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Why Are Putters So Expensive? (Solved)

Whether you are looking at Ping putters, Odyssey putters, or Scotty Cameron putters, it’s common to want to look for something that’s going to work well and remain affordable at the same time.

However, there is another side to the market that should be explored.

This is where expensive golf putters are sold to the golf community. It will make you wonder, why are putters so expensive?

Golf putters are expensive because of the materials, new-age club technology, customizations, alignment, intricate measurements, and/or face inserts. The level of engineering detail behind the average golf putter is higher than ever before.

This has led to expensive putters in golf that continue to enter the market each year. Since there is an appetite for expensive golf putters, the market continues to see these pricey golf putters.

This guide will help take a look at cheap vs expensive putters, the best golf putter, and why putters are so expensive.

Why Are Putters So Expensive?

1. Branding

When people talk about golf putters, it’s important to look at the branding.

For example, why Scotty Cameron putters? What’s the value behind expensive Scotty Cameron putters in the first place?

It has to do with branding and how reputable the golf brand is.

People know a Scotty Cameron putter is the real deal. If you get your hands on one of these Scotty Cameron putters, you are getting a legitimate golf putter brand that makes some of the best golf putters on the market right now.

why are putters so expensive

2. Customizations

You will also want to look at the level of customization that goes into a new-age golf putter. It is far above anything that was done in the past and the level of detail is truly impressive.

It is common to see pro golfers buy expensive golf putters due to this reason. They personalize everything.

You can have a company personalize the golf putter down to the last detail. This would not have happened in the past and as with most things that are customized, the price tends to go up too.

3. Intricate Measurements

When you look at expensive putter brands, you will realize it is the intricate measurements and the overall metrics that will blow you away.

These brands look at everything down to the last inch.

They want to make sure you are picking up a golf putter that is refined and is going to look the part as soon as you set it up. This is what makes all the difference for those who want the right type of golf putter.

Expensive putters often get these measurements right. You will know when you pick up expensive golf putters that they are going to be legitimately engineered to match what is being said in the marketing.

This makes a real difference to some.

4. Materials

With the most expensive putters, you will also want to focus on the materials.

A good golf putter is one that is going to feel good in the hands but it is also common for brands to want to optimize the weight of a golf putter along with the material it is made out of.

The right material can make a tangible difference in the weight and overall feel of a golf putter immediately.

why are putters so expensive

5. Face Inserts

The amount of testing that goes into face inserts for golf putters cannot be stressed enough when it comes to understanding a golf putter’s value.

These face inserts are far different from the average golf putter’s club face. These face inserts can alter how the golf putter performs and how much control you get from a golf shot as soon as you use the putter.

When you want specific control with a golf putter, you will often look into these face inserts.

6. Alignment

Let’s assume you pick up the most expensive putter in the world.

You will realize it is the alignment that is going to be refined. A lot of engineering work has gone into understanding the alignment of a putter.

This includes how you are going to line up a shot with the new putter in hand.

It is common for some of the new-age golf putters to use lines that help indicate how the golf putter is going to play. These lines are based on that specific putter, which is helpful as you are not going to be taking as much of a guess out in the open.

7. New-Age Golf Technology

One of the major changes in recent years has to do with the golf shaft.

It has changed a lot.

In the past, the golf shaft was a singular piece that was not separate from the club face. This meant it was all working in harmony and it was often just an extension of the club face without specific qualities to help with play.

This is not the case with costly golf putters.

New-age technology with the golf shaft flex or the golf shaft weight makes a real difference in how the golf putter feels.

8. Competition For Best Putter

If you take a look at Scotty Cameron putters, you will often hear them being rated as the best putters in golf.

However, they are not the only ones in the race.

There are other brands and all of them are looking at designing premium golf putters that can be priced higher than some of the other options on the open market. This is a separate race from the cheaper golf putters.

When there is a race such as this and the demand does not go down, you are going to see the price of these golf putters rise.

Are Expensive Golf Putters Worth It?

Expensive golf putters can be worth it. They tend to use better materials, a more refined shaft, and will also implement alignment technology to make them far better golf clubs on the golf course.

It’s important to note this does not mean other types of putters are a bad idea. Sometimes, a cheaper golf putter will feel better in the hands and that is why trying different types of golf putters is a must.

Don’t automatically assume expensive golf putter brands are your only option.

You can take a look at cheap golf putter brands and see if one of those golf putters is more in line with your needs.

A lot of golfers state paying for a good golf putter makes a difference. It helps golfers fine-tune their game because a golf putter is used often on the golf course. Having a good one will matter.

why are putters so expensive

Cheap Vs Expensive Putter

1. Type Of Material

When comparing an expensive putter vs a cheap putter, it’s best to look at the type of material being used.

An expensive putter is often going to use state-of-the-art materials. This is a material that is going to have more flexibility and is going to play consistently.

In comparison, a cheaper golf putter might not last as long or is not going to play evenly when you are using it while golfing.

2. Balancing

When you are comparing a cheap golf putter with an expensive golf putter, it’s important to remember that the balancing is going to play a role in how you feel about a golf putter.

The wrong type of golf putter is going to feel imbalanced.

It is going to be top-heavy or it is going to be bottom-heavy to the point it’s hard to control during a shot.

Expensive golf putters tend to do a better job with the balancing and that is due to the amount of work that goes into making them.

3. General Feel Of The Golf Putter

Whether it is the most expensive Ping putter or the most expensive Scotty Cameron putter, it is the general feel of a golf putter that matters more than anything else in the world.

You need to feel confident with the golf putter in your hands or it is going to be useless.

It does not matter what the price tag is for a golf putter if it does not feel right as soon as you pick it up.

This is the most important element to consider.

Why Are Scotty Camerons So Expensive?

Scotty Camerons are expensive because these golf putters use state-of-the-art technology, the best material, and tend to last the longest. It’s common for pro golfers to use Scotty Cameron golf putters for these reasons too.

Do Scotty Cameron Putters Increase In Value?

Yes, Scotty Cameron putters do increase in value as they are made in small batches. It’s also common for one-off editions to be made with this brand making them rare commodities on the open market.

The resale value of a Scotty Cameron putter tends to be much higher than other golf putters.

What Is The Most Expensive Putter?

The most expensive golf putter is The Scotty Cameron Tiger Woods 2000 Backup. This particular golf putter was valued at $300,000+ due to it being signed and from his peak years as a golfer.

Final Thoughts

Why are putters so expensive?

Golf putters are expensive due to the increasing demand for state-of-the-art technology, unique designs, customizations, face inserts, and alignment solutions. Golf brands are going above and beyond to optimize their golf putters to meet the demand that’s out there.

It’s not just pro golfers but also amateur golfers wanting the best golf clubs on the open market.

Whether it is illegal golf putters, cheap golf putters, or expensive golf putters, there are so many options to choose from.