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Ping G425 Iron Specs And Loft Chart (Specs, Loft, Lie Angle)

Before looking at Ping G425 irons for sale, it’s important to understand the main Ping G425 features.

You will want to learn about how the Ping G425 plays and whether or not this is the right type of golf club for your needs.

This is why it’s important to go through the Ping G425 iron specs and loft chart.

This guide is going to take a look at the main Ping G425 iron specs and loft chart along with other information.

This will include the Ping G425 bounce, Ping G425 lie angle, and the Ping G425 offset to name a few.

Ping G425 Iron Specs And Loft Chart

Club TypeLoftLengthRetro Spec LoftPower Spec Loft
4-Iron20.5°38 7/8″22.0°19.0°
5-Iron23.5°38 1/4″25.0°22.0°
6-Iron26.5°37 5/8″28.3°25.0°
8-Iron34.5°36 1/2″37.0°32.5°
UW49.5°35 1/2″51.8°47.5°
PW44.5°35 1/2″47.0°42.5°
SW54.0°35 1/4″56.0°54.0°

Let’s begin with the loft of the Ping G425 golf club. This is a well-designed option that will work well right off the bat.

The loft plays an integral role in how far the golf ball goes after it has been hit. You are going to want a robust loft and that’s what you are going to get with the Ping G425 golf club.

It’s going to work well and it’s going to allow you to hit the golf ball as far as you want to.

ping g425 iron specs and loft chart

Ping G425 Lie Angle Specs Chart

Club TypeLie Angle
The Ping G425 lie angle is good and allows golfers to optimize their golf swing. A golf club’s lie angle plays an important role in how a golf ball is hit and the power that is generated as soon as impact is made.

It’s important to not settle for less and that is why this Ping golf club set works.

Being able to generate this much power with the Ping G425 is useful and adds value to how the golf club plays.

Ping G425 Offset Specs Chart

Club TypeOffset
The offset is well-maintained and ensures the performance does not let you down. You are going to feel in control with this golf club and it’s going to optimize your technique down to the last detail.

Using the Ping G425 golf club comes down to being able to generate enough power from the stroke.

If that is what you desire, you will see serious improvements in your game with this golf club.

Ping G425 Bounce Specs Chart

Club TypeBounce
With the golf club bounce, it’s essential to look at a golf club set that is going to offer a reasonable array of bounce degrees.

Whether you are playing on a harder or softer golf surface, you want a useful golf club that is going to work well in that particular situation.

The Ping G425 bounce is good and it allows golfers to feel in control when it is time to play out of the rough.

Can You Adjust The Loft On Ping G425 Irons?

Yes, you can adjust the loft on Ping G425 irons by 1.5 degrees. This is done with the help of the adjustable hosel, which can be adjusted to get the desired loft.

While this is not a major change, it is enough to help tweak how the golf ball is hit on the green.

Those who want additional loft can play around with the adjustable hosel to get it to work as required.

Adjustability is one of the major plus points of the Ping G425. It allows for a more modern setup where you are not going to be restricted to one type of setup with the golf club in hand.

You can make slight alterations and know the adjustment is going to help you play better. This can alter the distance of a golf iron.

ping g425 iron specs and loft chart

What Does Ping Power Spec Loft Mean?

The Ping power spec loft refers to the amount of power that is generated by the golf club upon impact. This is varied depending on the degrees, which is why the Ping power spect loft chart is useful.

There is a slight upward adjustment to the power spec loft of the Ping G425 golf club. This is important as it allows the golf ball to be hit harder and further with the same golf swing speed.

This is a major advantage for those who want to tweak how they are hitting a golf ball out in the open.

What Is Retro Spec Loft?

The retro spec loft of a golf club refers to precision and control. This number allows golfers to get a read on the loft angle and how accurately the ball is going to fall as soon as it lands.

Why is this important?

It’s important to know the retro spec loft of a golf club because it sheds light on whether or not it’s just a golf club for power.

Hitting the golf ball far is not enough. You will also want to make sure it lands where you want it to.

What Is The Difference Between Retro Spec Loft And Power Spec Loft?

The difference between retro spec loft and power spec loft starts with the core emphasis of these metrics. The retro spec loft refers to the accuracy and control of the golf club about its loft. While the power spec loft refers to the amount of power the golf club can generate about its loft.

Both metrics are integral to finding a good golf club.

Knowing these numbers will make it easier to time the golf swing speed while optimizing the loft for power and control.

Do Any Pros Use Ping G425?

Yes, some pros use the Ping G425. These professional golfers include Cameron Champ, Guillermo Mito Pereira, and Sebastian Munoz.

Pro golfers like this golf club because it’s easy to use, works well in different conditions, and has the right loft needed for distance control.

Final Thoughts

These are the main Ping G425 iron specs and loft charts.

It’s recommended to observe the specs and loft numbers before buying the golf club. This will let you compare the length of the golf club along with the other important golf club features.

You should never buy a new golf club set without being aware of these details. It’s the only way to make sure you are optimizing how the golf ball is hit.