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When Does Golf Season End? (PGA, LIV, Local)

The end of golf season is sad for avid golfers but it’s also something you can plan for.

In this day and age, golfers can do something throughout the year as long as they take the time to plan each month out. You don’t have to get stuck without anything to do with your golf clubs.

Before you can do this, you will need to ask, when does golf season end?

Golf season ends at different times in each locale. It’s commonly a warm-weather sport that’s played starting from early spring to late fall. The PGA season only has a one-week break as it rotates between hot weather locales.

In general, golf continues to be played where the sun is out and the weather is good for such an outdoor sport.

Many regions are warm throughout the year making it possible to play golf in November or August depending on when you want to play.

This guide is going to take a look at when the golf season ends and also when the golf season starts for those who want to prepare.

When Does Golf Season End?

The end of a golf season depends on the region. In general, golf is played during warmer weather conditions, which can be all 12 months in some parts of the world. In other parts, the sport is played between April and November with a winter break for the remaining months of the year.

It’s best to reach out to a few golf courses in your region to figure out what the golf schedule is like.

In places where it snows, the golf season is going to depend on when it’s simply too cold or too snowy for golf to be played.

This is when indoor golfing becomes a reality.

when does golf season end

Is There An Off-Season For Golf?

Yes, there is an off-season for golf. The PGA has a one-week “off-season” where the golfers are not on tour and can rest up. For amateurs, the off-season tends to be all of the winter months when it is too cold and snowy to be outdoors golfing.

It is important to note that if you travel for golfing, there doesn’t have to be an off-season in golf.

Just chase the sun and you are always going to find golf courses to play on. This is the charm of different weather conditions throughout the world.

When Does Golf Season Start?

Golf season starts as soon as the spring months arrive. In most regions, this means the season begins in April and then continues until it gets cold in November. For other regions, there is no break as it is warm all the time.

This is why it’s best to be aware of local conditions when figuring out what the off-season is in golf.

This will often tell you when the golf season starts in your part of the world or where you hope to go golfing soon.

In some cases, you can play golf year-round without having to worry about the weather. It simply comes down to the conditions you are dealing with.

Why Does The Golf Season End?

The golf season ends due to weather conditions. In some regions, it is impossible to play golf during the winter as it begins to snow and/or get too cold. Those regions tend to have indoor golfing alternatives to make up for those periods.

For the PGA tour, the off-season is a week-long and this is done as a way to give the golfers a bit of a rest where they can take a break.

Other golfers will take a few tournaments off during the season to recuperate. This adds to their breaks.

When Do Golf Courses Open For The Season?

Golf courses tend to open in April or when the weather gets warmer. It is common for golf clubs to post schedules for when their first date is going to arise. In some regions, the golf courses remain open throughout the year because the weather allows for it.

You will have to make this determination by consulting with local golf clubs where you want to go golfing.

They will let you know when the golf courses open for the season.

when does golf season end

Can You Golf In The Winter?

Yes, you can golf in the winter but it depends on whether or not the golf courses remain open during that period. Some golf courses stay open and allow golfers to play as long as it is not snowing.

This means if you are willing to bear the cold, you could get out there and play a few holes.

It is essential to reach out to the local golf club in the winter to see what they have to say about this. Otherwise, you can always go to Topgolf in the winter as they have heated bays for you to play in.

When Does The PGA Season End?

The PGA season ends for a week during the season. This break is offered as a way for PGA players to recuperate before they head back on tour.

While this is not an extended break, it is listed as the off-season in the PGA.

It’s common for golfers in the PGA to also take a break throughout the year. They will skip a few tournaments and then focus on the majors depending on their ranking.

When Does The LIV Golf Season End?

The LIV golf season does not end. It tends to work with monthly tours around the world as the tournament progresses from one place to the next. This is a set schedule the players have to follow under contract.

During this schedule, the LIV golfers do take a few breaks as there are gaps between tournaments in the different locales.

When Does Golf Season End In The US?

Golf season ends in November for the Northern states due to the weather conditions. It becomes too cold and snowy after this period. The golf season then starts in April as spring rolls around.

For the warmer states in America, golf season tends to continue throughout the year. The weather allows for this to happen.

When Does Golf Season End In Canada?

The golf season ends in November throughout Canada. The conditions become bitterly cold after this period along with blizzards throughout the various regions. This makes golfing impossible. The season then picks up again in April.

When Does Golf Season End In Australia?

Golf season ends around May in Australia. This is when the weather becomes colder but it does depend on the region. Other regions have a much warmer and longer season due to their region being drier.

The golf season tends to run between September and May.

How To Play Golf When The Season Ends

1. Use Indoor Golfing Ranges

If you are thinking about golfing in the winter, why not head to an indoor golfing range?

This is going to keep you protected from the inclement weather and it is still going to make it possible to have fun playing golf whether you’re golfing on your own or with your buddies.

Going to Topgolf with your friends is never a bad idea.

They are prepared for the winter and that makes it an ideal option for those who just want to hit a golf ball in the winter.

2. Complete Indoor Golf Drills

If you are just looking to work on your golf technique then the best option is to run through a few indoor golf drills.

You can even complete these drills at home.

The purpose of indoor golf drills is to work on your golf swing and overall technique. This includes your putting technique.

Just line a few golf balls and then attempt hitting them at different angles. This can be done within a small space and is quite a bit of fun as you create different golfing drills for you to work on.

3. Use A Golf Simulator

Yes, modern-day golfers can also invest in a good golf simulator.

This can be set up at home in a tight space and it will work well. You can bring out your new golf clubs and then take a few swings with the help of the golf simulator.

It will let you monitor various details associated with your golfing. This includes how you hit the golf ball and what is required to improve your golfing.

Final Thoughts

When does golf season end?

The golf season ends during the winter months. In some regions, the golf season ends in November due to the snow and overall cold. In other regions, the golf season does not end because it’s warm throughout the year.

It’s best to understand local weather conditions to find out more about when you can play golf in the area you live in.