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Bad Birdie Net Worth (Earnings, Status, History)

Noted for being “The Freshest Polos In Golf,” Bad Birdie was an enticing shark tank proposal that made its way onto the show.

One of the most common sights in golf is the polo.

Whether it is an amateur golfer at the local golf course or a professional on the PGA tour, it all comes down to looking great while playing great.

This mindset is something that Bad Birdie wanted to take advantage of and spice up. Instead of a more traditional selection of polos, Bad Birdie wanted to offer something unique.

This is why it’s important to dive deeper into understanding what Bad Birdie is all about and how things have turned out after Shark Tank.

What is Bad Birdie’s net worth right now?

Bad Birdie’s net worth is estimated to be $6,000,000+ and has been going on a positive trajectory for years now. It is a well-established brand that is appreciated for its sleek, innovative polos.

This article will shed more light on who is Bad Birdie, who owns Bad Birdie, Bad Birdie’s net worth, and what happened to Bad Birdie after Shark Tank.

Who Is Bad Birdie?

Bad Birdie is a performance golf apparel brand that sells a wide array of golf clothes. This includes its popular polos, quarter zips, tees, pants, and more.

The brand came to the forefront after its Shark Tank pitch.

It was obvious right away the golf apparel sold by Bad Birdie was hip, snappy, and had all the makings of a successful business in the golf niche.

This has proven to be true as the years have gone by as Bad Birdie continues to hold a say in the market.

bad birdie net worth

Who Is The Owner Of Bad Birdie?

Bad Birdie is owned by Jason Richardson. He came on Shark Tank with his performance golf apparel business looking for a strategic partner.

At the time, his apparel business was budding, and had all the potential to become one of the major golf apparel players in the niche.

It’s important to note Robert Herjavec, a renowned Canadian businessman also seen on Shark Tank became part owner after Jason’s pitch on the show. He took home 20% of the business.

Bad Birdie Net Worth

Bad Birdie didn’t slow down after it came onto Shark Tank. The brand’s net worth is approximately $6,000,000 and this number continues to rise due to the company’s strategic rise in the niche along with its assortment of SKUs.

This is a golf apparel company that has taken large strides with the help of Robert Herjavec and aims to add to its selection.

After the Bad Birdie Shark Tank deal, the Bad Birdie shirts were selling like hotcakes. To make sure this was not just a small surge after the show aired, Robert and Jason made sure to elevate its marketing.

This is why the company has grown in value.

What Happened To Bad Birdie After Shark Tank?

Bad Birdie ended up securing a deal with Robert Herjavec at $300,000 for 20%. The reason this pitch became popular was due to the end where Robert had to hit a putt to gain 5% on the pitch.

He missed the put and that is when the deal was finalized at 20%.

After Shark Tank, Bad Birdie began rising as a golf apparel brand. It managed to rake in millions of dollars and is now worth over $6,000,000 demonstrating it was a successful investment for Robert.

It is also important to note that Jason Richardson also has seen a rise in his value through the business.

Final Thoughts

This is the information available on Bad BIrdie’s net worth.

Bad Birdie’s net worth is estimated to be $6,000,000. This brand became popular after its rise through a Shark Tank pitch and managed to secure a deal with Robert Herjevec for 20% at $300,000.

Whether it is buying premium golf irons, getting your hands on quality golf tees, or simply wanting the best golf balls, everyone in the niche loves finding a good fit.

This is the same reason Bad Birdie has done well and is a popular option among golfers.

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