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Is It Bogeys Or Bogies? (Solved)

When you are playing golf, you are not going to be thinking too much about the spelling of specific golf scores.

You just want to end up with a great golf score at the end of the day!

While all of this is true, you will come up with situations where you wonder about the spelling of key golf terms.

This includes learning how to read a golf scorecard.

The one question that will arise is, do you spell the term as bogeys or bogies in golf?

The spelling is bogeys in golf and that is how it is marked on golf scorecards. The term has been passed down over generations and that is how it has been spelled. The spelling “bogies” is used for other situations but not in golf.

If you are looking at the plural for bogey, you are going to want to go with bogeys in golf.

This article is going to break down why this is the case and how you should be spelling bogey’s plural as a golfer.

Is It Bogeys Or Bogies?

It is spelled bogeys as that is the plural for bogey in golf. Golfers will often wonder why it is spelled in this manner and the reason has to do with tradition. This is seen as the right way to spell the plural of bogey in golf and that is how it is marked in all situations.

What about the spelling being like bogies?

This is not a common way to spell the term nor is it something you are going to see out in the open.

It is best to stick to the traditional spelling of the term, which is bogeys. This is going to be seen as the norm among golfers.

Golf bogeys are a common sight and something golfers will want to get used to.

bogeys or bogies

What Is A Bogey In Golf?

A bogey is when a golfer scores one over par. This means a golfer takes one additional shot than is expected to reach par on a golf hole.

This is a common type of golf scoring term that is used by golfers and is seen on golf scorecards.

It’s important to note that the term bogey comes from a Scottish saying where the golfer was called a bogeyman.

This was then carried forward as a golfer getting a bogey if they were to score one over par on a golf hole.

Bogeys golf players tend to deal with are going to be common, so it’s best to be aware of what it means.

The History Of Bogeys

Bogeys have been around for a long time and there is a rich history behind the term.

When a golfer is scoring bogeys on the golf course, they are going to be scoring one over par on the golf hole. This can become a common occurrence depending on the golf course and how the golfer is playing.

It is just as common as other scoring options in golf.

Since the term “bogey” came from bogeyman in Scotland, it was seen as a funny way to describe a golfer that scored one over par.

All other golf terms tend to have a bird-related reason for their name. For example, an eagle or birdie.

This does not apply to the bogey, which comes as a short form of bogeyman.

There was also a point when golfers preferred sticking to using the bogey as the standard for a good golf score and then seeing how well they could do.

This is not the standard that is used in this day and age but there was a time when that was the first option golfers relied on while playing golf with their friends.

Final Thoughts

Is it bogeys or bogies in golf?

It is spelled as bogeys among golfers and is seen as the plural form for the term bogey. Spelling it like “bogies” is not the go-to option nor is it common in golf. This is a way to spell the plural of bogey for other reasons but not for golfing scores.

It is best to stick to the traditional form of spelling bogeys as that is the right way to go and how it has been spelled for generations in golf.

Golfers are encouraged to learn everything there is about golfing including how to scramble in golf as that will also teach you about scores like bogeys.