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Kelley Blue Book For Golf Carts (Find The Value Instantly!)

Whether it’s attempting to learn more about the EZGO golf cart value or Yamaha golf cart value, you will want to have a reasonable idea of what’s an appropriate value for your golf cart.

This includes going through a used golf cart prices guide to learn more about the prices of used golf carts.

With this in mind, is there a Kelley Blue Book for golf carts?

No, there isn’t a Kelley Blue Book for golf carts. The existing guide is solely reserved for the automotive industry including cars, vans, and trucks. For used golf carts, it’s recommended to use up-to-date marketplaces including eBay, Facebook, and Craigslist.

These marketplaces can offer a good breakdown of used golf cart values and what to expect when it comes to pricing a used golf cart.

While you can’t find the blue book value for golf carts, this does not mean you are helpless in figuring out the right price point.

It is possible but it will take a bit of research on your part.

This guide will help take a look at if there is a Kelley Blue Book for golf carts, how to assess a used golf cart’s worth, how to find a golf cart’s value, and how to negotiate a golf cart’s value.

Is There A Kelley Blue Book For Golf Carts?

No, there is no Kelley Blue Book for golf carts. The existing guide is reserved for automotive vehicles including cars, vans, and/or trucks. For finding used golf cart prices, it’s best to search existing marketplaces with real-time data such as Craigslist, Kijiji, Facebook, and/or eBay.

As of right now, there is no golf cart price guide.

In the future, there might be a golf cart pricing guide but it is still seen as a niche market with not enough demand to create such a blue book for golf carts.

Key Factors For Assessing A Golf Cart’s Worth

How do I find the value of my golf cart?

This is an important question and the best place to start is by assessing the main variables associated with a used golf cart’s worth.

The key factors for assessing a used golf cart’s value include the following:

  • Type Of Golf Cart (Brand, Model)
  • Age Of The Golf Cart
  • Condition
  • Supplementary Features
  • New Parts
  • Mileage

It’s essential to look at these factors for analyzing a golf cart’s worth. Each situation is unique but this information will make it easier for you as a used golf cart owner or someone looking to buy a used golf cart.

kelley blue book for golf carts

Tips To Find Out Your Golf Cart’s Value

1. Locate a Local Used Golf Carts Dealer

Since you don’t have a KBB for golf carts, it’s essential to look at other methods of valuing a golf cart.

To value a used golf cart, you are going to begin with a local used golf carts dealer.

Each region has these dealers that sell an assortment of used golf carts on their lot. They keep these used golf carts ready to go and have a variety of options for buyers to choose from.

This is a great starting point as it will let you evaluate how much a used golf cart is worth with the help of a local dealer.

They will know local golf cart prices and that will help pinpoint how much your used golf cart is worth.

2. Visit Online Marketplaces For Golf Carts

Another option for your research into used golf cart prices is to visit online marketplaces.

These marketplaces include:

  • FaceBook Marketplace
  • Kijiji
  • eBay
  • Craigslist

These are places, where used golf carts, are sold.

The best part about heading to one or more of these marketplaces comes down to knowing you are going to get a good look at the different options available to buyers right away.

You can then manipulate your golf cart pricing based on this data.

3. Compare Used Golf Cart Prices In The Area

While you don’t have the Blue Book value for golf carts, this does not mean you are straight out of luck.

Just like going to a used golf carts dealer in the area, you will also want to take a look at any available listing for used golf carts in the region.

This is going to help create a filter for how much you should be pricing a used golf cart.

Tips For Selling Used Golf Carts

1. Find 3-5 Used Golf Cart Prices

Let’s assume you want to sell a used golf cart.

If you want to sell a used golf cart, you need to begin with the basics. This includes finding at least 3-5 real-time listings for used golf carts in the area where you are going to be selling.

You should stick to a 30-50 mile radius.

From this point, you are going to try to find golf carts that are similar to yours. This includes the make and model as that is what buyers are going to be looking for too.

You want to be priced properly among these used golf carts to attract buyers.

kelley blue book for golf carts

2. Create A Listing On Major Marketplaces

You are now going to move forward with a used golf cart listing on all relevant marketplaces.

