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How To Start Charging Golf Cart Batteries (Simple)

With golf cart batteries charging, it’s essential to follow the right steps.

You will want to assess how the golf cart is running. You will want to pinpoint whether or not other golf cart parts are functioning as required.

It’s common for a golf battery to die when it’s left alone for a long time. This is why you do want to test a golf cart that’s in storage.

So, how do you start charging golf cart batteries?

To charge golf cart batteries, check how much power is in the batteries. Next, connect a compatible golf cart charger to the terminals of one battery, let it fully charge, and then do the rest for the remaining golf cart batteries.

This is the best way to make sure the golf cart batteries are fully charged on time.

This step-by-step guide will show you what’s needed when charging golf cart batteries and what to consider during the golf cart charging process.

What’s Needed To Start Charging Golf Cart Batteries?

  • Clean Cloth
  • Compatible Golf Cart Charger
  • Multimeter
charging golf cart batteries

Steps For Charging Golf Cart Batteries

1. Test The Golf Cart Batteries With A Multimeter

The first step is going to be to see how much power is in the golf cart batteries.

This is going to let you know whether or not you have dead golf cart batteries that will need to be revived. It’s also an excellent test to see if the golf cart batteries are long gone and need to be replaced.

How are you going to test the golf cart batteries?

There are two ways.

The first way is to simply turn on the golf cart and see if the lights or electrical components are working. If a few of them are, the batteries may still have life.

If not, the golf cart batteries are dead.

Another option is to use a multimeter for golf cart batteries. This will make it a lot easier for you to see how much voltage is in the golf cart batteries.

This is key information before you charge dead golf cart batteries.

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2. Clean The Golf Cart Batteries

You are going to want to clean the golf cart batteries before charging them.

This is essential because it will help remove any dust or debris that settles on the golf cart batteries.

Sometimes, you will notice the batteries in a golf cart are going to start leading to performance issues. This is going to include the golf cart not moving as required.

You may even have a situation where the golf cart battery blows up or the golf cart lights stop working.

The best option is to clean the golf cart batteries by wiping them with a clean cloth.

3. Connect The Golf Cart Charger To One Battery

Now, it’s time to begin working on the golf cart batteries.

The first step is to locate one of the golf cart batteries and then find the positive/negative terminals.

You are going to hook up the golf cart charger to these terminals using the cable that comes along with it.

You will have to be careful while doing this to make sure the batteries don’t get damaged while you are going through this process. Be patient and make sure the terminals are being connected as designed.

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4. Wait Until Fully Charge

You will want to wait for the golf batteries to fully charge.

This is key when learning how to charge a golf cart battery. Since you are going to be doing this one by one, you will want to wait for it to go to 100%.

Modern golf cart chargers will let you know when the golf cart battery has been fully charged. This will let you move to the next step without cutting the power supply too early.

It’s essential to take your time with this process and let the golf cart charger do its job as required.

5. Do The Same For The Remaining Batteries

When going through the golf cart charging instructions, you will have to do the same thing for the remaining golf cart batteries.

This is why you will want to do this one by one.

Your goal is to work on the first golf cart battery, let it fully charge, and then move to the next one. This is going to keep things simple and you will have enough time to let the golf cart batteries charge as required.

Tips For Charging A Golf Cart

1. Keep The Golf Cart Batteries Clean

When charging golf carts, it’s essential to make sure you are keeping the golf cart batteries clean year-round.

If the batteries are working, the best option is to give them a quick wipe with a clean cloth from time to time.

This is going to help preserve the golf cart batteries.

If you are going to recharge the golf cart batteries at home then it’s best to take a clean cloth and wipe them anyway.

charging golf cart batteries

2. Use A Good Golf Cart Charger

You will always want to buy a good golf cart charger.

The reason for doing this is to ensure there is enough power going to the golf cart batteries as that is the only way they are going to be fully charged.

If you use a golf cart charger that is not compatible, this is not going to work as required.

3. Charge The Golf Cart Batteries Regularly

Golf cart owners that are on top of things will regularly charge golf cart batteries to maintain them.

You don’t want the golf cart batteries to drain out all the time. This is not good for the golf cart battery’s health over the long term.

The best option is to keep the batteries in a golf cart charged. This is going to happen when you are charging the golf cart batteries every time you use them.

What To Avoid When Charging A Golf Cart

1. The Wrong Type Of Charger

When learning how to charge dead golf cart batteries manually, you will want to avoid using the wrong type of charger.

This is bad for the golf cart batteries.

You need to see how much power is required by the golf cart batteries. For example, does it require a 36-volt golf cart battery charger or a 48-volt golf cart charger?

This is an answer you are going to want to have as a golf cart owner.

2. Excess Heat

Is it too hot in the room where you are going to be charging the golf cart?

Recharging a golf cart is going to require time and you will want to do it at room temperature. This is the best temperature for charging any type of battery and the same applies to one in a golf cart.

However, it might not be possible to do this.

As a result, you will want to focus on keeping the area cool. If there is too much heat, it will overheat the battery.

3. Excess Cold

It is also important for the conditions to not be too cold near the golf cart batteries.

This is just as bad as it being too hot.

When it is too cold, the power is not going to go through and the batteries will freeze.

charging golf cart batteries

How Long Does It Take To Charge a Golf Cart From Dead?

It will take a dead golf cart battery approximately 8-12 hours to charge from 0% to 100%. This can vary depending on the strength of the golf cart battery, the size of the golf cart battery, and where it is being charged.

In stable conditions, it will take between 8-12 hours.

How Do You Know When A Golf Cart Is Fully Charged?

A golf cart is fully charged when the indicator light on the golf cart charger changes. This will vary with each golf cart charger model but all of them will have some form of indicator that will let golf cart owners know the battery has been charged to 100%.

Final Thoughts

Follow these steps when learning how to start charging golf cart batteries.

To start charging golf cart batteries, check to see if the electrical components are working. Next, clean the golf cart battery, connect the charger to the terminals on one of the golf cart batteries, wait for it to fully charge, and then do the same for the remaining batteries.

It’s essential to maintain the value of your golf cart by going through these maintenance tasks from time to time. It’s also recommended to understand if you can use car batteries in golf carts.