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Golfing As A Single (Pros, Cons, Tips)

If you have nobody to play golf with, does that mean you are straight out of luck?

No, there is nothing wrong with golfing on your own, and solo golf is quite common among enthusiasts.

It’s important to plan your time on the golf course and make sure you are approaching things with a purpose. This includes when you go to the golf course on your own and what you do when you are there.

Is it worth golfing as a single?

Yes, golfing as a single is common. It allows you to work at your own pace, can be a relaxing experience, and is a good way to optimize your technique. You will not be rushed during the process.

A lot of golfers feel rushed when they are golfing with a partner. This can also lead to a situation where you can’t say no to your partner and end up doing what they want to do on the golf course.

This guide is going to look at the advantages of golfing as a single, disadvantages of golfing as a single, and tips to consider when golfing on your own.

Benefits Of Golfing As A Single

1. Work At Your Own Pace

When it comes to golf etiquette as a single player, you need to make sure you are considerate of larger groups.

They will take longer simply due to the number of golfers per group. This is not a bad thing and it’s something you would have to deal with if you were the one in a larger golf group at the course.

This is why being patient is a must.

For the most part, working on your game at your own pace is rewarding. You don’t have to rush as you are not going to have a partner there pestering you.

golfing as a single

2. Relaxing

When you play golf alone, you will want to enjoy the experience due to how relaxing it can be.

Golfing on your own is not just about the golf but also the setting. You can take in the sights and sounds more when you are on your own as there is no one else that is going to be holding you back.

This is empowering and is a great way to get a unique look at the golf course around you.

3. Helps Improve Your Technique Without Pressure

When you play golf on your own, you are also going to get the opportunity to work on technical faults in your golf swing.

These are technical issues that are not always easy to address when you are hoping to optimize your golf swing.

You will want to enhance your golf swing and that is possible when you are taking the time to slow the game down on your own.

Just work through those issues one by one as you go through the different golf holes.

4. Helps Analyze The Golf Course More

Golfing alone as a beginner is also a great way to analyze the golf course.

You are going to get the chance to adapt to the golf course and take a new approach to how you manage each golf hole.

It’s important to think about these details as you begin to figure out what can be done to optimize your game.

It might seem odd to play golf on your own but that is not what your mindset should be like. Instead, you are now going to get the chance to observe others while also taking in more about how your game works at the golf course.

5. Faster

Solo golfing is not a bad idea for those who want to move things along.

Assuming you go to a single-friendly golf course that does have “quiet” periods during the day, you will find it is quite quick to get through the holes.

This is not always going to happen when you are in a larger group. Each golfer is going to play their shots and that does take quite a bit of time.

This is one of the main pros of golfing on your own and it will stand out when you are trying to get in a quick game.

Cons Of Golfing As A Single

1. Tough To Deal With Larger Groups

The negatives of golfing as a single would be the larger groups during peak hours at a golf course.

Most golfers are going to come in large groups. This is a sport that is played with your buddies and it is often a way to socialize too.

As a result, being a single player at a golf course means you are going to be waiting your turn for a while during busy hours.

You can solve this by going during non-peak hours as that is when the rush will go away.

golfing as a single

2. Can Lead To Troublesome Golf Partners

Playing solo golf is also a way to end up with troublesome golf partners if you get paired with the wrong one.

It is possible you are going to find a golf partner at the golf course that is also on their own. This happens when you are going during peak hours.

You might not want to deal with a golf partner that you are not friendly with. Unfortunately, this can happen and the best way to avoid this is to go solo golfing during non-peak hours.

Otherwise, you are going to be playing solo golf with someone that is troublesome to deal with.

3. Limited Bonding Experience

Golfing alone for a solo golfer also means you have limited bonding time.

You are not going to get to enjoy the natural bond that develops when multiple golfers are golfing together.

This is why a lot of golfers will go with their friends when they are heading out to the local golf course.

While that is one way to play golf, it is not the only option. You are more than welcome to go solo golfing as solo golfers do have a lot of fun too.

You gain access to other benefits of solo golfing that golfers in larger groups are not going to get the enjoy.

Tips For Golfing As A Single

1. Choose A Quiet Time To Golf Alone

When it comes to tips for golfing alone, you need to choose the right time to go to the local golf course.

It is essential to make sure you are not going during rush hours when everyone else is going to be there.

You are simply going to be waiting for too long if you are golfing on your own. A quieter time is the right way to go.

This is one of the main tips for golfing on your own and should be incorporated into what you are planning for the day.

2. Stay Relaxed and Don’t Rush

As you figure out how to play golf alone, you will realize it is all about staying patient.

You should not be in a rush.

Yes, since you are learning how to play golf solo, you are going to find it easier to pick times that are outside the rush hour. This makes it easier to pinpoint a time that is going to let you get through your golf session quickly.

However, you need to have the right mindset. You need to stay patient.

Bring your golf clubs to the golf course and be willing to take your time while others are also golfing.

3. Set Goals For The Session

Golfing by yourself is also a good time to set goals for the session.

As you figure out how to go golfing by yourself, you need to pinpoint what you are hoping to get out of the session.

Is there something that has been bothering you with your technique? What about how you play at that specific golf course?

This is the right time to work on your golf game and pinpoint issues with your golf swing. You will find it a lot simpler to work on these issues when you are golfing on your own.

4. Work On Your Technique

Playing golf as a single means it is a good time to work on your technique.

You can bring your new golf balls to the course and simply figure out a way to find issues with your technique.

This could be blocking drives as a golfer or perhaps not getting through your golf swing fluidly. Each golfer is going to have unique issues they need to work on and this is the time to do it.

Don’t be afraid to put in the time when you are golfing alone because it is the best time to see results.

Can I Play As A Single On A Golf Course?

Yes, you can play as a single on a golf course. Some golf courses will not allow single players during peak hours to provide more space to larger groups. However, non-peak hours are commonly open to all players.

It’s best to reach out to the golf course and find out more about potential restrictions. This will make it easier to figure out what is allowed and what is not.

They will tell you the best time to play solo golf at the golf course. It’s best to be aware of these details before you head over to the location.

Is Golfing On Your Own Fun?

Golfing on your own can be fun. It will allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds of a golf course while working on your technique and not being bound by someone else. A lot of golfers prefer golfing by themselves.

It is recommended to give this a chance if you have not done it before. It can be an experience that is going to make you happy.

Can I Go To Top Golf by Myself?

Yes, you can go to Top Golf by yourself. It’s common for players to go to Top Golf on their own to play a few games while enjoying the environment along with the food. It is a wonderful place to hang out on your own.

How Long Does It Take To Play 18 Holes By Yourself?

It should take three hours to play 18 holes by yourself. The longest an individual will take is approximately four hours to play all 18 holes.

Most groups take longer because there are more golfers to accommodate. Since you are going to be golfing 18 holes on your own, it is a lot easier to speed things up.

Final Thoughts

Go through these tips as you are learning to go golfing as a single.

Golfing as a single is a wonderful experience as it allows you to work on your technique, get through the holes faster, and also relax. Many golfers prefer solo golf from time to time to beat the rush and have fun.

Whether you are going to Top Golf or looking to work on your golf game alone, this is a great option to keep in the back of your mind.

Golfing alone is a great option and you will want to make the most of it.