Do not skip over a marketplace.

You will never know where a prospective buyer is going to come from. Take the time to create these listings and make them as accurate as possible. You want to list everything in the listing as that is how you are going to get legitimate buyers.

Always take good pictures for the listings including the exterior and interior of the used golf cart.

3. Be Willing To Negotiate

Pricing for a used golf cart means there has to be room for negotiation.

You will have to accept this as a reality of the selling process. Anyone that is buying a used golf cart is going to want to haggle a bit and that’s a part of being in the marketplace for golf carts.

The premise here is to make sure you are willing to negotiate.

You will want to keep a firm floor for how low you are willing to go but do take the time to negotiate a bit.

If you negotiate, you will be able to get a good deal.

4. Keep All Documentation Ready To Go

If you are going to be selling a used golf cart, you will want to take the time to get all of the available documents ready for the buyer.

This is key because they are going to want that information.

This includes any legal paperwork for the used golf cart. You want to have it up-to-date as that is what the buyer is going to request when they are ready to complete the sale with you.

Don’t rush the process and take the time to figure out what your options are as a seller.

What Is A Fair Price For A Used Golf Cart?

A “fair” price for a used golf cart is going to vary depending on its condition, age, and model. Some golf carts are expensive and some are cheaper. This will depend on these variables.

The best place to figure out a fair price for a used golf cart is by assessing similar options on the open market.

Compare these options and then try to price your used golf cart within that range. This is how you are going to get a good deal.

Remember, if one golf cart is priced at $10,000 (brand-new), it is going to be set at a higher price as a used golf cart compared to another golf cart that is only $3,000 (brand-new).

The starting point is going to vary, which means its used price is also going to vary.

For example, a golf cart with a car battery is not the same as one with its original battery in good condition. Just something as simple as how golf cart batteries are taken care of can make a difference in the valuation.

Tips To Negotiate Golf Cart Price

1. Know The General Price For Used Golf Carts

You do want to take the time to negotiate.

There is nothing good about overlooking your golf cart price. This is a major mistake and it’s something you are not going to want to do.

You want to know the general price for used golf carts and use this as a way to set a fair price.

A lot of people don’t know what the price of a used golf cart is and that confuses them or causes underpricing.

2. Don’t Accept The First Offer

Don’t accept the first offer.

Buyers of used golf carts are going to expect to negotiate. They will not want to give the listed price as this is a private deal.

This means you are going to have to haggle a bit and that is not going to include accepting the first offer.

Even if you are okay with that first offer, it is still good to bring the price up from their offer. It will likely be accepted.

This is a simple negotiation tactic that should be employed when selling a used golf cart.

3. Have A Firm Number

What is the lowest number you are willing to accept for the used golf cart?

You should know this in advance.

The reason to have this number is to make sure you are not accepting a lowball offer for the used golf cart.

You will want to take the time to look at the offer and then see how close it is to the floor you have self-imposed on yourself.

This is how you are going to get a satisfying deal.

This is another reason to not rush the process as accepting the first offer will often leave you disappointed.

Do Golf Carts Retain Their Value?

Yes, some golf carts can retain their value. This is assuming they are a renowned brand/model, have aged well, and still work as expected. If the golf cart is run-down or not in prime condition, it is not going to retain its value.

Some of the more premium golf cart models do a better job of retaining their value.

This includes older golf carts that are now seen as “classics” on the golf cart market. Once again, take the time to look at what others are pricing their golf carts at to get a gist of what the market rate is.

Final Thoughts

Is there a Kelley Blue Book for golf carts?

No, there isn’t a Kelley Blue Book for golf carts. This book is only reserved for the automotive industry and vehicles such as cars, trucks, and vans. For used golf carts, the best places to go are online marketplaces such as Facebook, Kijiji, Craigslist, and/or eBay for real-time prices.

Whether you have left a golf cart in storage or used it every day, selling a used golf cart requires patience.

Make sure the golf cart works as required as this will amplify its value over time.