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GM Golf Net Worth (Earnings, Status, Girlfriend)

When it comes to Youtube and Golf, GM Golf is one of the biggest channels on the platform and is well-appreciated among people of all ages.

More and more people are getting behind the channel and it continues to earn rave reviews for all of its relevant content.

With this in mind, it’s time to learn more about GM Golf (Garrett Clark).

This includes asking, what is GM Golf’s net worth?

GM Golf’s net worth is estimated to be $1,700,000 and this number continues to grow with his rapid rise as a Youtube influencer and golfer. He holds a variety of sponsorships to go along with his Youtube and affiliate earnings.

There has been a lot of interest in getting to know who Garrett Clark is of gm__golf on Youtube.

With 870,000+ subscribers on Youtube, GM Golf is the real deal and one of the biggest Youtube personalities in the world of golf right now.

This guide will take a look at who is GM Golf and his relationship with the Good Golf Guys. This includes seeing if GM Golf is single, GM Golf’s net worth, and how much GM Golf makes on Youtube.

Who Is GM Golf?

GM Golf’s real name is Garrett Clark.

He is a 23-year-old Youtube influencer and golfer that has gained critical acclaim for his world-class golf videos featuring tricks and other fascinating stunts.

Garrett Clark’s interest in golf started at the age of 13. He was dabbling around with the sport and looking to get the hang of it. At the time, he didn’t know how successful he would become in the world of golf but that was where it all started.

As time went on, he also built a strong golfing relationship with his cousin Micah Morris, who is often involved in his videos and is a part of The Good Golf Guys.

Garrett Clark also played golf at Kansas Community College while studying. While he didn’t finish his degree, he continued to work towards building a strong online presence for his golfing brand (gm__golf).

How Old Are The Good Golf Guys?

The Good Golf Guys include Garrett Clark, Micah Morris, Stephen Castaneda, and Matt Scharff.

Let’s take a look at the Good Golf Guys members’ age.

Garrett Clark is 23 years old.

Micah Morris is 27 years old.

Stephen Castaneda is 23 years old.

Matt Scharff is 24 years old.

The Good Golf Guys are young and still budding golfers. They continue to work on their skills and also have built a considerable online following in the community.

What Is GM Golf’s Net Worth?

GM Golf’s net worth is $1,700,000.

This is based on his Youtube earnings, affiliate earnings, and sponsorship deals. It’s important to note this is a rough estimate and this number continues to grow as Garrett Clark rises in the golfing community.

GM Golf’s earnings have grown each year due to its rising subscriber count on Youtube. He is a successful entrepreneur due to his time working on his business and building a strong following.

How Much Does GM Golf Make from Youtube?

GM Golf makes $10,000 per month from Youtube. It is common for GM Golf to post 2-3 videos during the month and that can bring in this amount for him along with earnings from previous videos.

Golf is a high-earning niche, which allows him to do well when it comes to his Youtube earnings per view.

GM Golf Girlfriend

As of right now, GM Golf does not have a known girlfriend.

It is assumed GM Golf is single but he tends to keep this part of his life private.

How Old Is GM Golf?

GM Golf is 23 years old and was born in April 2000.

How Much Do The Guys from Good Good Golf Make?

The guys from Good Good Golf make around $10,000 per month each.

This is varied depending on their followers as each member has a successful Youtube channel. It is a rough estimate based on their videos and view counts as a majority of their earnings do come from Youtube.

GM Golf Sponsorships

When it comes to GM Golf’s endorsement deals, he is one of the most acclaimed names in the world of golf beyond PGA or LPGA golfers.

Due to his rising subscriber count on Youtube, he has managed to bag several sponsorships over the years.

This includes endorsement deals with Pursell Farms and the Dollar Shave Club. He also tends to have golf-specific endorsement deals that are seen on his channel.

Final Thoughts

This is all the information available on GM Golf’s net worth.

GM Golf’s net worth is $1,700,000 and continues to grow each year. He earns money from Youtube, affiliate commissions, and endorsement deals.

GM Golf has become a prominent name in the world of golf.

He is known for offering insight into golf clubs, golf tees, and golf balls showcasing his value in the world of golf.