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Is Topgolf Heated? (Answered)

Thinking about going to Topgolf in the winter?

Most people associate golf with the summer months.

Indeed, Topgolf is busy during the summer as people head over to hit a few golf shots. However, this does not mean Topgolf doesn’t run during the winter.

It does and it is quite popular among golf enthusiasts who want to do something fun during the colder months of the year.

With this in mind, it’s important to learn more about going to Topgolf in the winter. Is Topgolf heated?

Yes, Topgolf is heated in the winter. The facility has a stable temperature in the bays ensuring your golfing experience is not compromised by external conditions. This includes heaters running near the targets to melt the snow.

Your experience at Topgolf, when it is snowing, is going to be great. Plus, you are going to get to enjoy a unique experience with the wintry conditions in front of you.

Here is a deeper look at how Topgolf regulates its temperature. This includes a few tips on how to golf at Topgolf in the winter.

When Is Topgolf Heated?

Topgolf is heated as soon as the temperature gets uncomfortable. Both heaters and AC units are installed near the bays to make sure golfers do not notice the change in conditions externally. This includes extreme heat and extreme cold.

For those worried about feeling cold at Topgolf, you don’t need to fret.

Topgolf is heated throughout the winter months and the AC units turn on when it is hot outside.

This ensures you are going to feel comfortable with your experience at Topgolf.

Golfers that go to Topgolf often state how toasty it feels during the winter. The staff takes care of this by ensuring the heaters are running at the right temperature throughout the session.

You are not going to feel cold at Topgolf.

This is a positive of going to Topgolf in the winter. You will feel comfortable from start to finish and that is what matters.

When Is Topgolf Air-Conditioned?

Yes, Topgolf is air-conditioned during the summer. AC units are set throughout the bays to make sure golfers do not sweat when it is hot outside. Whether it is hot or cold, the temperature at Topgolf is regulated.

This ensures golfers can go through a session at Topgolf without having to think about how cold or hot they feel.

If you are thinking about going to Topgolf in the summer, you are going to know it will be a comfortable experience.

The AC is going to be on at Topgolf and it is going to run as you want it to.

Is Topgolf Cold In The Winter?

No, Topgolf is not cold in the winter. The staff makes sure to stabilize the heat with the use of heaters in the bay. This ensures the temperature does not fluctuate for golfers whether it is raining, snowing, or simply cold outdoors.

Along with making sure golfers feel warm at Topgolf, there are heaters that are running near the targets to make sure snow does not get in the way.

If snow does fall at Topgolf, it is immediately removed with the help of the heaters.

Does Topgolf Melt The Snow?

Yes, Topgolf does melt the snow. Each target has a special heater nearby to make sure heat is being used to melt the snow instantly. If there is snowfall at Topgolf, it is not going to get in the way of a golfer’s session.

This is integral to how Topgolf runs during the winter.

They understand snow is a problem and it is going to impact the targets. However, the heaters at Topgolf make sure that is not a sustained problem and the targets are kept clear as required.

This is important for those who want to ensure they are golfing at Topgolf the right way.

Tips To Golf At Topgolf In The Winter

1. Wear Warmer Clothes

Topgolf in the winter is a unique experience.

For the most part, the bays are going to be kept warm, which means you are not going to feel the brunt of the cold.

However, you might feel like it is still important to wear the right clothes at Topgolf. If that is the case, you should be looking to put on a light sweater and warm pants.

This will only elevate your experience at the facility.

Once again, this is not required but it is something you might want to do as a precaution. After all, you are still going to be heading outdoors to get to Topgolf.

is topgolf heated

2. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Snow

Topgolf in the snow is a concern for some.

You will want to understand a lot is done to protect golfers when it is snowing at Topgolf and that is something to account for when you are heading out.

The snow is not going to be getting in the way of what you are doing as a golfer. This is why you should not be afraid of it.

The heaters are going to keep the bays heated and the targets will also remain snow-free. This is important for those who are thinking about going to Topgolf when it is snowing.

3. Wipe Your Shoes

Heated bays at Topgolf are a guarantee, but you are still going to want to be prepared when it comes to your footwear at Topgolf.

What are you going to be wearing on your feet?

Most people will look to put on new shoes but others won’t. If you are going to be stepping in with the same shoes as you were wearing before, take the time to wipe the sole beforehand.

This is going to make sure you don’t slip due to what you brought with you to Topgolf.

Others will bring a separate pair of golf shoes and that is good too. If you don’t do this, it is going to impact your golf swing.

How Does Topgolf Maintain The Temperature?

Topgolf maintains its temperature in the bays by using heaters in the winter and AC units in the summer. This helps stabilize the temperature to ensure a golfer’s experience is as comfortable as it needs to be.

Along with choosing the right golf clubs and using good golf balls, you have to think about the environment you are going to be golfing in.

This is why Topgolf takes pride in how it stabilizes the temperature using heaters and AC units at different times of the year.

What Should I Wear To Topgolf In The Winter?

Choosing the right attire for golfing at Topgolf in the winter, you need to consider how you are going to get to the facility.

Most people will be coming from far away, which means you are going to have a jacket on along with warm clothes.

This is good.

For the golfing experience, it is best to put on…

  • A light sweater
  • Warm Pants
  • Socks
  • Golf shoes

This will make sure you have the right outfit for golfing at Topgolf in the snow.

Final Thoughts

Is Topgolf heated in the winter?

Yes, Topgolf is heated in the winter. The temperature is regulated using heaters in the bays along with a separate set of heaters near the targets to melt the snow. This ensures golfing at Topgolf in the winter is comfortable.

For those who are going to be golfing at Topgolf, it’s important to understand they do take pride in their conditions.

You will not have to worry about this when you are going through golf drills at Topgolf or learning more about your golf game during the session.

Topgolf is known for using good golf balls but it also takes pride in offering a high-value environment to play in.

It’s recommended to consider this when comparing TopGolf to other driving ranges.