray on golf grips or cleaning the golf grips at home.

Why Do Golf Grips Become Slippery?

Golf grips become slippery due to the accumulation of sweat, debris, and/or general residue from constant use. Since golf is played outside, it is common for debris and residue to get onto the golf grips making them slippery.

The best option is to either change the golf grips or look at cleansing the golf grips at home.

This is the only way you are going to make sure the golf grips work properly.

How Long To Let Regripped Clubs Dry?

It’s recommended to let regripped clubs dry for at least 12-24 hours. This will give it enough time to become usable for golfing without having to worry about potentially slipping or control issues.

Can You Use Clubs Right After Regripping?

No, you should not use golf clubs right after regripping. They are not going to be settled at this point and can remain slippery affecting your golf performance. It’s best to wait at least 12-24 hours after regripping a golf club.

How Do I Make My Golf Grips Less Tacky?

To make golf grips less tacky, apply a bit of coconut oil on the grip. Just a small amount will be enough to add a bit of a slippery texture to the golf grip if it is too tacky.

While it is rare for golf grips to be too tacky, you will still want to have this solution up your sleeve if necessary.

Final Thoughts

It’s best to look at these details when trying to make golf grips tacky.

To make golf grips tacky, start by wiping the golf grips with a clean cloth. Now, mix warm water with detergent before soaking the golf grips in it. Once soaked, scrub residue off of the golf grips and then rinse it with a hose. After you are done, let the golf grips dry before using them.

Making the most of your golf clubs starts with the grip. If the golf grip is not right, the golf club is not going to work properly.

Before you go to the country club for golfing, it’s best to keep your golf grips in good shape.