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What Is A Good Golf Ball Speed? (All Skill Levels)

The ball speed in golf is integral to analyzing how far you can hit a golf ball.

This includes the 7 iron speed, 8 iron speed, or when you are using a golf driver. It’s important to assess how fast your golf ball speed is as a modern golfer.

You will want to start by learning how to calculate your golf ball speed.

So, what is a good golf ball speed?

A good golf ball speed is approximately 120-130 MPH. This is what an amateur golfer with a handicap is going to be expected to achieve when hitting a golf ball. Professional golfers will have a higher golf ball speed ranging closer to 165 MPH.

A bad golf ball speed is going to be anything less than 100 MPH. This is where improvements are required and it’s more common for younger golfers to have a golf ball speed that’s less than 100 MPH.

The average golf ball speed is going to come down to understanding what you require as a golfer to hit the golf ball far.

This guide will look at what is a good golf ball speed, how to calculate a golf ball speed, golf ball speed by age, and how golf ball speed compares to distance.

What Is Golf Ball Speed?

The golf ball speed refers to how fast a golf ball moves as soon as it’s hit. This refers to the speed measurement after the clubface makes contact with the golf ball. This is when the golf ball speed is at its peak and then it lessens as the golf ball meets resistance in the air.

It’s important to measure your golf ball speed to get a gist of how hard you are hitting the golf ball.

Increasing the golf ball speed is one of the better things a golfer can do as it will improve your game.

What Is A Good Golf Ball Speed?

A good golf ball speed is anything between 120-130 MPH for an amateur golfer. This is the average ball speed for amateur golfers. For professional golfers, it’s common for golfers to attain a golf ball speed of around 160 MPH.

Some of the best golfers will have an even faster golf ball speed and that’s what makes them elite at what they do.

This also ends up creating a relationship between golf ball speed and distance. Faster golf ball speeds tend to lead to longer distances on the golf course.

A good golf ball speed is going to elevate your game and it should be taken into account as you refine how you play.

You can often calculate your golf ball speed with a simulator.

what is a good golf ball speed

Golf Ball Speed Chart

Average Ball Speed (MPH)Average Club Head Speed (MPH)
The golf ball speed and club head speed tend to correlate.

The average ball speed tends to vary based on a golfer’s age and golf swing. This includes how refined that golf swing is and where the golf club is making an impact with the golf ball.

All of these variables are key when assessing the average golf ball speed in golf. Go through this golf ball speed chart to learn more about how these numbers correlate to each other.

What Is A Good Golf Ball Speed By Handicap?

HandicapAverage Ball Speed (MPH)
The golf ball speed for handicappers is going to vary based on how high their handicap is on the golf course.

For example, a pro golfer is going to have no handicap and is going to have an average ball speed that is beyond 160 MPH. While someone that is beginning is going to have a handicap of 20 and a golf ball speed of around 120-130 MPH.

Sometimes, beginner golfers will have a ball speed that is even slower than this.

It’s good to get a look at this to learn more about where you fit into all of this as a modern golfer.

Golf Ball Speed By Age

AgeMale (MPH)Female (MPH)
The golf ball speed to swing speed is going to often depend on a variety of variables including the type of golf club you are using.

For example, golf ball speeds for men are going to be different from golf speeds for women. It’s essential to go through this information to find out more about how to hit a golf ball the right way.

For the most part, these average golf ball speeds by age will shed light on where you should be based on how old you are as a golfer.

How To Calculate Golf Ball Speed

1. Hit Ten Golf Shots

Before learning about calculating golf ball speed, it’s imperative to collect a bit of data on how far you are hitting the golf ball.

Take out a good golf driver to do this.

The purpose here is to hit the golf ball long and hard. You are going to want to make sure the golf balls are hit in a straight line to maximize the distance and you will want to hit them from the same spot.

HIt all ten golf shots in a straight line and then move on to the next step in this process.

what is a good golf ball speed

2. Find The Average Distance For These Shots

You are going to add all of the distances that you have recorded.

