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Golf Cart Battery Exploded? (Solved)

An exploding golf cart battery is not a pleasant sight.

It is not only bad for the golf cart, but it’s also a dangerous situation to be in depending on how bad the explosion is.

This is why it’s best to maintain the golf cart battery and make sure it does not get to this stage. If it already has, you will need to find out why the golf cart battery exploded.

A golf cart battery can explode if it’s overheating, the starter is malfunctioning, it has started aging, or there’s a hydrogen gas leak. In some cases, the issue will involve a wet battery lid or a clogged vent cap. It’s recommended to change the golf cart battery regardless of the reason.

You do not want to use a golf cart battery that blew up.

It is dangerous to do this and you are going to compromise other parts near the golf cart battery.

Here is a guide on the reasons a golf cart battery might explode and what to do about it.

Reasons Golf Cart Battery Exploded

1. General Overheating

What can cause a golf cart battery to explode?

Golf cart batteries explode for numerous reasons and one of them can be overheating.

Imagine it is sweltering hot outside and you have been driving the golf cart for a while. This is going to put tremendous pressure on the golf cart battery and all of its surrounding components.

In some situations, the golf cart battery will simply die. This means the golf cart will stop moving.

In other scenarios, you will have a golf cart battery that blows up. This is when things become unsafe.

As a result, you should always let the golf cart battery cool down when you are leaving it out in the open. Do not overuse it in such scenarios.

Golf Cart Battery Exploded

2. Malfunctioning Starter

Golf cart batteries blow up when there is a malfunctioning starter.

The starter is responsible for igniting the golf cart and getting it to turn on. In a simple situation, the golf cart would start instantly and you would be on your way.

Unfortunately, when the golf cart starter is not working, you end up in a situation where the battery has to be replaced as soon as possible.

You will also need to replace the golf cart starter. Otherwise, the new golf cart battery is going to explode too!

This is why digging into the root cause of a blown-up golf cart battery becomes essential for a golf cart owner.

3. Aged Battery

When you are golfing, you are not going to think too much about the golf cart or its components.

Unfortunately, this does lead to certain parts aging out.

If that is the case, you will need to take the time to figure out why the golf cart battery has aged and what to do about it.

This includes pinpointing if other parts are also working improperly.

If it is just the battery, it might have aged out.

Most batteries are going to show signs of wear and tear after a few years. This includes an expired golf cart battery that was run into the ground through constant usage.

4. Hydrogen Gas Leak

Yes, there is hydrogen gas that will leak from a golf cart battery.

This is rare but it is something to pay attention to.

One thing you will notice with a leaking golf cart battery is the odor. There is going to be a noticeable odor associated with the golf cart and you will notice it.

This is an odor that can be described as melting plastic.

If so, you will want to stop the golf cart and take a look at the battery. If it has already exploded, the golf cart battery needs to be taken out as soon as possible.

5. Clogged Vent Cap

Due to the build-up of gas coming from the golf cart battery, it needs to go somewhere.

This is going to include the venting setup of the golf cart battery.

If the golf cart battery died, you will need to see if the vent cap is in good shape. It’s possible there was too much build-up in the vent cap causing it to explode.

When this occurs, it is important to clean the vent cap before setting up a new battery. This is the only way to make sure the build-up does not do more damage.

6. Soaked Battery Lid

As mentioned, the golf cart battery is going to leak hydrogen gas.

This can be the reason for an explosion.

However, there is another reason that can also lead to damage associated with the golf cart.

For example, the battery lid can get soaked. This leads to a scenario where the battery lid gets damaged to the point it does not allow the battery to work properly.

There is an acid that comes from the golf cart battery that will damage it to the point of no return.

How To Fix Golf Cart Battery That Exploded

1. Check The Physical Shape Of The Battery

To repair a golf cart battery that exploded, you are not going to have much hope.

It is not something that should be fixed.

The reason is the golf cart battery is already fully compromised at this point. It is not going to work nor should it be used after it has blown up.

However, you will still want to take the time to see how the exploded golf cart battery is doing and whether or not it can be removed easily.

If it caused damage to other parts then those will also need to be replaced during the replacement process.

It’s common for the golf cart to get slower when this happens.

Golf Cart Battery Exploded

2. Find The Root Cause

What is the cause of the golf cart battery exploding?

When golf cart batteries blow up, you will need to get to the bottom of things. This is an integral part of the process.

Troubleshooting an exploded golf cart battery means assessing the connections, checking for a hydrogen leak, and making sure the battery wasn’t overheating.

You can often tell by the external conditions (i.e. it was hot outside).

When you find out the root cause, it is a lot easier to fix the problem. You will also find it easier to manage the new golf cart battery as soon as it is set up.

3. Check The Surrounding Parts

What about the other parts around the golf cart battery?

It’s possible those parts were damaged during the explosion.

If so, you will need to take out those parts one by one. It is likely the wiring that is going to be damaged but it can be worse if there was a fire.

As a result, you are going to want to do a complete inspection to see what is going on with those parts.

Take out the ones that have been damaged and replace them before setting up the new golf cart battery.

4. Replace The Battery

This is the final step.

You will want to find a compatible golf cart battery that is going to be a simple fit. It should work well and have enough power to get the golf cart to move at the speed you want it to.

A good golf cart battery is going to make a difference and it is a good investment in the overall value of the golf cart.

Do not compromise on this.

Changing an exploded golf cart battery is the way to go. It should be your only choice in a situation such as this one.

Should You Replace An Exploded Golf Cart Battery?

Yes, you should always replace an exploded golf cart battery. When the golf cart battery explodes, it will stop working and it is also going to release acid/gas that is dangerous for anyone that is in the golf cart.

You are also going to be compromised when it comes to other parts of the golf cart near the battery.

It is best to find a new golf cart battery and set it up as soon as possible.

This is going to keep you safe and it is also going to give you a fresh start.

How To Replace Exploded Golf Cart Battery

1. Check The Connectors

To change an exploded golf cart battery, you will have to check a few things.

The first detail is to see how the connectors are doing. Some connectors are going to be holding the golf cart battery in place.

Those connectors may have been damaged.

In general, you will want to make sure those are clear and clean before taking out the battery. This is to make sure you don’t damage surrounding parts that will be useful later on.

Otherwise, you are going to have to change those parts too.

2. Disconnect The Battery

When you are certain the connectors are in good shape, it is now time to take a look at removing the exploded golf cart battery.

Taking out the exploded golf cart battery has to be done with a lot of care.

You don’t want to hit any of the surrounding parts and you will also want to wear gloves while doing this to make sure acid does not get onto your skin.

You will want to always remove the damaged golf cart battery with care.

If you do this the right way, the golf cart battery is going to come out smoothly and you will be good to go.

3. Remove The Golf Cart Battery

Now it is time to take out the golf cart battery.

Disconnecting it is just the first step.

Now, you have to lift it.

The goal is to make sure it comes out smoothly and you don’t damage anything. The goal is to pull it straight out to get it out of the way as soon as possible.

It is also good to take a look at other elements in the setup to make sure they are in good shape.

Final Thoughts

It’s best to go through these steps to find out why the golf cart battery exploded.

If the golf cart battery exploded, the reasons can include overheating, a wet battery lid, a malfunctioning starter, a hydrogen gas leak, or an aged battery. It’s always recommended to change the exploded golf cart battery.

It is important to take a look at the surrounding parts including how the rest of the golf cart is performing.

This includes the golf cart headlights. It might be possible for you to use a charger for the golf cart batteries in some cases.

Regardless of the brand, this is a problem that needs to be addressed. This includes Yamaha golf carts and Western golf carts.