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Does Topgolf Use Real Golf Balls? (Answered)

Topgolf is a premier name in the world of golf.

It has become a service provider with years of experience and is a reputable brand for golf enthusiasts.

With this in mind, you will want to learn more about the golf balls used at Topgolf. Which golf balls are used by Topgolf?

Does Topgolf use real golf balls?

No, Topgolf does not use real golf balls. It uses limited-flight golf balls equipped with RFID trackers. Limited-flight golf balls are less dangerous, don’t go as far, and last longer making them an ideal option for Topgolf facilities.

A limited-flight golf ball is often used for golf practices. This type of golf ball works well for beginners and is also easier to maintain. Most facilities only use these types of golf balls because of how long they last.

This guide is going to look at the golf balls used by Topgolf and whether or not you can bring your own golf balls to Topgolf.

What Type of Balls Does Topgolf Use?

Topgolf uses limited-flight golf balls. These are designed to have a reduced distance of 10% compared to a regular golf ball. This ensures the golf ball does not travel far and will not go over the netting on the other end. It is also safer and longer-lasting.

Topgolf balls fly shorter, which makes them ideal for the brand.

They use billions of golf balls across multiple facilities and it’s important for the investment to be worthwhile. Regular golf balls simply don’t last as long and are not worthwhile for the business.

This is why Topgolf uses limited-flight golf balls.

These are designed to work well for such situations and will also help keep track of the golf balls. Since RFID technology is used to track golf balls at Topgolf, they want to maximize their investment with the help of a limited-flight golf ball.

Reasons Topgolf Uses Limited Flight Golf Balls

1. Reduced Flight

Topgolf balls work by offering reduced flight upon impact.

The difference has been studied to be approximately 8-10% short of what a regular golf ball would do in the same setting.

This reduced flight is beneficial for Topgolf because it does not want to fetch balls past the netting.

Does this mean professional golfers can’t hit past the netting? No, they can and a person with a golf swing speed of 100+ MPH can often hit it to the netting or over it.

However, the average golfer coming to Topgolf does not have this capability. This helps regulate how far the golf ball travels at Topgolf.

does topgolf use real golf balls

2. Durable

Topgolf balls are limited flight but they are also robust.

This is due to the softer outer shell.

A regular golf ball is not going to offer this benefit because the outer shell is going to crack easily. This is often acceptable on a golf course but not as ideal when the ball is being hit often such as it would at Topgolf.

This is why Topgolf does not use regular golf balls.

Instead, it uses softer golf balls that are going to last a long time. This optimizes the investment for the business as thousands of golfers come through using the same golf balls.

Dealing with golf balls that get bent is not ideal and that does not happen with Topgolf’s golf balls.

3. More Affordable

While most people will look at the Topgolf ball speed and distance, you want to account for the general investment too.

Topgolf invests in its balls by using RFID trackers.

If the golf ball does not last, it becomes pricey to replace. The upfront cost is also sizable due to the number of golf balls used by Topgolf.

This is why they use softer golf balls at Topgolf to help limit their flight and also ensure they last a long time.

This is important for the business and it also demonstrates why there is a desire to only use limited-flight golf balls at Topgolf.

4. Safer

Topgolf golf balls are safer.

This is due to the same softer shell that allows the golf balls to last longer. While it keeps the golf ball safe, it also keeps the patrons safe too.

This is key due to the nature of the Topgolf facility and how the golf balls are going to be flying.

It is essential to go with a safer option and that is going to happen with the limited-flight golf balls.

5. Added Control For Beginners

Just like it is important to choose a good golf club as a beginner, it’s also important to recognize the impact a good golf ball can have.

Regular golf balls are not ideal in such situations.

They are going to travel far and they are going to be harder to control. This works for professionals but it is not something that works at Topgolf.

This is why the brand looks to use limited-flight golf balls at its facilities. These golf balls offer added control making them easier to hit. This makes the experience an enjoyable one for golfers.

This is key when comparing regular golf balls with practice golf balls.

Can You Use Personal Limited Flight Balls To Topgolf?

No, you cannot use personal limited-flight golf balls at Topgolf. The company uses RAIN RFID technology at the center of each golf ball to track it. This is why Topgolf provides golf balls to its customers.

This means you cannot bring your own golf balls to Topgolf. You will not be allowed to use them.

Topgolf has strict policies when it comes to this including the type of golf club that is being used on-site.

It’s essential to speak to customer service when understanding the rules at Topgolf for the golf balls.

Are the Golf Balls At Topgolf Chipped?

Yes, all golf balls at Topgolf are chipped. RAIN RFID technology is implanted inside the core of the limited-flight golf ball to make it easier to track. This allows Topgolf to track where the golf ball is, its distance, and its speed.

These are good tracking metrics that add to a customer’s experience when they are at Topgolf.

Are Topgolf distances accurate?

Yes, Topgolf distances are accurate due to the RAIN RFID chips that are impacted inside the golf balls. This makes them easier to track and allows Topgolf to share how far the ball has gone.

This is why Topgolf has spent time using limited-flight golf balls over the years. They add to the facility.

How Does Topgolf Know Which Ball Is Yours?

Topgolf knows which ball is yours due to the RAIN RFID chip inside the golf ball. Each golf ball has this chip and it allows the company to keep track of where the ball has gone and how fast it went there.

You can then analyze this data as you are going through a session at Topgolf.

It is unique information that is quite engaging for those who want to have a bit of fun at Topgolf.

This is also why Topgolf does not use regular golf balls. Those are not as easy to track and cause chaos.

Do Topgolf Golf Balls Not Go As Far?

Topgolf golf balls do not go as far as regular golf balls. This occurs because each golf ball at the facility is a limited-flight golf ball. This type of golf ball travels 10% less than a regular golf ball ensuring it does not go over the netting on the other end.

This is done by Topgolf to make sure the golf ball remains within the playing area and is easier to keep track of.

With so many golf balls at Topgolf, it is important for them to be easy to track. This is why Topgolf golf balls don’t go far.

Do you have to pay separately for balls at Topgolf?

You do not have to pay separately for balls at Topgolf. This is included in the entrance fee when you play at Topgolf. You are going to gain access to both golf clubs and golf balls as soon as you begin to play.

For more information, it’s recommended to speak to a customer service rep at the facility to find out what your options are.

Final Thoughts

Does Topgolf use real golf balls?

Topgolf does not use real golf balls. It uses limited-flight golf balls that travel 10% less than regular golf balls. These golf balls are also lighter, softer, and easier to maintain. To maximize the golf balls, Topgolf includes RAIN RFID chips in the center of each ball to help track it.

When working on your golf swing, you will want to learn the right way. This is where limited-flight golf balls are useful.

You can optimize your golf swing while also getting more out of your session at Topgolf. Consider this when looking at TopGolf versus BigShots Golf and other options.