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How To Stop Blocking Drives (Tips For Not Blocking Golf Shots)

Blocking golf shots is not a pleasant technical issue to deal with.

Golfers will often notice they are blocking drives and this leads to all sorts of issues. This includes the golf ball blocking to the right.

You will need to address this golfing issue as soon as possible or a lot of damage will be done to your performance on the golf course.

So, how do you stop blocking drives in golf?

To stop blocking drives in golf, loosen the grip, stand closer to the ball, and make sure to use an alignment stick to focus on slowing down your lower body rotation. When the lower body rotates quickly, it causes the ball to veer to the right.

It’s important to note that preventing blocked golf shots is going to take time. It is going to require an adjustment to your golfing technique.

This guide is going to highlight what a blocked golf shot is and how to prevent blocking drives as a golfer.

What Is Blocking A Golf Shot?

Blocking a golf shot refers to closing the driver’s face upon impact. This means the lower body swings too quickly and causes the ball to veer to the right as soon as it is hit. It’s important to address this to become more accurate on the golf course.

Blocking a golf shot is not ideal and will hamper your performance.

You will need to figure out what is the cause of blocking your golf shot and how to stop it from happening in the future.

A few technical changes can help address this problem.

You can stop blocking your driver by focusing on the causes of blocked drives in golf. This will let you better analyze what is going on and how to make sure it does not happen again.

What Causes Blocking Drives In Golf?

1. Tight Grip

Let’s begin with the grip.

To learn how to stop blocking your golf driver, you will need to focus on your grip before anything else.

This is one of the more common causes for beginners in golf.

In essence, you will be holding the golf club tightly to the point it is causing you to overdo the lower body movement. You will end up hitting the ball too hard and it is going to immediately close the driver’s face upon impact.

Look to slightly loosen your grip.

This does not mean the golf club should be dangling from your hands. It should be simply a little looser for you to regain control.

How To Stop Blocking Drives

2. Improper Alignment

Now, it is time to focus on your alignment.

Most people will look to use an alignment stick when addressing this cause. It is common for the body to be out of line with the ball and that becomes noticeable when you swing the golf club.

To prevent blocked drives in golf, you have to be aligned properly.

Improper alignment causes the body to swing out of sync as you go through your motion.

It is best to record yourself when swinging a golf club to see what is causing the blocked drive.

This will let you see where the alignment issue is with your golf swing.

3. Lower Body Is Too Quick

If your block your golf driver, the issue might have to do with how your lower body is moving through the golf swing.

Some people are too quick with their movement.

This means your lower body is going to rotate faster than your upper body. Due to this, the golf ball is going to move to the right upon impact.

You need to make sure both the upper and lower body is in sync. This is the only way you are going to hit the ball where you want to.

4. Too Much Hip Movement

Blocking golf shots to the right can happen due to excessive hip movement.

You will be moving the hips too much to the side during the motion. This causes the golf club to not come down in a straight line.

It’s essential to focus on this when it comes to the club’s path over time. Otherwise, you are not going to get the golf club to move properly.

Too much hip movement is a real concern and it is something you are going to want to address as soon as possible.

Look to keep the hips locked in as you swing.

This is going to make it easier to rotate smoothly.

5. Inside-To-Out Swing Path

The golf swing path is going to matter and it can be a real issue when it comes to blocking drives as a golfer.

You might have what is known as an inside-to-out swing path.

This means your golf club comes too much to the inside as it comes down. This is a real issue because it is going to close the driver’s face upon impact.

You have to make sure this does not happen by ensuring you are not closing the driver’s face.

Tips on How To Stop Blocking Drives

1. Loosen Your Grip

You will need to look at your grip on the golf club.

Is it too tight?

You have to loosen the grip to make sure you are not overdoing the downswing. It is common for new golfers to go through this issue because there is a desire to hold the golf club tighter to regain control.

While this might seem true, it is not always going to work out as required.

By holding the golf club tighter, you are going to exaggerate the swing. It will cause you to lose control during the downswing.

How To Stop Blocking Drives

2. Slow Down The Golf Swing

If you are blocking the driver in golf, you will need to slow down the golf swing.

What does this mean?

The idea behind slowing down the golf swing is to see where the issue is with your swing. Is there a problem with the grip? is there a problem with your hips going side to side? What about your alignment with the ball?

Slowing down the golf club is going to let you see what is wrong with the swing.

Your aim should be to see what can be done to ensure the golf swing is as smooth as it can be.

3. Implement An Alignment Stick

This is one of the better golfing tools that you are going to want to keep available during golf practices.

As you are setting up a simple golf drill, it is best to think about how you are lining up with the ball.

This also includes how your feet are spread apart and how you are holding the golf club. Each detail is going to matter and you can use an alignment stick to get things to work better.

The alignment stick will let you optimize how you are standing in front of the golf ball.

4. Line Up Closer To The Ball

How close to the golf ball do you stand before hitting it?

This is a good question to ask.

Some golfers will stand too far back. This means it is going to cause the lower body to overrotate as soon as you swing.

After all, the golf club has to make an impact with the ball. If you are too far back, it is going to cause you to reach out during the swing and that will cause the golf club’s face to close during impact.

It is better to stand closer.

This is going to make it easier for you to hit the ball sooner during the downswing and reduce the exaggerated rotation.

Why Am I Blocking Shots Right?

You are blocking golf shots to the right because the lower body is rotating faster than the upper body during the downswing. To fix this issue, stand closer to the ball, loosen your grip, and make sure to use an alignment stick to see how you line up when striking the ball.

This will take a bit of troubleshooting on your part.

You need to see what is causing you to block your golf shots.

What Is The Difference Between A Block And A Slice?

The difference between a block and a slice is the swing path. A block will have an inside-to-outside swing path, while a slice is going to have an outside-to-inside swing path. This can cause the ball to land to the right or to the left.

It’s best to focus on straightening the swing path to make sure the golf ball is going where you want it to.

It is best to go through a few golf drills to understand what is wrong with your swing path. This can include practicing golf shots with wiffle balls if required.

Final Thoughts

These are the most important details to consider when it comes to stopping blocking drives in golf.

To stop blocking drives in golf, it’s important to loosen your grip, avoid rotating the lower body too quickly, and stand closer to the ball. Blocked golf shots occur when the ball veers to the right as the lower body rotates faster than the upper body.

Simple adjustments such as your grip and alignment will work in stopping blocked drives in golf.

Before getting on your golf cart, it’s best to work your way through these details one by one.