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BigShots Golf Vs TopGolf (Which Is Better?)

Comparing BigShots Golf to TopGolf is common in areas where both companies are running.

Most golfers want to find a spot that’s fun, unique and is going to make it easy to enjoy hitting a golf ball or two.

If that is what you’re on the hunt for, it’s time to compare TopGolf to BigShots Golf in greater detail. It’s essential to go through the finer details when comparing BigShots Golf vs TopGolf.

BigShots Golf is a newer brand with golfing facilities, has 12 locations in America, and provides spacious facilities with limited spots. In comparison, TopGolf is the leading brand in the niche, offers premium golf ball technology, and is a great party venue.

You will want to compare both options to see which one fits your budget. Remember that BigShots Golf is more affordable than TopGolf, which can be a key point for those who want to do a budget-friendly activity.

This guide will compare TopGolf vs BigShots Golf to highlight what each brand does well and what it doesn’t do well.

BigShots Golf Vs TopGolf Chart

FeatureBigShots GolfTopGolf
Pricing$36-$48 + $5 Membership Fee (One-Time)$30-$90/Hourly + $5 Membership Fee (One-Time)
Own ClubsYesYes
Number of Locations1270+
Party VenueYesYes
Number Of Golf BallsUnlimited (For The Time Slot)50-90 (Bucket)
This is key information to remember when it comes to comparing BigShots Golf vs TopGolf prices.

The BigShots Golf vs TopGolf cost is just one element in the decision. You will also want to account for the number of locations and the ball technology that’s on offer at TopGolf, which enhances the experience.

What Is BigShots Golf?

BigShots Golf is a cutting-edge driving range and sports entertainment complex in a wide array of cities across the US. It was launched in the 2010s and was then bought by Invited to help elevate the game of golf.

It offers a wide array of amenities that go beyond acting as a driving range. This includes food, drinks, fire pits, live music, and more.

What Is TopGolf?

TopGolf is a premier sports entertainment complex for avid golfers. With top-of-the-line ball technology measuring distance, speed, and more, this is one of the ultimate driving ranges for avid golfers. Along with its premium features, it also offers great food, music, party venues, and more.

TopGolf has become one of the market leaders in this niche and continues to be a go-to option for golfers that want to hit a few golf balls at a driving range.

Benefits Of BigShots Golf

1. Spacious Facilities

To learn more about BigShots Golf, it’s essential to go through a complete BigShots Golf vs TopGolf review.

This includes assessing the advantages of BigShots Golf.

One of the main pros of BigShots golf would have to do with the spacious facilities. These are not small facilities, which makes it a lot easier to enjoy your time there and get the most out of swinging a golf club.

As long as you find a golfing bay at the venue, you are going to be good to go with the spacious facilities. This is useful for those who want a bit of space when they are golfing in the bay.

2. Loads of Fun

The whole point of going to a driving range indoors is being able to have fun.

You will want to make the most of your time at BigShots Golf and it won’t be a problem as long as you are having fun.

This is what appeals to people that are in the area and just want to entertain themselves. You can go as a group and have a great time at BigShots Golf and that is one of the premier benefits of going to one of these driving ranges.

3. Unlimited Golf Balls For The Allotted Time

When you are looking at BigShots Golf locations in the area, you are going to want to learn more about what makes it enticing.

In general, this is one of the standout benefits of going to BigShots Golf.

You are going to be given an unlimited selection of golf balls to play with during the allotted time slot that you have chosen. This is great because you can golf from start to finish until you get tired.

When the time slot is up, you will leave.

This ensures you get your money’s worth.

Cons Of BigShots Golf

1. Limited Spots

This is one of the negatives of BigShots Golf.

If you are someone that is only going to want to head to BigShots Golf on the weekend, it might not be easy to find a spot. This is challenging for those who can’t go in the middle of the week and only will find a time slot during peak hours.

This is when you are going to realize it might not be as easy for you to find a spot as you would like.

You need to be ready for this when going to BigShots Golf.

2. Hard To Find In Your Area

Since there are only 12 locations in the world, it is not easy to find a BigShots Golf in your region.

It is only common in specific parts of the US and that is going to be a hurdle for those who want to go to BigShots Golf.

You have to be aware of this and make sure there is a BigShots Golf location close to you. Otherwise, it might not be reasonable to go to BigShots Golf because it is not going to be in the area that you reside.

Benefits Of TopGolf

1. World-Class Ball Technology

One of the advantages of TopGolf would have to come with its ball technology.

They have refined the ball technology to the point there is ample information being fed to the golfer during their allotted time slot in the bay.

You are going to find key information such as the distance a golf ball is hit, how fast it was hit, and more.

Just being able to go through this information shows the value of going to TopGolf for those who are avid golfers. You are going to get to enjoy an immersive experience that is only getting better with time.

The golf ball technology at TopGolf is one of the company’s top advantages.

2. Clean Facilities

When you are walking around at TopGolf, you are going to notice this right away.

The climate-controlled bays at TopGolf are great at this 240-yard driving range.

This is ideal for those who want to make the most of their clean facilities and want to have a good time while they are at it. You are not going to feel like it is poorly kept or is not in line with your standards.

The staff at TopGolf is always aware of keeping the facilities clean and that adds to its value as a complex.

3. Market Leader In The Niche

This is one thing that will stand out about TopGolf.

You are looking at a premier brand in the niche. This means anyone that wants to go to an indoor golf driving range and wants to have a bit of fun at all times of the season is going to take a look at TopGolf.

They were one of the first names in the business that elevated the idea of golfing in this manner.

When you know they are the first ones in the business, you are going to rely on them to do a good job of entertaining you too.

This shows in everything they do and offer.

Cons Of TopGolf

1. Pricey

It’s not all rosy when it comes to going to TopGolf.

One of the disadvantages of TopGolf would have to do with its pricing. You are going to be paying a premium for spending an hour or more at this facility.

This is due to the demand.

The membership fee is only $5 for the first time but you are going to end up paying a high hourly rate while going to TopGolf.

This tends to go higher when you are going to the facility during peak hours. You will want to account for this when it’s time to go golfing at TopGolf.

2. Busy During The Weekends

It is going to be busy at TopGolf and that’s not always ideal for those who want to hit a few golf balls at the driving range.

You might only have time to go on the weekends and that’s not always ideal for TopGolf as that is during their peak hours.

There is always a rush on the weekends depending on where the TopGolf location is in your city.

Take the time to assess your options and then see if it is worth going to TopGolf.

Who Should Go To BigShots?

You should go to BigShots Golf if it is in your area, you are looking for a budget-friendly driving range, and the goal is to simply hit as many golf balls as possible.

Since BigShots Golf offers unlimited golf balls, it is a good option for those who just want to get in as many swings as they can.

Who Should Go To TopGolf?

You should go to TopGolf, if you are more focused on a clean bay, want to maximize your time with your buddies, and adore the overall ambiance of the facility. This is where TopGolf shines.

Final Thoughts

This detailed comparison between BigShots Golf vs TopGolf should help make your decision a little easier.

BigShots Golf is renowned for offering a comprehensive, budget-friendly experience while providing unlimited golf balls. In comparison, TopGolf offers a more well-rounded golfing experience with premier facilities and more options worldwide.

It will come down to what you want when golfing indoors.