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How Many Majors Has Jordan Spieth Won? (Wins, Earnings, Net Worth)

Jordan Spieth is one of the more well-recognized professional golfers on the planet right now.

He has established himself as having a smooth set of skills that help in a wide array of settings making him a prolific talent in the world of golf.

While all of this is true, it’s important to dig deeper into Jordan Spieth. This includes finding out, how many majors has Jordan Spieth won.

Jordan Spieth has won a total of three major championships in his professional golfing career. These victories include The Masters (2015), The US Open (2015), and The Open Championship (2017). Jordan also finished 2nd at The PGA Championship in 2015.

What major has Jordan Spieth not won?

Jordan Spieth has not won The PGA Championship. This is the only major he has not managed to conquer as a pro golfer. The closest he came was 2nd place in 2015.

This demonstrates how potent Jordan Spieth has been over the years as one of the leading professional golfers in the circuit right now.

Here is more on Jordan Spieth’s history including Jordan Spieth’s net worth, who is Jordan Spieth’s wife, and Jordan Spieth’s career earnings.

Who Is Jordan Spieth?

Jordan Spieth was born in Dallas, Texas, and is one of the world’s most renowned professional golfers. His abilities as a golfer were harnessed at the Brookhaven Country Club, where he continually worked on his skillset over the years before going to the University of Texas.

From a young age, Spieth was heralded for being a proficient golfer and a guaranteed pro golfer of the future.

This became apparent as an amateur golfer when he won the U.S. Junior Amateur twice. This had never been done before except for the great Tiger Woods. As you can imagine, this immediately put him in the spotlight as an illustrious talent.

After ranking number one as an amateur golfer, Jordan Spieth decided it was time to become a pro golfer.

This is when he became a professional in 2012.

Ever since, Jordan Spieth has put on a show at the highest level of golf including winning multiple major championships along the way.

Total Number Of Jordan Spieth Major Wins

Jordan Spieth has a total of three major wins in his career. This includes winning the US Open (2015), The Masters (2015), and The Open Championship (2017).

The one major championship Spieth continues to work on is the PGA Championship. He managed to finish as a runner-up in 2015 but still hasn’t lifted the trophy over his head to this point.

It’s important to note, Jordan Spieth also has 13 PGA Tour wins, 2 PGA Tour of Australasia wins, and 3 European Tour wins.

This demonstrates how prolific he has been over the years as a pro golfer.

Jordan Spieth Career Earnings

YearTotal Earnings (USD)
Jordan Spieth has had an illustrious professional career and this has brought along substantial earnings too.

At a professional level, Jordan Spieth has earned a total of $76,000,000+.

This number continues to grow as he enters more professional tournaments on the tour.

Jordan Spieth Net Worth

What is Jordan Spieth’s net worth right now?

Jordan Spieth’s net worth is estimated to be around $80,000,000 and this includes only specific investments and his career earnings since he turned professional. It’s estimated he has additional earnings that have come through endorsement deals.

This is how much Jordan Spieth is worth right now as a golfer.

As you can tell, Spieth is one of the most well-earning golfers on the tour. He has managed to establish himself at such a young age in the world of golf and continues to do well to this day.

Jordan Spieth Endorsements

Jordan Spieth has a wide array of high-profile endorsements in his portfolio. This includes deals with companies such as Coca-Cola, NetJets, Rolex, Under Armour, Perfect Sense, Titleist, SuperStroke, and AT&T to name a few.

He is well-appreciated for being one of the most personable and top-tier professional golfers on the planet.

This is what draws brands to Jordan Spieth and makes him one of the premier names in the world of golf.

Due to the number of deals Jordan Spieth has, he earns millions through these endorsements too.

These Jordan Spieth sponsors add to his career earnings making him one of the richest golfers on the planet.

Who Is Jordan Spieth’s Wife?

Jordan Spieth’s wife is his high school sweetheart named Annie Verret. He proposed to her at the end of 2017 and they were married in 2018. Their bond is one of the strongest in the world of golf and it’s a shining light in Spieth’s life as a pro golfer.

He also had his son Sammy Spieth in 2021.

How Many PGA Wins Does Jordan Spieth Have?

Jordan Spieth has a total of 13 PGA wins under his belt. This includes three major championships that he’s won.

What Is Jordan Spieth’s Height And Weight?

Jordan Spieth’s height is 6’1″ and weighs 174 lbs.

Final Thoughts

How many majors has Jordan Spieth won?

Jordan Spieth has won three major championships in his career. This includes The Masters in 2015, The US Open in 2015, and the Open Championship in 2017.

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