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What Is The Price For TopGolf? (Updated)

For those who love golfing at TopGolf, it’s important to understand how much TopGolf is going to cost.

It’s not going to be free and there are times when you can end up getting a good deal if you take the time to choose with a purpose.

What is the price for TopGolf?

The hourly rates begin from $45/hour and can go up to $60/hour during peak hours on the weekend. It’s recommended to visit TopGolf during the middle of the week for discounted hourly rates and non-peak hours.

While some will only go to TopGolf on the weekend, the best rates are going to be available in the middle of the week when TopGolf is not busy.

This article will look at the prices for TopGolf and how much you are going to end up paying depending on the day you go.

Prices For TopGolf

1. General Hourly Rates ($45/Hour)

Let’s begin with the general hourly rates at TopGolf.

A golfer is going to pay $45 per hour for a bay on Fridays and Saturdays. This is the general hourly rate at most TopGolf locations but it’s important to note that it may vary slightly for your particular location.

It’s always best to call and ask for their updated rates for the location.

However, most locations are going to be close to the $45/hour mark. This is the standard hourly rate at TopGolf that you are going to expect for most days including the weekends.

price top golf

2. Peak Hourly Rates ($60/Hour)

What about peak hourly rates at TopGolf?

One of the busiest days at TopGolf is going to be Sunday. This is when most people go to TopGolf for a bit of golf while enjoying the facilities that are on offer.

This allows TopGolf to increase its prices slightly to make sure golfers are coming and getting a chance to play in one of the bays.

The peak hourly rate is going to be around $60.

Once again, it can vary depending on the location and it’s best to call ahead of time.

3. Discounted Rates

Now, there are a third set of rates and these are not available at all locations.

For the most part, TopGolf wants to maintain a steady rate for its bays but there are times during the week that are known as non-peak hours.

This is when the location is not going to be busy and most people are going to be doing other things.

As a result, they will reduce the hourly rates.

You can end up getting lower rates that are going to vary depending on the location. It’s best to ask ahead of time as these rates tend to pop up for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Reasons To Play At TopGolf

1. Fun

It is fun to play at TopGolf and that is one of the main reasons people are going to go to Topgolf in the first place.

The idea of getting a few golf balls at TopGolf and hitting them as hard as you can is entertaining. It can be quite the experience as you are getting feedback from the golf ball as soon as you hit it.

This adds to how immersive it can be as an experience.

You will have a great time whether you come alone or not.

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2. Great For The Winters

You are going to want to golf in the cold.

This does not mean going to the golf course as you are likely not going to find a way to do that when it is cold outdoors.

As a result, you can golf at TopGolf in the winter. They are going to have heated bays for golfers to enjoy and will clear the snow.

You can bring your golf club to the driving range and have the time of your life in the winter months.

3. Unique

It is an experience that is going to be unique.

Most golfers are used to going to a traditional driving range or finding a spot on the golf course in their area.

Yes, those outings have their time too.

However, there are moments when you are going to want to golf indoors and that is where TopGolf stands out.

Best Times To Play at TopGolf

The best times to play at TopGolf are:

  • Middle Of The Day
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays

It is best to golf during these times of the day as you can end up with discounted rates. Why not make the most of these rates and know you are going to get a great deal?

If all you want to do is stay within your budget and the schedule doesn’t matter then these are the times you want to go to TopGolf.

Final Thoughts

What are the prices at TopGolf?

The prices at TopGolf can vary from $45/hour to $60/hour (Peak hours). It’s important to note that these prices can differ from location to location and it’s best to ask ahead of time before going to the facility. They also offer discounted rates to customers for Tuesdays and Wednesdays as these are non-peak days.

Take the time to ask what their rates are and that will make it easier to find a good deal at TopGolf and still have a great time.