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Dynamic Gold 105 Review (Is It Worth Buying?)

When it comes to reviewing the Dynamic Gold 105 steel iron shaft, it’s all about determining what a golfer requires and how this iron shaft stands up to those demands.

The True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 iron shaft is a unique offering.

It is balanced, offers an exceptional feel, and works well for a wide array of golfers. This is what makes an intriguing golf iron shaft for those who want something powerful.

Is the Dynamic Gold 105 iron shaft worth it?

Yes, the Dynamic Gold 105 steel iron shaft is worth buying. It is balanced, offers a good amount of speed, and feels comfortable in the hands. The moderate spin and control make it a refined option.

Going with a good iron shaft in golf is all about knowing your game. This includes analyzing how the golf iron shaft is going to work with your needs as soon as it is in place.

With this in mind, it’s time to look at the True Temper Dynamic Golf 105 review to find out more about whether or not this is the best golf iron shaft for you.

What Does Dynamic Gold 105 Mean?

Dynamic Gold 105 refers to the weight of this steel iron shaft. This specific type of iron shaft weighs 105 grams and offers an extra stiff flex. As a result, it is noted as being the Dynamic Gold 105 by the manufacturer.

It’s important to note the brand does offer a long list of golf iron shafts for those who want something different.

Dynamic Gold iron shafts are appreciated for the value they bring.

With True Temper golf iron shafts, it is the details that matter and this includes the accuracy of their claims. You will be impressed and it starts with the Dynamic Gold 105 golf iron shaft.

Key Features Of Dynamic Gold 105

1. Tapered Tip Shaft

When it comes to going through this True Temper Dynamic Golf 105 Iron Shaft review, it’s important to focus on the finer details of the item.

This includes the tapered tip shaft.

This allows for a more refined and appropriately balanced golf iron shaft. Golfers always want something that feels under control in their hands and that is the case with this fascinating option made by True Temper.

The Dynamic Gold 105 golf iron shaft is good because it’s easy to handle and that starts with the tapered tip shaft. It is well-crafted and the tip makes it easier to manage.

2. Steel Design

While the Dynamic Gold 105 iron shaft weighs 105 grams uncut, it is still made from refined steel.

This means you don’t have to rely on something that’s made with graphite.

Golfers that prefer going with a steel golf iron shaft will prefer this option. It is simply well-made and the steel has been set up in a way where it does not impact the golfer’s overall performance or swing speed.

The Dynamic Gold 105 golf iron shaft has been made with a lot of care and the steel is balanced from top to bottom making it a joy to use.

3. Variable Wall Technology

Dynamic Gold 105 golf shafts are fascinating because they use what is known as variable wall technology.

What does this technology have to offer?

In essence, variable wall technology ensures the flex is balanced and does not only become a reality for some parts of the shaft. This does happen with other golf iron shafts where it is rigid across the board.

For those who don’t want this, the Dynamic Gold 105 iron shaft is unique.

It is rigid in some parts and not as rigid in others allowing for more balance. This is all due to the beneficial variable wall technology by True Temper.

dynamic gold 105 review

4. Moderate Spin

How about the amount of spin you are going to get with the True Temper Dynamic Gold 105?

Is it going to be enough for what you want as a golfer?

While you are working through a unique set of golf drills at home, you will appreciate this golf iron shaft and how it works. Choosing a good golf iron is not just about control but also getting the golf ball to react how you want it to.

This is where the moderate spin advantage is great with this particular golf iron shaft.

5. Mid-Launch

For those who are looking at heavy vs light golf iron shafts, you also want to pay attention to how the weight impacts your launch.

What is the golf ball flight like?

With this particular golf iron shaft, you are going to get a mid-launch that is ideal over the long term. This ensures the ball does not go out of control as soon as it is in the air, which becomes problematic in windier conditions.

Instead, the mid-launch is in control at all times.

This is a useful spec of the Dynamic Gold 105 iron shaft and how it works when it is put to the test on the golf course.

Pros Of Dynamic Gold 105

1. Easy To Handle

When it comes to golf iron shafts by True Temper, this one is easy to handle. It has been made with the best steel on the market ensuring it is balanced and it only gets better with the help of the variable wall technology.

This ensures it does not shake in the hands upon impact and it feels right.

The extra stiff flex only adds to this benefit for those who want a high-quality golf iron shaft.

This is one of the premier advantages of the Dynamic Gold 105 iron shaft.

2. Accurate

How accurate is the Dynamic Gold 105 shaft?

It is remarkably accurate due to the extra stiff flex that has been incorporated into the design. The power that is generated with the help of the shaft does not throw things out of balance.

Instead, the shot remains straight and that is great for added accuracy.

This accuracy is essential for golfers that want to make sure they are tracking their golf shots properly and getting the golf ball to where it needs to be.

Anything short of this is never worth it and that won’t be a problem here.

3. Good Balance

The tapered tip also makes it great for balance.

A lot of work has gone into crafting a high-value golf iron shaft that works well in all situations and that is noticeable when you first get this iron shaft in your hands.

This is a True Temper golf iron shaft that is advantageous due to how balanced it feels in the hands.

You will notice it upon impact.

Whether you are looking to cover a great distance or looking to manage it in a narrow gap, you will know this is an iron shaft that is not going to let you down.

dynamic gold 105 review

Cons Of Dynamic Gold 105

1. Takes Time To Get Used To

When it comes to the negatives of the Dynamic Gold 105 iron shaft, you will want to understand this is not going to be easy to manage right off the bat.

It is going to take a bit of time on your end.

Why is that the case?

This is due to how stiff the Dynamic Gold 105 shaft feels in the hands. It is not something that is going to be as easy to manage in the first few swings but you will warm up to it and that is when the advantages are going to shine through.

Be aware of this when you are looking to use the shaft properly.

2. Only Comes In “Extra Stiff” Flex

Another disadvantage of the Dynamic Gold 105 has to be the flex.

It is not that you are going to be working with the extra stiff flex. Instead, it is the lack of variety that is on offer for those who want to customize this flex.

You might not want it to be extra stiff but that is all you are going to get to work with as a golfer. For some, this is not going to be a problem but others might not appreciate it at all.

Look into this when it comes to the overall flex and how things work out.

Should You Buy Dynamic Gold 105?

Yes, you should buy the Dynamic Gold 105 because it is a well-engineered golf iron shaft that offers a steel finish in line with modern requirements. It comes in at 105 grams, remains easy to handle, and is ideal for those who want to improve their golfing performance.

Since it has a mid-launch design with moderate spin, it is also ideal for those who want a bit of power without overdoing things.

You get the best of everything once this is set up.

How many Grams Is A Dynamic Gold 105?

The Dynamic Gold 105 is 105 grams uncut.

This golf iron shaft is made of steel and offers a robust solution for those who want a mid-launch, balanced golf iron shaft with variable wall technology.

This is a lightweight golf iron shaft by True Temper that has been made with care. This allows golfers to enjoy the perks of a lightweight option that does not get in the way of the golf course.

Final Verdict

These are the factors to look at when it comes to a detailed True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 review.

The Dynamic Gold 105 iron shaft is world-class coming in at 105 grams uncut and is made of steel. It has a mid-launch design with moderate spin and remains easy to use for those who want to be accurate on the golf course.

The right golf iron is a must and it starts with the right fit for your golfing requirements.

If the goal is to get a great golf iron shaft that will work well in all situations, you can’t go wrong with the Dynamic Gold 105 iron shaft.