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What Are Black Level Golf Balls? (Explained)

There are certain golf balls that enter the market and catch you by surprise.

One of those golf balls has to be the Black Level golf balls everyone is seeing pop up on golf courses.

You might notice the “Black Level” label on them and wonder what are these golf balls all about. What is a Black Level golf ball?

A Black Level golf ball is manufactured in Korea and is a new golf ball brand out of South Korea that has earned acclaim from golfers. It is known for offering good distance, a stable spin rate, and a unique design.

Whether it’s the Black Level Typhoon Eye Ball or another variation of these golf balls, you are going to notice them due to their design. Some of these are colored golf balls that people claim glow a bit in the dark.

Due to the nature of the Black Level golf balls, it’s important to dig deeper and figure out what these golf balls are all about.

This includes going through a complete Black Level golf balls review before seeing if it is worth going with Black Level golf balls for sale.

What Are Black Level Golf Balls?

Black level golf balls are designed in Korea and have become one of the premier golf ball brands in South Korea. These golf balls have a hard shell and are known for offering a wide array of advantages including more distance, a greater spin rate, and a unique design.

The Black Level golf ball compression is also known for being higher. This allows for a more unique hit when using the golf ball.

black level golf balls

Who Makes Black Level Golf Balls?

Black Level golf balls are made by the brand “BLACK LEVEL” in South Korea. This is an established golf equipment brand in Asia that offers a wide array of golf equipment solutions including golf balls and golf gloves.

Over time, Black Level golf balls have taken off as a unique option for those who are golfing in different parts of the world.

While these are still new to the market. there are more and more golfers that are buying Black Level golf balls due to how they look and play.

Pros Of Black Level Golf Balls

1. Increased Distance

With the benefits of Black Level golf balls, it’s essential to begin with perhaps the biggest advantage of them all.

A Black Level golf ball is going to offer increased distance on golf shots.

Let’s assume you are someone that is new to golfing and wants to hit the golf ball far. It is not as easy with a regular golf ball. This is when you will want to buy a Black Level golf ball for increased distance.

Just a few yards can make all the difference in how you play on a golf course.

2. Good Spin Rate

You will also want to take a peek at the spin rate when it comes to the advantages of Black Level golf balls.

Playing with a Black Level golf ball means you are going to get more spin on your shots. The way the dimples on these golf balls are designed makes it a lot easier to get a grip with the golf club.

This helps add to the spin of the golf ball.

For those who want to add more spin to their golf game, it might be time to look into these golf balls.

black level golf balls

3. Unique Design

This is the first thing people note when they are buying Black Level golf balls.

These Korean golf balls are unique because they have a design that is unlike other golf balls on the open market.

Most people are used to standard white golf balls but that is not the case with these particular golf ball options. Instead, they come in an assortment of colors and that does stand out to the naked eye as soon as you get a hold of these golf balls.

Using these colored golf balls is quite fun and unique.

Cons Of Black Level Golf Balls

1. Hard To Find

When it comes to the disadvantage of Black Level golf balls, you will want to take a look at how to buy them.

It is not easy to locate these golf balls and you will need to find golf ball suppliers that have access to Black Level products.

Most golfers go online and find Korean suppliers to buy batches of these golf balls or they find local golf ball suppliers that keep these on hand. It is hit-or-miss when it comes to getting these golf balls and that alone makes them not an ideal fit for those who want an immediate option.

2. Average Control

It is also important to note that there is not enough control with these golf balls.

If you want to choose golf balls that add more control to your shots then you will want to look at other options.

These are not going to match your needs at all.

You are going to see average control on your shots even when you are getting more distance on the golf shots. This is where it comes down to how good you are as a golfer and how much control you have with your golf club.

This can often dictate which golf ball you go with.

3. Not Durable

While these are interesting golf balls that are fun to use, you will have to understand they can break down easily.

You will have to understand this when investing in Black Level golf balls and adding them to your golf bag.

Who Should Use Black Level Golf Balls?

It is recommended for golfers with a slower swing to use Black Level golf balls. The added distance is advantageous along with the spin rate. However, it is not ideal for beginners because the golf ball does not offer the same level of control as required by a golf ball for beginners.

Final Thoughts

What are black level golf balls?

Black Level golf balls are made in Korea by a brand named BLACK LEVEL. This brand is one of the premier golf equipment brands in South Korea and tends to offer a selection of golf products including golf balls. These golf balls offer more distance, spin, and a unique design.

When looking at different golf balls, you will want to put this on the list too. They can be decent golf balls for practice sessions.

While it might not be a forgiving golf ball, it is still a unique one. These golf balls are legal, which makes them a better fit than other options. You will want to consider this when inspecting different variations of golf balls.