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Leaving Golf Cart For 6 Months Or More (Tips & Tricks)

When it comes to long-term golf cart storage, it’s essential to understand where you are going to be storing the golf cart and how you will keep it in good shape.

Most golfers will store the golf cart for the winter. After all, you won’t be heading to the golf course when it’s cold outside.

With this in mind, it’s important to know what’s required when leaving a golf cart for 6 months

Leaving a golf cart for 6 months or more requires you to disconnect all electrical accessories. Next, fully charge the battery, disconnect the battery, make sure the golf cart is stabilized, check the tire pressure, and then cover the golf cart.

When learning how to keep your golf cart stored for the winter, it’s essential to winterize the golf cart beforehand.

This will keep the golf cart safe when stored and it will be ready to go when next summer rolls around.

This guide is going to show what’s needed when leaving a golf cart for 6 months, how long to keep a golf cart sitting without a charge, and how to disconnect golf cart batteries the right way.

Tips For Leaving Golf Cart For 6 Months

1. Disconnect All Electrical Accessories

When it comes to important golf cart summer storage tips, you will want to begin with the electrical accessories in a golf cart.

You do not want the golf cart battery to explode or drain rapidly. This will happen when you are letting the golf cart sit with the accessories draining the battery.

Look at all linked components and make sure to disconnect the wiring one by one.

When you are doing this, it is best to record what you have disconnected. This will make it easier when you go back and reconnect the electrical accessories in the golf cart.

It’s important to do this before you start charging the golf cart battery. Otherwise, you will need to set up a new battery in the golf cart when next summer rolls around.

leaving golf cart for 6 months

2. Charge The Golf Cart Battery

It’s important to start charging the golf cart battery after all of the accessories are disconnected.

This is essential when learning how to store a golf cart for the off-season. Whether you are storing a golf cart for 6 months in the heat or storing a golf cart for 6 months in the cold, you need to fully charge the golf cart battery.

This is a must.

You will want to use a good-quality golf cart battery charger to do this safely.

3. Disconnect The Golf Cart Battery

Whether you are looking at storing an electrical golf cart for the summer or an electric golf cart for a winter storage solution, it’s important to disconnect the golf cart batteries.

You will want to ensure the batteries are not draining.

It’s a common mistake that people make and it’s not good.

As you learn how to store a golf cart for the winter, it’s best to have the golf cart batteries disconnected. This will make sure the batteries don’t drain when the golf cart is sitting in the storage area.

Golf cart batteries winter storage solutions will always require this step.

4. Stabilize The Golf Cart

You will also want to stabilize the golf cart.

It’s not just about learning how to maintain golf cart batteries in the winter. You also want to ensure the golf cart itself is in good shape when you come back after 6 months.

What does this mean?

You will want to have something set underneath the tires to make sure the golf cart does not roll. It is also recommended to make sure the golf cart is parked on a flat surface. If there is a minor slope, this can cause the golf cart to roll when you are not there.

Do not take this risk.

5. Check The Tire Pressure

When it comes to golf cart winter storage solutions, you also want to take the time to check the tire pressure.

This is a good time to do this.

The reason you are going to want to assess the tire pressure is to see whether or not the tires are in bad shape. This is also a good time to check for structural damage to the golf cart tires.

Make sure the golf cart tires are going to be ready to go when you come back to it in half a year.

6. Cover The Golf Cart

We believe it is essential to also protect the exposed elements of the golf cart.

How are you going to do this?

It’s best to use the LI LIBZAKI Golf Cart Cover as it’s well-made, durable, and ideal for storage situations.

This is one solution that’s going to be a staple for your setup and is going to be easy to use with the golf cart. Leaving the golf cart uncovered is not a good idea and it will get dirty.

This simple trick is going to make sure the golf cart is in prime shape when you are ready to go golfing again.

Can I Leave My Golf Cart Plugged In For 6 Months?

Yes, you can leave a golf cart plugged in for 6 months. Most golf cart owners will use a trickle charger to do this similar to what a car owner would do. The golf cart batteries will continue to charge with the help of this type of charger.

In some cases, you are better off disconnecting the golf cart batteries and letting them sit after fully charging each one.

This is going to come down to what you deem to be best for the golf cart batteries.

Storing a golf cart for 6 months will require you to make this decision.

How Long Can A Golf Cart Sit Without Charging?

A golf cart can sit without charging for approximately 3 weeks before the golf cart battery drains. This will vary be a week or so depending on how many electrical accessories are draining the golf cart battery.

We recommend fully charging the golf cart battery and then disconnecting it for long-term storage purposes.

This is going to preserve the golf cart battery.

If you don’t do this, the golf cart won’t move properly or it won’t start. Some golf cart owners also state their golf cart slows down if the battery remains connected.

How To Disconnect Golf Cart Batteries For Storage

To disconnect golf cart batteries for storage, start with the first battery and remove the black wire (negative) followed by the red wire (positive. Continue to follow this pattern until all of the batteries have been disconnected.

Final Thoughts

Look at these tips when leaving a golf cart for 6 months.

When leaving a golf cart for 6 months or more, start by disconnecting the electrical components, charging each battery, and then disconnecting the batteries. Once done, check the tire pressure, and cover the golf cart before parking it on a flat surface.

This will ensure the golf cart lasts a long time.