For example, let’s assume the ten shots you play are as follows:

  1. 110 Yards
  2. 130 Yards
  3. 140 Yards
  4. 130 Yards
  5. 150 Yards
  6. 150 Yards
  7. 110 Yards
  8. 120 Yards
  9. 130 Yards
  10. 150 Yards

You are going to add all of these distances, which is going to equal 1,320.

You are going to take this number and divide it by the number of shots you played. In this case, you played ten shots.

This means you are going to take 1,320/10, which equals 132.

3. Divide By 2.3

Now, you are going to take the sum of the distances and divide it by 2.3.

In the example we are following, you are going to take 132 and divide it by 2.3.

This is going to equal 57.3 MPH.

How To Increase Your Golf Ball Speed

1. Quicken Your Downswing

When learning how to increase your golf ball speed with a driver, it’s important to look at the various parts of a golf swing.

This is going to include your downswing.

Let’s assume you are using a PXG golf club and that’s your favorite.

You are going to want to take out this golf club and begin taking swings. However, you are not going to focus on the entire swing. Your point of emphasis is going to be on the last third of your golf swing.

This is the downswing and it’s right before you hit the golf ball. You want this part to be quicker after loading up on the backswing.

When learning how to get more ball speed in golf, it’s not going to happen overnight. This is going to require multiple sessions at the driving range just working on quickening your downswing as a golfer.

This will help increase the average ball speed of a golf ball.

what is a good golf ball speed

2. Use A Lighter Golf Club

What type of golf club are you using?

You will want to make sure to invest in a lightweight golf club as that is going to be easier to swing around.

The idea here is to have less weight to bring down when you are golfing. Just being able to do this is going to be a game-changer and it’s going to fill you with joy as you are swinging with a purpose.

A lighter golf club is one of the best things a golfer can use because it is going to reduce the amount of force you are going to need when swinging the golf club.

3. Maintain A Stable Golf Stance

Having a strong golf stance is highly recommended.

The purpose of a good golf stance is to make sure the weight distribution is as smooth and refined as you need it to be.

There is nothing worse than having an unstable golf stance because your golf swing is going to be wayward and you won’t generate enough power to get the golf ball to go where you want it to.

It’s essential to maintain a good golf stance when you are working on your game and looking to get it right.

This is key when increasing the average golfer’s ball speed.

Golf Ball Speed Vs Distance

Golf Ball Speed (MPH)Average Distance (Yards)
Comparing golf ball speed to distance is a must for a golfer.

Why is this important?

The idea is you are going to want to see how golf ball speed affects average distance. It is going to make a major distance as you will be getting more power behind the ball, which is going to send it further on the golf course.

Whenever you look at professional golfers’ ball speeds, you will see they are high. This is because they need that level of speed to hit the ball far.

What Is The Fastest Golf Ball Speed?

The fastest golf ball speed is 236.2 MPH and it was done by a golfer named Kyle Berkshire. It’s important to note this is not a normal golf ball speed and was well past the established record.

This is a world record ball speed golf lovers will admire when it comes to hitting a golf ball harder.

This is the highest golf ball speed and it is something most golfers are not even going to come close to and that includes the pros.

The average speed of a golf ball is essential and the best tend to have great golf ball speeds.

What Is The Average Ball Speed For A Male Golfer?

The average ball speed for a male golfer is 130 MPH. This is assuming the golfer is an amateur. Professional male golfers tend to go past 165 MPH and therefore hit the golf ball further too.

How Fast Do You Have To Swing To Hit 300 Yards?

A golfer will need to have a golf swing speed of 110 MPH to hit 300 yards. This means having a golf ball speed that is higher than 170 MPH. It’s common for professional golfers to do this but amateur golfers will not attain these heights.

What Is Tiger Woods Ball Speed?

Tiger Woods’ golf ball speed is measured at 180 MPH. This is what makes him one of the best and purest golf players on the tour. He is heralded for having a rapid golf ball speed that allows him to hit the golf ball as far as he wants.

Final Thoughts

What is a good golf ball speed?

A good golf ball speed is around 120-130 MPH for amateur golfers. Professional golfers can go over 160 MPH and it’s common for them to go well past this number when hitting the golf ball far.

It’s essential to work on your golf ball speed to become a better golfer.