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Best Golf Balls With GPS (Complete Guide)

When you are looking at finding trackable golf balls, it’s important to invest the right way. It’s easy to choose inefficient GPS golf balls that are either going to offer minimal responsiveness or are simply not going to last long enough.

This is why golfers are particular about the type of golf ball they use on the golf course.

A smart golf ball with GPS is a good option but it’s important to know which smart golf ball is best for your needs.

To get started, is there a GPS golf ball?

Yes, there is such a thing as a GPS golf ball. This includes a smart chip inside the core of the golf ball making it trackable through a mobile device. This is an efficient option to help know where the golf ball is when it’s hit.

New-age golfers use GPS golf balls because they offer a long list of advantages and are a joy to use.

While they might not be as affordable as other types of golf balls, GPS golf balls do hold value.

This guide will share more on what a GPS golf ball is, how to use a GPS golf ball, the advantages of a golf ball with GPS, and which ones are available on the open market right now.

Is There A GPS Golf Ball?

Yes, there is a GPS golf ball available for golfers to use. These golf balls are equipped with a specialized chip in the core to help track using a mobile device. This is important for those who want to gain data from the golf ball while also knowing where it is on the golf course.

Microchipped golf balls have become all the rage these days.

They are well-regarded as being a modern way to keep track of golf balls outdoors.

golf balls with gps

Benefits Of A GPS Golf Ball

1. Easy To Track

When it comes to the advantages of a GPS golf ball, it starts with knowing you are not going to lose the golf ball once it is hit.

A lot of people worry about not being able to find their golf ball once it is hit.

This does happen with traditional golf balls but that is not going to be a problem when you are using a trackable golf ball that is chipped. Instead, it will take less than a minute for the app on your smartphone to know where the golf ball is.

Anything that is easy to track will always be easy to manage.

This is important for those who want to make sure they are finding the golf ball the right way.

A retrievable golf ball is useful and the options that are made available on the market now stand out for their positives.

2. Good Amount Of Data

When you are working on your golf swing and looking to use a quality golf club, it’s also important to keep track of where the ball is going.

This is all possible with the help of a GPS golf ball.

When you use a GPS golf ball, you are going to receive new data on your smartphone app. This data is going to let you learn more about where the golf ball is and also how far you have hit it.

This is one of the pros of GPS golf balls that you will appreciate as it makes going through golf drills a breeze too.

3. Compliant With Professional Regulations

Let’s assume you are thinking about using these golf balls in a competition.

Is it possible to do so or are you going to be at an unfair advantage according to the rulebook?

You are going to be more than allowed to use microchipped golf balls if that is what you wish to do. The golf ball manufacturers that are behind these golf balls have made sure they are legally compliant for these golf competitions.

This means you should be allowed to use these golf balls on the golf course.

Best GPS Golf Balls

When it comes to buying the best GPS golf balls, it’s important to analyze what the market has to offer.

While the market is not flooded with microchipped GPS golf balls, it does offer a few high-quality options a golfer will want to take a look at.

These include:

  • BBall Golf Balls
  • Oncore Golf Balls
  • Chiping Golf Balls
  • Genius Golf Balls

Whether it is the Genius golf ball or the BBall golf ball, these are some of the best golf balls on the market right now due to their new-age tech.

How Does A GPS Golf Ball Work?

A GPS golf ball works with the help of a small chip inserted into its core. This chip then transmits data to the app on a linked mobile device. This makes it easy to locate where the ball is and retrieve it when necessary.

In the past, it was hard to find a golf ball when it was hit. A lot of golfers would simply give up when the ball was not nearby.

This does not have to happen any longer due to the use of GPS golf balls.

Tips To Buy A GPS Golf Ball

1. Consider Its Range

Golf balls with GPS are great but it is also important to think about the range you are going to get from the transmitting signal.

Remember it is only trackable when there is a signal coming back to the app. If not, you will not know where the trackable golf ball is.

When looking at a golf ball that you can track, you will also have to account for its overall range.

It should be easy to locate and that won’t be an issue when you are concentrating on getting a high-quality golf ball that has considerable range.

2. Focus On The Ball’s Durability

When it comes to tracking a golf ball, you are likely going to be focusing on the chip that is inside the golf ball.

Yes, it is important to go with a good chipped golf ball but that is just one step in the right direction.

You will also want to take the time to think about how durable the external shell is. If the golf ball begins to break down, you are not going to see appropriate results over the long term.

A good golf ball is only useful when you can keep hitting it for a long time. It should not break down after a few rounds.

3. Set A Budget

When looking at GPS golf balls for sale, you will also want to set a budget.

These are not going to be cheap.

You are going to need a considerable amount of money for a chipped golf ball. Some golf balls tend to be more than $50 a ball.

This means you are going to have to spend quite a bit to get a few of these golf balls in your collection. If you have the budget for these, they are a good investment and they will last longer as you will not lose them as easily.

How Many Golf Balls Are Lost Each Year?

It is estimated up to 250 million golf balls are lost each year and this number continues to climb with more golfers and golf courses around the world. This makes it important for new-age technology to enter the fray when it comes to tracking golf balls with embedded chips.

Final Thoughts

These are the best golf balls with GPS on the market right now.

GPS golf balls are a thing and they included an embedded chip that helps track where the ball is by transmitting a signal back to the mobile device. This allows golfers to pinpoint where the golf ball is after it has been hit.

The best option for those who want to do things the right way is to take the time to locate the golf ball and make sure the right measures are taken.

Just like making sure you have an authentic golf club, it’s also important to ensure you are getting a good GPS golf ball when it is time to invest in a few.