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What’s An Illegal Spin Wedge (List, Types, Examples)

When looking at using a wedge in golf, it’s common to come across a wide selection of options and only some are going to be legal.

Using banned golf wedges can lead to serious issues about performance and will simply not be allowed on the golf course.

Keeping this in mind, what is an illegal spin wedge?

An illegal spin wedge is any wedge with deep grooves and/or grooves that are not appropriately spaced. There are written regulations by the USGA for what’s permitted in official competitions. The reason these wedges are banned is they offer excessive spin creating an unfair advantage between golfers.

Whether it is Spin Doctor wedges or Smithworks wedges, it’s important to compare options and then see what is illegal about spin wedges for golfers.

Don’t buy an illegal spin wedge for sale unless you are aware of how you are going to use it. Remember that it will not be allowed in any official golf competition.

Whether it is used Smithworks wedges or used Spin Doctor wedges, it’s best to look at all of your options and learn more about banned spin wedges.

This guide is going to look at what is an illegal spin wedge, the rules for spin wedges, and a list of illegal spin wedges to avoid.

What is An Illegal Spin Wedge?

An illegal spin wedge refers to any type of golf wedge that does not abide by the USGA rules associated with legal golf clubs. An illegal spin wedge will offer excessive spin, which is an unfair advantage within an official competition according to the USGA.

It’s recommended to look at the types of illegal spin wedges to learn more about which ones are out there and how they work.

Whether it’s an illegal Smithworks wedge or an illegal Spin Doctor wedge, the market has quite a few options to offer.

The illegal golf wedges list is long and it’s important to be aware of what you are using when you are on the golf course.

Rules For A Non-Conforming Wedge

The USGA has strict regulations for golf clubs.

It’s important to be aware of these rules when it comes to illegal spin wedges. Whether you are using an illegal sandpaper wedge or another variation, the USGA regulations are clear-cut.

For example, the rules state the grooves cannot be too deep. This causes the golf ball to spin excessively upon impact.

The same applies to grooves not being spaced apart with a spin wedge. This is damaging and not good.

It’s important to be aware of these non-conforming golf wedges to make sure you are abiding by the listed rules. Using non-conforming golf clubs is not recommended and can lead to suspension from a golf tournament.

illegal spin wedge

List Of Illegal Spin Wedges

1. Extreme Wedge By Smithworks

When it comes to a Smithworks wedge for sale, it’s best to start with the Extreme Wedge by Smithworks.

Are Smithworks wedges legal?

No, Smithworks wedges are illegal and cannot be used due to the type of grooves they have. According to the manufacturer, they used differently-designed grooves that are squared off.

These grooves are not rounded, which is against the rules. It is important to note when the grooves are like this, the golf ball is going to spin more.

It’s also important to note there are concerns about how much this impacts the spin rate. Due to how the grooves on the Smithworks golf wedge are set up, the spin rate goes through the roof instantly.

Smithworks golf wedges have been around for a while and continue to be among the best illegal spin wedges but once again they are illegal. This means you are not allowed to use them according to the USGA.

If you are looking at a Smithworks spin wedge, it’s best to only use it in places where it is allowed to be used.

2. Mazel Hollow Out Sand Wedge

When it comes to one of the more unique illegal spin wedges on the market, it’s best to start with the Mazel Hollow Out Sand Wedge. This particular wedge has a hollow setup, which is uncommon in the world of golf wedges.

Why does this help golfers with an unfair advantage?

It has to do with how it handles sand. It is designed to move with sand smoothly. This makes it a lot easier to hit out of the sand and get the golf ball to go where you want it to.

3. Spin Doctor Wedge

Are Spin Doctor wedges legal?

No, Spin Doctor wedges are illegal and cannot be used in official golf tournaments. Spin Doctor wedges should not be used in official golf play and can lead to being penalized for doing so.

Why is the Spin Doctor wedge illegal?

The Spin Doctor wedge is illegal because its wedges are not spaced appropriately. This leads to excessive spin, which is not permissible by the USGA as it provides an unfair advantage to the golfer.

There are specific regulations for how spaced-out the grooves are on a golf wedge. Otherwise, the ball grips too much along with its added spin rate.

Research has shown there is a 4x spin rate associated with the Spin Doctor golf wedge. This includes added distance on golf wedge shots.

illegal spin wedge

Benefits Of Illegal Spin Wedges

1. Added Spin

One of the reasons to play with illegal spin wedges comes down to the spin rate.

Golfers that want to increase their spin will look to use golf wedges that spin more. It is a simple addition that is going to add value to how a golfer hits spin shots.

Of course, this is not allowed in an official golf tournament, so it is only useful when the rules are relaxed.

However, the added spin is considerable with an illegal spin wedge. A banned spin wedge is going to have up to a 4x spin rate compared to a regular golf wedge.

2. Doctored Control On Wedge Shots

Along with being able to get a high spin rate with the illegal spin wedge, you are also going to have more control on those spin shots.

It’s not just about getting more spin as that can still lead to out-of-control shots that spin way out of the path you want them to go.

However, it is the doctored control that is going to win you over. It is this doctored control that is unbeatable. It helps land those spin shots easily and that is why illegal spin wedges are not permitted.

Final Thoughts

What is an illegal spin wedge in golf?

An illegal spin wedge refers to any type of golf wedge designed to have a doctored spin rate that’s higher than regular golf wedges. It is common for this to occur with spin wedges that have squared-off grooves, deep grooves, and/or the grooves are not spaced correctly.

When choosing golf wedges, it’s important to look into these details. Any type of wedge can be illegal when it has these modifications.

Hitting a golf wedge will become easier with an illegal spin wedge. You will end up using the golf wedge in all sorts of places.